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Lunch: Pack It At Night



I pack my lunch each night, usually when I'm cleaning up from dinner. That way, when I'm rushed in the morning, I can't forget to make a healthy lunch.

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  • I work a 12 hour shift and plan my meals for left overs for a big lunch ...I freeze them for my work week and enjoy a DINNER at lunch time and have a lite DINNER,
    (salad) after work...packing my breakfast and lunch at night is part of my night time routine.and saves time in the morning. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon - by LEEPFROG95
  • I use a cooler-style lunch bag for bringing both my breakfast and lunch to work. Since it doesn't fit in the fridge, instead of packing my lunch into the bag the night before, I put all the parts of it together in the same spot in the fridge. Then all I have to do in the morning is grab the items and put them in the bag.

    I do pack up any dry goods (like cereal or snacks) and the silverware I'll need for the day on the night before, though. - by SHORYL
  • I do this too! Once my food is on the stove I start prepping my breakfast and lunch for the next day! Once I sit down after my dinner I'm done for, and I am not a morning person, so this is the best way to do it. Then once you have finished making your lunch your dinner will be ready to eat, and the cleanup can be done all at once! - by VANESSAVOS13
  • PERSONALLY, the only way I am able to pack a healthy lunch, is to pack it in front of my KIDS! lol ... but hey, I am always concious of what example I set for my children, and they DO so notice what I do... so if they are watching, I don't pack junk. I show them what they should eat too. (not what their father packs for HIS lunch... One row of Oreo cookies, and a ziplock filled with chips and maybe sausage and cheeze... and about 8 cans of soda. Yep... I need to show a lot of GOOD habits to balance out his BAD ones!!! - by UNCOMMONANGEL
  • I have noticed that I eat better and healthier when I pack my lunch emoticon - by MYRAROB
  • I always try to pack lunches at night, makes my mornings much easier... plus I know what I plan to eat ahead of time. emoticon emoticon - by DIEGOGAL
  • I'm a sandwich kind of girl. But I always make sure the sandwiches for next day's lunch are prepared and packaged by 7:30 p.m. The fruits and veggies that are part of the packed lunches are kept in the fridge in the same location. So in the morning all we need do is grab the sandwiches and fruit and vegetables we're taking, fill our water jugs and out the door we go. - by RUBYTWOSDAY
  • CD9090712
    So important to have it planned. I have recently started doing this and it makes life so much more stress free. emoticon - by CD9090712
  • This saves time and "dough." I have also begun packing my gym bag the night before. This is a double whammy. - by MISSYGEEN
    Makes life much easier for me to pack at night - I also track it at the same time so I am sure to get a well balanced nutritious lunch. This also helps save money since I don't have to go out for lunch cause I didn't have enough time to pack in the morning. - by TROPICAL_PUNCH
  • I always pack my lunch the night before! I always like to plan. It makes my meals healthier and stops me from going out for lunch! - by STEPHANEFANY
  • Packing school lunches the night before gets my morning off to a calmer start. - by MAIZIEPAIGE
  • That is smart! - by GAL2202
  • Yes, me too. That way I know I'll have a healthy lunch. - by WBERRY57
  • I buy the ready made salad's Ready Pac and just and a fruit and my lunch is taken care off. emoticon
    - by WINTER78
  • CD16976452
    I plan my meals ahead of time and that is what I eat and that helps me a lot to do it,
    this away or if I didn't I would be afraid I may go off the bad end and so as I speak,
    I am doing just fine on my eating better and doing my portions. - by CD16976452
  • I HATE MORNING and this has saved my sanity. - by HAWKTHREE
  • I do this most of the time and what a difference it makes! It also helps to 'pre-track' my foods night before so I see what I am eating and stay in check! Good tip! - by 2BDYNAMIC
  • CD14191515
    Great idea. Because mornings re usually rushed. - by CD14191515
  • I do the same thing most nights. - by GRIFGRAND
  • I've been trying to plan meals on Sunday for the week.

    emoticon emoticon - by FLEXTYFAMOUS
  • I always pack my lunch at night and if there are more left overs, they are packed in lunch portions & frozen, so that on days I don't cook, I can remove one from the freezer for next day lunch - by STEPHLOKI
  • I find this helps me, too :) - by URBANLOTUS
  • I always pack my lunch the night before as well, save time in the a.m. and I also make my coffee and set the timer, so it will be ready for me when I get up and have to work, if it's a night before a day that I don't work, I still fix the coffee and just turn it on in the a.m when I get up. - by ROSIEJ1942
  • I need to start packing my lunch at night and another thing i think i am going to do is what i did before pack lunch and dinner for the week. I am always busy and thing come up and i dont have time to make a healthy meal and I trying to stay away from fast food places. I going to see if that help me. emoticon - by DOMININIQUESAM
  • I love to pack my lunch now. What every i eat for dinner i put some aside for lunch the next day. At my new job sometime i dont have the time to leave my office for food and when i did it was not something that was good for me. Now i dont have to think about it just warm it up and i am good to go. - by DOMININIQUESAM
  • I pack for the week. I have a shelf in the refrigerator for snacks and lunches. They are all portioned out in 2.9 cup containers for the main part of meal. fruit cups, yogurt, fat free cottage cheese peaches, carrot's, celery ect. In the cabinet in a plastic container I have all of my snacks that doesn't need refrigeration I have repackaged when I come home from the store by serving size counted out in snack bags. this way I know how many calories I am getting at each snack. This helps at night when I feel a snacking frenzy coming on. - by MAEBEA40
  • I pack my lunch the night before too, and I love leftovers for lunch. I bought several of the microwavable containers and as I'm cleaning up I measure out my leftovers to put the freezer, i.e. measure out the leftover spaghetti and then measure out the sauce - bonus is usually I get 3-4 containers of appropriate size servings. I've also discovered Glad reusable 2 cup containers that include a tiny salad dressing container that snaps into the lid. Then, when I make my lunch I count out the carrots, add a piece of fruit, make my salad and toss in a container of frozen leftovers. Lunch is ready and I'm many steps closer to staying on track. - by NBARNES
  • Planning ahead is HUGE for me! If I have healthy food prepared and ready it will stop me from eating out (and spending too much money!!) - by CANADA-DISCO19
  • This is a great tip. I also keep food at work (tetra packs of soup) for days when I can't pack my lunch for some reason. That way I'm not caught short having to go out and buy lunch. - by TRINITYROYAL
  • I do the same. Every night I fill up my water bottle put the refreezable ice stick in the freezer and pack my lunch and put it in the fridge then in the morning before I walk out the door I can just grab and go. I eat better and am not stressed out trying to get everything done in the morning anymore! - by MGNWD22
  • I do the same thing! This is part of my "plan ahead" strategy that always keeps me on track. I make sure that before I head to my bedroom I stop to put together my lunch for the next day. This usually takes a maximum of 15 mins - since I'm not a morning person, this is the difference between being late to work or not. So, good tip!! emoticon - by FILMBELLA
  • I either pack the majority of my lunch at night, or at least get it "packaged" and placed in a specific area of the refrigerator so all I have to do is grab blue ice, throw stuff in, and run. I also try to take one weekend evening and cook my main dishes for the week. Right now I'm into fish (Tilapia, specifically), so I buy the pre-packaged stuff at Costco and thaw and cook up 5 filets at a time, and let them cool and them put them into sandwich bags. I have a couple of small containers of tartar sauce made with light mayonnaise and dill relish all ready to go, and some low-cal, low-carb containers of diced peaches and fat-free cottage cheese, and sometimes spinach or single-serving broccoli and cheese sauce, along with some of the 100 calorie snacks - like Kraft 100 cal cheese packets, or the even lower calorie Weight Watchers string cheese or mini BabyBel Light cheeses. It's easy to just grab and run! - by WOMYN42
  • It is so much easier to pack lunch at night. - by ROOTIHAUSMAN
  • This is a habit i need!!

    emoticon - by JP6262AMY
  • I do this too. It takes the stress away from getting the kids and myself ready in the morning (I'm not a morning person). emoticon - by DELICIADRC
  • I did this while I was doing my Nursing Assistant training class, and it worked for me, but now that I'm back to my regular working schedule, I slipped...but I think I am going to get back to doing that again! Speaking of which! Might as well go pack it right now, while I'm looking at this! :-) - by EBROWN0426
  • it still working for me ,but sometime i be to tired and now i have a snack bag in the car crackers dry cereals. help until get something emoticon - by FANESSLADYRED
  • I think I might give this a try!! - by TINATC26
  • I am trying to do this to save time and $ - by DEEGEE2
  • This is the only way that I can operate successfully. I'm not a morning person. I have trouble getting out of bed. This way, I only have to focus on get dressed, grab lunch, and get out the door. - by BRIGNALIA
  • This what I SHOULD do, instead I rush around in the morning after Sparking and throw fresh fruit and veggies, yogurt and bread (peanut butter is in my desk at work) and hope I make it to work on time. emoticon - by TEDDYTEDDY
  • It is so much easier to pack at night. It helps keep me on track and I know how many calories I am eating. - by ROOTIHAUSMAN
  • When I take the time to do this, it definitely works and is much cheaper than having to eat out. My problem is taking the time to do it consistently...still working on that emoticon - by MSKEESH
  • This is the way I have always done lunches. As part of cleaning up the evening meal, I pack up the left overs for lunch. Then I have time to add what is missing and it makes for a much more complete, nutritious meal. It sure makes the morning rush a lot easier!
    emoticon - by SAL1512
  • Ahhh, I totally live by this! Get up, grab lunch and go!! I love it! - by SARA_ANN12
  • I generally make an extra protein serving with dinner for the next day's lunch. I avoid carbs for dinner, but need them for lunch so I make them while cooking dinner and just put them straight in the tupperware for lunch the next day. - by NALLIE01
  • I do this every night. It definitely helps with keeping on track with calories. - by TRISH2007
  • Yes I do the same it prevents you from rushing and/or being late to work in the morning if you're short on time. emoticon - by DEFIANTVEGAN
  • Or better yet, pack it on a Sunday for the week- ahead instead of having to do it every night - by SHERRIE59
  • Love this. I do this every day! SO helpful! - by NICOLE.ALICIA
  • I work 2 12hour shifts every weekend so I eat all my meals at work.I prepare everything at night except my salad and then put everything in my tracker.I know in advance what my cals. are for the day . - by GMN5153
  • its so much easier at night then the next day - by DEE107

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