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How to choose, prepare, and store Watermelons.
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Buying Watermelons

Look for: watermelons that are symmetrical in shape and heavy for their size. Watermelons should also have dried stems and yellowish undersides.

Avoid: watermelons that have bruises, cuts, dents and are light for their size.

Seasonality: All year; peak season summer

Storing Watermelons

Store whole watermelons at room temperature. Refrigerate cut watermelon in an airtight container and use within 4 days.

Preparing Watermelons

Wash, rinse, and dry watermelon before cutting watermelon. To remove rind from the entire melon, cut off both ends just until you reach the pink flesh. Using a sharp knife, slice from the top to the bottom just where the flesh meets the skin. Cut as desired.

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