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Get up an hour early and get moving. You can go to the gym or go for a run...whatever suits you. Try to prep anything you need the night before (pack your gym bag, organize the clothes you're wearing the following day, put out a quick morning snack).

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Feel more awake
Only need 1 shower per day
Less crowded at the gym
Feeling of accomplishment in the morning

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Member Comments

    Well, I like to work out in the morning because it doesn't give me all day to figure out how to skip out!!! - by SCOUTIE3
  • If I can manage to squeeze in a workout in the morning, it improves my entire day as far as mood, engery level, ect - by MICHELLEMF
  • I so want to be a morning workout person - I always feel great when I start the day with it, just can't seem to get into a consistent routine!

    The only thing that always seems to work is when I am meeting someone for a morning workout - I think the thought of letting someone down is the added motivation needed! - by T_METZNER
  • I love it when I manage to get a workout in in the morning. It's liberating because I know I don't have to do anything in the evening, or if I do decide to do something in the evening, I feel even more accomplished. However, it's very difficult for me to get up since I suffer from insomnia. - by DELISAS
  • Working out in the morning is great. You feel a great deal of accomplishment, plus then you are done. I always having trouble working out after a day at work. In the morning, I make it my priority. Also, by working out in the morning I get the more intense parts of my workout over with and in the evening I have time for more fitness minutes with lighter exercise, like gentle yoga or going for a walk after dinner. - by ASHLEYGRACE3
  • I started putting the lamps in the bedroom on a timer to help me wake up in the morning. They're annoying enough that hiding under the pillows/covers is no longer an option!

    Once I'm up I feed the pets then hit the elliptical - Even a few extra minutes in the am makes me feel like I've accomplished something regardless of the rest of the day! - by JENVIZ26
  • This is a good tip and makes for a great start to the day. emoticon - by ACITODG
  • I too get up earlier to fit my workouts in - the housework and family takes up my time on evenings when I get home from work. Making that sacrifice of getting up early is making time for YOU! - by 2SPARKS
  • Yes! This is the only way I can get my exercise in on weekdays. Even when I don't feel like getting up, I never regret it. And I usually regret if I choose to sleep in. - by SWEETLEXIE520
  • I have been trying really hard to get up earlier every day to get a 10-15 min workout in before I have to get the kids up. Bad thing is I am not a morning person. Good thing is I have done so 3 times this week so far. YEA!! - by MHUTTON
  • Loved reading these posts. They just confirm to me what I already know and feel. I have worked out in the morning (I hate mornings)and felt absolutely great all day.Reading your posts only makes me more motivated to get back on this program. Thank you!! emoticon - by LORIE_MAE
  • Yes getting some exercise in before work gets my day off to a better start ! - by TONI2011
  • Morning is the only time where I can be consistent. Too many things to interfere with working out after work. No excuses at 5 a.m.! Just to it -- and you'll feel very positive after, and more motivated to stick to the meal plans. I don't want to UNDO the calories I burned by taking in more. I always do a "cost/benefit" to compare the amount of working out it takes to consume that cookie, or bread roll. - by DINKALLEY
  • Doing a few laps in the pool in the morning really gets me going....it's just getting to the pool that's hard for me. I'm retired but have a cleaning job. A friend and I clean the offices and rectory at our church on Monday mornings. There are 24 rooms and halls, etc, and it takes about 5 hours. I was amazed to see how many calories I burn from doing this and wearing my pedometer shows that I average about 9000 steps or more each time. It's been a great motivator. Now when I get home from that job I want to move more, not less. A few months ago I only wanted to take a nap when I got home. LOL - by GOHUSKERS2
  • I found out the hard way, that if I am to work out at all, it NEEDS to be in the morning before I get ready for work. I go to bed earlier (added bonus) and get up 1 hour early. I then go down stairs, and either jump on the treadmill or throw in an exercise DVD and do that. I feel great during and after, and I find I have more energy throughout the day.
    - by MSPRIS3
  • This is a great idea, and one I've been following lately. Early morning is the only time I can fit in a workout, and I feel great for the rest of the day. - by TRINITYROYAL
  • I am a slow waker, Evening is my time! - by NANASNOW
  • I start with ten minutes a day. Try the spark exercise dvd - by DRROBBIN
  • For at least 2 years I have been "determined" to set that alarm and get up an hour early to work out. Today I actually did it - got up at 6am and ran 3 miles. Feels so great to have it out of the way! - by CJWORKOUT
  • I love to exercise in the morning because: I feel like I don't take away time from my daughter and husband they are still asleep at 5:00 a.m.; Gives more energy; makes my body burned more calories and most importantly it makes me think twice about that burger I want to grab at lunch!! LOL. - by BUTTERFLY1425
  • Early morning is the best thing to do. I'm not a morning person and it so hard for me to get up, but it set my day. I can tell the difference on the weekends. I try to sleep later and when i get up and not work out I feel like i've been hit by a mack truck.

    I get my gym bag ready, my outfit for work, I even have my lunch ready, all i do is grab my lunch bag out of the refrigerator and go on to the gym. - by MAXMAR1
  • Baby steps, tomorrow 15 minutes earlier for exercise! - by MIPALADY23
  • I have realized working out in the morning is the best way for me to get the workout in. I can think of a million excuses by 4 in the afternoon not to go. So I wake up an hour before I normally would sweat my butt off and then get ready for work. I am more awake and alert and my workout is done for the day I feel productive and I know I started off right so I am faster to stay on track with it. - by MGNWD22
  • I like to get a morning workout also. It seems to rev up my day and I don't feel as tired. It also gives me more time to plan out my day. - by STARTLIGHT
  • My husband and I usually go to bed very early, as he has to get up at midnight to be at work at 1 am. We have a puppy who spends her night in a crate, and by 4 am she is whining to be released, so that is the time I wake up ever morning. So I am usually able to get my exercise in before the sun comes up. - by RHOANDERSONSTIM
  • I am currently in training to become a morning person! I like the idea of starting my day out energized and accomplished. When I am able to get to the gym in the AM on the weekends, I always find that it's easier for me to stay on track with my diet (food) because I don't want to undo all I did that morning. Trying now to encorporate that into M-F. Love the other tips, tho! - by DEBSJANZEN
  • I usually take my walks in the early morning. - by KHALIA2
  • No matter what happens today, I can mark my miles and workout off the list. Feeling accomplished already. emoticon - by MSMOSTIMPROVED
    One day last week, I did go in the morning rather than evening. I liked it better than I thought I would. However I never motivated myself again all week. Maybe when it gets warmer and I can walk to the gym. - by CAROLBRIANNA
  • I don't have to get up early, I already do that...but I am going to work on getting my exercise in BEFORE I get side tracked...which is what usually happens! - by BEGINAGAIN68
  • Morning is better for me to exercise. I feel like I accomplished something good for my day. - by LIZALOVE2
  • I love working out in the mornings. I have always worked out in the very early hours between 4:00 - 5:00 a.m. This makes my day. I am always in a great mood and by the time the evening rolls around, I have no problem falling to sleep. I love the tranquility in the early morning as well; no noise, no one to bother me, the sound of nature is so beautiful. The greatest benefit from working out in the morning is that your workout is done and you don't have to worry about trying to fit it in later.

    Great tip! - by SATINEE7
  • emoticon I am having such a hard time accomplishing this right now! More details, please, about how to do this! - by SEAJESS
  • I have to agree that when I can do it, I love a morning workout. - by RHOOK20047
  • Thanks for sharing. - by LEANMEAN2
  • I start my day exercises, this is from Mondays to Saturdays, unless the rain falls. Thanks for sharing. - by AMBER461
    Thanks for sharing. - by BANNERMAN
  • emoticon - by DELLMEL
    Morning is good! - by VAINVT
  • I have more energy when I work out in the morning. emoticon I feel great and no morning slump. - by SIMPLYANGEL1
  • I am a morning person. I love working out in the morning because it is sooo much cooler than in the evening! Plus, I don't have time to whimp out! Just get up, get dressed and go!

    emoticon - by NOLAHORSERIDER
  • CD13784565
    I am fortunate enough to be retired so I have my mornings free to do my workouts. I prefer morning workouts anyway because if I wait then I have all day to make excuses not to workout. Just get it done!! - by CD13784565
  • I use to work out in the morning and I did feel and I got to a point where I enjoyed it. I can't remember why I stopped but now that I plan on getting back in to Spark, I'll be starting my morning exercises tomorrow morning. - by GETINSHAPE110
    I like the idea of exercising as soon as I awake but am struggling. I gave up but will begin again cause I do enjoy exercise. - by LADEEBIKER1
    Great. It's done and you're done!, - by ASDSPARK
  • CD13254671
    I'm gonna try this. It can't hurt! Maybe it will encourage me to work out twice day - by CD13254671
  • I walk my dog every morning so this works well for me. - by BAPSANN
  • It's much easier for me to work oiut in the p.m. as I'm at work early and don't have ot think about work while i'm at the gym. I can take a shower, relax, read a book and get a good night's sleep! Thanx for the info as it may help someone! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon - by SUNSET09
  • I have tried this, but it is hard to wake up at 4am most days. The days that I do, I go for a walk in the neighborhood. It is so quite and peaceful at that time of morning. - by RJNICHOLS
  • Working out in the morning is the best thing that I have incorporated into my healthy habits. Even if it is 30 minutes, I'm going to do it. - by NEWMEATTITUDE
  • I get my exercise early on the weekends and really enjoy it. Having trouble even setting my alarm to get up early enough during the week to get a run in before work. I'm going to try it one day this week! - by MOMMABOOMS
  • Love it emoticon - by TIMEHASCOME56
  • I love morning workouts, I will get up at 4:45 a.m.,go for a 45min powerwalk, take my shower, eat something healthy like oatmeal w/blueberries, take my one a day vitamn, and I feel much more focused when I get to work. I do have days that I push the snooze button too, but lately, if I find that if I do that, I will feel guilty about Not going for that walk, and I just get up:}, that to me is a good sign.I also get to bed at the same time 9/9:30P and I have been feeling pretty good. Stay motivated , exercise is Optional, but I prefer to make it Mandatory for me. emoticon - by BANDOMOM1
  • Great tip! Thanks for the inormation. - by AMBER461
  • CD13015723
    Great idea - by CD13015723
  • I know that working out in the morning is supposed to be better for you but I already (try to) get up at 4:00 just to get to work on time. I just cannot see myself getting up any earlier on a regular basis. Instead I will normally go to the gym or yoga or walking straight from work. - by 1LAZYCOOK
  • Totally agree. I am away from home for a few days and I have planned to get up in the morning and go for a good 5 km walk. :-
    The area around here is steep and hilly so should get a good work out.
    I am planning on going to go to bed earlier so that I can get up earlier to get my daily dose of exercise in. - by LIBBYFITZ
  • CD11948896
    emoticon emoticon - by CD11948896
  • You are so right! I need to get back into my morning regime! I've failed this last month, but not the next couple of months. Thanks for these!! - by SOLOMUA
  • Working out is so much better in the AM. I rise early to make it happen during the work week. But I plan on getting after it soon. - by GEORGE815
  • I agree. I workout in the morning and I feel so much better. Gets the day started right. - by 1HOTMOM82801
  • JSAM75
    Love reading these post! Thanks for the encouragement! - by JSAM75
  • There are no demands on my time in the early mornings; no meetings, phone calls, work outside the home, or family needing or wanting something. If my exercise is not done by around 7 AM or so, it is not going to happen. This will be my 35th consecutive year of exercising around 5-6 AM.

    Get up, get going, get it done and over with. - by N16351D
  • Hard but not impossible to work out in the morning. Up at 5:15 am, make my breakfast, take my meds, then out the door by 6:00am for work. - by GEORGE815
  • I do my main workout in the morning, and about 6 miles of walking, the rest I do after dinner - by DEBK0923
  • I do agree with this. It is just hard when I already get up for work @ 5am. I have to be there by 6. Maybe I should really focus on it on my days off. - by DIBRN5
  • I haven't been getting up early, just avoiding the "snooze button." By exercising 1st thing in the morning, I do have more energy & get motivated for the day. It's a great change!
    emoticon - by NHEMBERGER
  • I feel soooo much better when I do this and its one less thing to worry about completing for the day. Exercise.... checked off!!! ;) - by SUCCESS68
  • Getting up an hour early means I need to go to bed an hour early. I have the name number of hours each day, how and when I use them makes ALL the difference. - by SHADOZA
  • I JUST did it this morning even before reading this. I think it is actually better and set a nice mood for the rest of the day. I thought it was going to be harder to workout so early but it is actually nicer and it wasn't that hard to wake up. emoticon
    I'm always stressed to arrive home and have time to workout, but never can. And my hubby isn't that supportive (he's slim emoticon ) Morning: No stress! And only 1 shower hehe.
    I always get asleep on the bus, but that wasn't the case today. I think I set a precedent for today and I'll stick to it. Doing Insanity now, I think I'll run on weekends. emoticon - by MELIARROLIGA
  • I KNOW I need to do this! I prefer to workout at night but I want to make morning exercise a habit because it will fit better into my family scheduling. - by LUV4CHOCOLATE
  • I have good intentions...but rarely carry through. But I like the idea of yoga stretches worked into morning chores.

    And really like that someone said they are in training to be a morning exercise person. I agree..I am now in training to begin each day with some exercise! It's just a good habit to get into. So I'm training! emoticon Wish me luck! - by PYNETREE
  • I do feel accomplished when I work out in the am it's just so hard to get up! I hate getting up early in the morning! - by PIZO78
  • I find it easier to work out in the morning, too. I usually go walking or to the gym by 9:30 AM. That way, I actually feel better about myself all day!!

    If I don't go early, I still try to exercise but it's harder to work it in to the afternoon! - by TRESA7
  • Thinking about it but don't know about walking at 1 am and getting up that early not the problem but going to bed earlier than I do now at 6:40m pm I'm not sure about. Have to be at work at 3 in the morning and have a half hour drive. - by NWLIFESRC
  • I like to work out in the morning so nothing can interfere with "my" plans. If you leave it to later in the day there are so many other influences. It helps me be more consistent. - by LYNCHD05
  • YARI001
    emoticon - by YARI001
  • I love early morning workouts. I find that the later the day, the lazier I am. - by DXTREME45
  • I workout in the morning so I don't make excuses later in the day that I don't have time. I just have to make sure I get to bed early enough that I CAN get up an hour early. - by STAR327
  • You're so right I go to the gym early in the morning while my husband and son are asleep. When I get back I am already wide eyed and bushy tailed ...I see my husband off the work and my son off to school/camp. I just love this and I do get my things together in the evening....when I use to go later other things would get in my way and some times i wouldn't go. Plus it's something about doing it early in the morning that reminds me that I am doing this for ME> emoticon - by IAM4REAL2
  • I'd like to walk 5 kms in the morning and then do some yogasanas for at least 15 minutes.Only impediments are sleepiness,laziness.I think I have to go to bed early and jump out while getting up,remembering my goals. emoticon - by AKRISHNAAN
  • That's a great idea. I am not a morning person, but I'm willoinmg to give it a try. Sometimes I have good intentions for an afternoon workout, but life happens and I get involved in something else. - by SHEWAT1
  • thanks! - by CHLORALU
    emoticon - by GREATATTITUDE
    Am thinking about getting up an hour early to walk. I normally do my workout after work. - by MAKINYEMI
  • I use my dumbells and ab roller every other morning for 15 minutes each. My arms and abs have become tighter but I have a few more months to go! - by COURTNEY19852
  • I do all my work out in the mornings. It gives me energy for the rest of the day. I feel great and I am motivated to do more things during the day. - by BORICUAWARRIOR
  • I work out in the morning. I was not always an early morning person. However, the weather (especially in the summer)has made it more necessary to start early so that I don't have to fight the hot temperatures. I have been doing this for so long now that it has become a habit. - by AVROIEN
  • I like working out when babe is down for his 2-3 hour nap. It gives me time to focus on just working out without any interruptions. - by 4REAL2011
  • If I wait I get out of the mood.. - by DOROTHYLEE61
  • Early is good... emoticon - by LILCICELY64
  • I try to get in done in the morning before i do anything else that way the rest of the day i don't sit there thinking i need to get up and exercise - by GINGERSTX2STEP
  • Yes getting some exercise in before work gets my day off to a better start ! - by TONI2011
  • emoticon - by NEVADASUE
  • I love a morning workout! It gets my metabolism revved for the day. Any other exercise I do for the day is "extra credit". I have to shower in the morning anyway, may as well get sweaty first! emoticon - by PUNZIE73
  • I love a morning workout! It gets my metabolism revved for the day. Any other exercise I do for the day is "extra credit". I have to shower in the morning anyway, may as well get sweaty first! emoticon - by PUNZIE73
  • Working out in the morning seems to energize me for the whole day. When I workout after all day at work, all I want to do is go home, bathe and go to bed. - by IN_IT_2_WIN_IT
  • CD5553039
    My work week is varied. 3 days a week, I have to be at work at 5am, and 2 days at 1pm. Morning workout does not work for me. I wish i had an 8 or 9am shift, but i dont. - by CD5553039
  • CD5540444
    emoticon - by CD5540444
  • It's my favorite way to start the day!! - by AMUNSIE19
  • CD7512218
    I find I feel better all day when I get up to go to the gym at 5AM. However I always was an early riser but DH is not!!! I have to have everything ready the day before and I find I go to bed really early because of this. (But I would go to bed at 10:30 anyway). Glad to know there are more people like me out there. emoticon - by CD7512218
  • And what's done is done. When I postpone to the evening, a lot of the time, I don't get around to doing my cardio - by CLAUDECF
  • Yes, that is a very good idea. I agree with you 100% there. I get up around 5:30 every morning to start exercising. Holly - by GEORGIAGIRL26
  • It is entirely too hot to be heading to gym in the evenings. I am one of those people who hate the ideal of showering at gym. There are too many distractions which is causing me not to work-out consistently.

    I am going to head to gym tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m./leave from their to head to work. The high temps are issue with packing lunch.... the insulated bags/w ice packs are not working considering the early morning temps are in 76+.

    I might have to drive pass the job, drop-off the lunch/head home. We will see. - by MZSUMTHING
  • I have tried this on and off and while I enjoy doing it I am not able to continue. I continue to do walks on my lunch hour. - by ANNFELIX
  • This is a wonderful habit to get into and you feel better the rest of the day. Your not as tired and more energized. I find that my body gets me up every morning at 530 to go running now...I dont need an alarm! - by *ERICA*
  • This is so true. I love working out in the morning, I always feel better. Plus, I am a runner and it is easier running in the morning when the temperature is cooler. emoticon - by FWASH6349
  • This is so true. I love working out in the morning, I always feel better. Plus, I am a runner and it is easier running in the morning when the temperature is cooler. emoticon - by FWASH6349
  • I exercise in the morning on the weekends. I find it gives me more energy throughout the day. I just wish I had time on the weekdays as well. But getting up at 3am is sooooo early. I usually use the snooze button for my 4:30am alarm. - by DANIRY
  • AM walks and on my AB CIRCLE PRO wakes me up AND it gives me CONFIDENCE and ADRENALINE to face the day KNOWING that I took care of my AWESOME body first, not last...or too pooped later! - by THINSPARKLE
  • I am up at for a.m. either with my workout video or walking around my community it helps alot I feel better when i can start early - by MSSHADEE2
  • I love an early work out! It's the best way for me to commit to the time and a great way to start the day feeling great about my accomplishment! LOVE IT! - by RACHAELK247
  • i only recently started to workout in the morning. Or at least get started before noon. My goal is 10,oo steps daily so I have to keep at it the rest of the day in some form. Thanks for a good suggestion! Pat - by HAPPYMOM8
  • This is what I do -Mon- Sat - by MARLIMOO
  • This is the only way that I have time in my busy schedule before work starts. I helps I have a gym right at work. Come in workout, shower and I am just a few steps down the hallway from my desk. Keeps me motivated! - by TAMARASART
  • CD5571999
    I really need to get back in the habit of working out in the mornings.... I feel so much better when I get it done first thing. I have more energy all day. But I am also not a morning person so it is very hard to force myself to get up early and do it. - by CD5571999
  • Great tip! - by ROOTIHAUSMAN
  • I just recently started doing this.. It is GREAT! I love it not being crowded at the gym. Also, I know myself well enough to know that if I wait until the evening to go workout, it wont happen! - by LOUDALYNN
  • I've tried this and love the "boost" it adds to my day but I am not a morning person and am always hitting that snooze button. I am lucky in that my job gives me an extra hour to be combined with my lunch 3 days a week to exercise. - by MSDELISLE
  • PATG132
    Wish I could invent a bed that would eject me early every morning & not let me crawl back in. I also prefer working out in the mornings, but have 2 force myself to get up. I have so much more energy in the a.m. - by PATG132
  • Absolutely!!! - by VYRONB
  • I have the best intentions....every night I tell myself that tomorrow morning I will get up earlier and work out but when that alarm clock goes off...I have absolutley no will power in the morning. - by CALGARYNEWF

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