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Introducing BabyPoints

We are very happy to announce the launch of BabyPoints. This new feature will allow members to win prizes and earn points for doing tasks on the site like tracking food, posting to the boards, reading articles and much more. We looked at what activities people perform who are successful on the site as a guide for deciding what to award points for and the number of points per task.

We designed BabyPoints so it is easy to use. You have a new page called BabyPoints that can be linked as a tab under My Home. BabyPoints are automatically calculated for activities like tracking food and posting to the boards. For tasks like reading articles, you will find a button at the bottom of the article that you can click to indicate you read the article and want to redeem BabyPoints. Next to every BabyPoints task you will find an "Info" button. You can click this to see the details for each BabyPoint, including how to earn BabyPoints for the task. Also, you can use the BabyPoints page as a daily "to do" list for activities you can perform on the site.

We encourage you to explore the BabyPoints page to learn more about the program and see how you can earn points for doing everyday activities on BabyFit. Each day when you log in to BabyFit and visit your BabyPoints page, you will have a "fun wheel" stocked with bonus points (and on some days will even include BabyFit prizes!) you can win simply for spinning the wheel!

While the new BabyPoints program launched on Wednesday, May 25, our older members will start with some BabyPoints already. BabyPoints are awarded for every 30 days a user has been active on the site, and those points will automatically be added to the users' totals that have earned them. However, our Leaderboards will feature monthly BabyPoints, so people who are interested in a little friendly competition can use their monthly results as a guide.

At BabyFit we are always looking for ways to help women have their healthiest possible pregnancy. We hope this feature makes BabyFit both easier and more fun to use throughout your pregnancy.

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