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Everyone has those days where they just don't feel like working out -- and we all can come up with a list of reasons why we should skip the days workout. Instead of talking yourself out of it, just do something. Even if it's just a walk around the block!

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I often times find that once I get moving (even if I just plan on a walk around the block) I end up going much longer than I planned. In fact, sometimes these even end up being my best workouts because I'm motivated from the sense of pride I get from pushing through when I didn't feel like it!

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  • Even walking around while on a cordless phone is exercise! - by BELLACUDDLES
  • I have found that if I promise myself to 'Just' 15 minutes of something, I will usually do longer. After all, if you walk 105 minutes, why not go ahead and keep walking for 20? And if you do 20 minutes--without pain, why not go ahead and do 1 full mile. Before you know it, it has been 60 minutes and you are almost to 3 miles. Keep going a few more minutes.
    emoticon emoticon - by LJCANNON
  • the best workout is the one you didn't want to do! emoticon - by DORIS32
  • A good reminder! A little something is better than a whole lot of nothing!

    emoticon - by JRBASKIND
  • Confuscious Say: "When your weight is up 2# .... Rise quickly and move before the 2 adds a zero and becomes 20!" ............ Ok, not really sure if it was Confucious ......... maybe I just dreamed it.......... lol ......... emoticon - by 2BDYNAMIC
  • I was in a store last week and the cashier was having a problem with the person in front of me and while they fixed the problem, I started doing my squats. The lady behind me in line said...."that's a great idea". So before i left the store, I got in 50 squats. The crazy thing is.....I was not embarrassed int he least, and I am not a small person! - by COOKI3123
    I couldn't agree more! I recently found a saying that I've applied to exercise: You won't regret doing it but you will regret NOT doing it!! So true (p.s. I am brand new to here and am loving all the inspiration I am finding! - by THEWALKWAY
  • I so agree with this, I have a exercise ball for a chair at my desk which I spend 90% of my sitting time. I bounce and bounce and do different exercise while doing computer work or watching tv. This way if I have a day of not being motivated at least I got that in. I also keep a 3lb weight ball on my desk and I play around with that working my arms. emoticon Hope this was helpful emoticon - by CLISJW
  • Every little step is nothing else than a step with a negative misleading Tag on it!
    What defines little? Only zero exercise is little as it doesn't add up to the sum of our previous accumulated efforts.
    Just 10'. Then may be another 10'. And another. And so on.
    And the sum goes up, slowly[?] maybe, UP[^] UNDOUBTEDLY !!
    emoticon - by LIQUID11
    Thank you for reminding me to "just do it" even if it doesn't mean I do what I had planned as an exercise for that day. - by SPIRITDANCER3
  • Thanks! I need to do thsi more. Those little minutes add up to calories burned. - by KSTYLEFITNESS
  • Well said we have to get up and at least make an attempt rather than sit around complaining that it can't be done. The first step is always the hardest after that the steps will just follow in succession. You made a good point lets just hope we can all take it to heart and get er done.

    Joanna - by HYATTI1
  • If I dont have a scheduled workout...I am sure to do the exercise of the day presented to my email by spark. It is a way to insure I do something! - by CHERYLSBUTT
  • Stretching first thing in morning starts the day for exercising the rest of the day. emoticon emoticon - by RUTHDEN1
  • CD5635700
    Just keep MOVING! =D - by CD5635700
  • Thanks, I needed to hear this today! - by 1965KAREN
  • Something is always better than Nothing! - by KHALIA2
  • Keep up the Good Work! - by KHALIA2
  • There are days when you just don't feel like doing the exercise. You can always do some housework (make it fun with some dance steps, etc.). Play with the kids (lots of exercise there). anything you can do to make movement counts. Try it. - by JOANN25
  • Needed that thank you - by DDIANE1
  • I have found by just moving at times I end up working out all together. Then at the end of the day I'm surprised at just how many minutes and steps I have reached! - by MICHELE142
  • This is my first time on SP - but I love the comments and have noticed one word being fairly consistent - MOVE. This will now be my mantra. Thanks to all. - by MCMANUS8
  • If I put together "a walk around the block" with 2 or 3 more during the day, I have myself 4 1/2 miles! - by CATE195
  • I agree. There are days I want to sit on the couch and watch the news or just start the day in some kind of a funk. If I just get moving in some way, be it standing instead of sitting while watching the news or going on Sparkpeople, or going outside to pull a few weeds, I find myself just keepin' on keepin' on. - by ELONKA1
  • I agree! I felt like that before, but I know it makes me feel great! - by GAL2202
  • Times when I have a lot to do and can't get out for a real walk. I will go out the back door and walk around the house to come in the front door. It is my mini walk. - by OLDHINEY54
  • I love taking walks with my kids and our dog around the block every night and it also help us bond more too. - by SANDY1380
  • I love to walk and once I get out I find myself walking farther than I planned, but because of a incident I had while walking by myself my family do not want me to walk alone. I do the mile walk or two mile video.
    emoticon - by LOIS2DO
  • Yup, just DO iT! - by SCOTTYP65
  • You are so right. I went for a 25 minute walk today. Also if shop at stores that gives you walking exercise. - by GAL2202
    Gotta keep emoticon emoticon - by 1STBUCKETITEM
    Thanks for sharing. - by BANNERMAN
  • CD15160758
    I have been putting off exercising because I don't like how I feel when I finish but I need to concentrate on the benefits more instead of my feelings. Thanks for the reminder. - by CD15160758
  • Great. - by DELLMEL
    Everything counts - even little bits of exercise. And it makes you feel good to do something. - by VAINVT
  • CD8643915
    Super - thanks for sharing! emoticon - by CD8643915
  • True! - by LEANMEAN2
    On days I don't feel like walking, I get out and go anyways and then convince myself to go a bit further than last time with "C'mon, just one more song!", when the tunes are playing that is! - by SPARKLESKIP
  • Absolutely!! Get that body moving .......... sitting around eventually causes more fatigue! emoticon - by 2BDYNAMIC
  • Since I have started exercising on a regular basis, I can not sit still as well as I use to. Such a great feeling and so many UFOs (unfinished objects) are getting completed. Simply amazing when you get up and DO something. - by RJNICHOLS
    I put on a CD and dance through it - keeps you movin and is fun; try to do couple times a day. - by PATGROV
  • You're right. That does work...and I'm always glad later that I listened to myself. - by ELVISINTHEHOUSE
  • CD13361234
    emoticon - by CD13361234
  • HA! OMG!! I'm sitting here this morning, just about to rationalize myself out of doing SOMETHING because I did SP Pilates two days ago and KILLED my inner thighs! I am about to do some UPPER body strength exercises! Just 20-30 minutes and I can still be on time to work!!! Thank you all for your comments and thank you SP!!!!! - by WOMANATWORK1
    I'm glad I came to this page tonight. I totally loved many of the comments. I feel that I can slip and return, exercise while doing other options, and if I feel like sitting I can at least DO SOMETHING to make my body better. - by ICANIWILL18
  • I have found that I need to "do something" every day, even if I don't get my good workout in. I feel so much better! - by 62ANDWINNING
  • Sometimes, once you start, it's all you need to keep going! - by BERRY4
  • I didn't do as much as I wanted to do, today, but I got out with my dog, for about 30 minutes. I'll try for more tomorrow.
    Keep your body moving, even if it is for a short time. - by LESLIE56
  • Thanks - by LEANMEAN2
  • Thanks for sharing - by LEANMEAN2
    emoticon emoticon - by HIGHNOON
  • CD2235961
    Walk the dog. emoticon - by CD2235961
  • The 10 minute Challenge has really jumpstarted me. Knowing that I only have to do 10 minutes (which so far has turned into a minimum of 30 each time) keeps it all manageable! - by DNRAE1
  • Amen!!!! - by FITWITHIN
  • Thank you. good incentive. emoticon - by 4THELOVEOFDOLLS
  • You are so good...I need to start moving more! - by PYNETREE
  • emoticon - by CMORISAK
  • When working on a "trained-monkey" project at work (working on something I don't have to think about), I try to step in place. My co-workers think I'm nuts, but they thought that before! - by MRSTAZMAYO
  • Good tip!
    Just get up and move! - by GARDENSFORLIFE
  • Any movement is better than the couch and will at least elevate the resting heart rate. - by BAPSANN
    Good advice - by SPARKPERSON2012
  • I find that if I don't exercise, I truly regret it!

    If I don't feel well physically or mentally or whatever, I sometimes let that be an "excuse." But, NOT doing something almost always makes me feel worse! I've even fallen from slightly sad to downright depressed because I didn't exercise! - by TRESA7
  • Today I am really feeling in a 'slump.' ....... Just don't feel like exercising, BUT I WILL!!!....... I have always believed, commitment to something is doing it anyway, even when you don't feel like it! ......... Excuse me now ......... I have to get moving! LOL ........ (thanks for sharing all) .... emoticon - by 2BDYNAMIC
  • I love this idea...It's a challenge to remember to just keep moving! - by HOSTESS3
  • excellent advice - by LAMBIERABBIT
  • When I don't feel like exercising I usually just push myself to go ahead and do it. You feel better knowing that you did after you finish anyway. - by KPARKS21
  • i try and move every day and even if i do not lose any i might not gain any so i try and move every day - by SOFREKENCUTE
  • My mother and doctor always tell me the same thing! Good one. emoticon - by SPIRALELLA
  • Every time I am preparing to workout I look for excuses fortunately I'm running out of excuses because when I finally start & finish my workout I feel so much better. emoticon - by GLSRRT
  • True. Just Move move move... - by ALMAGGIE
    knowing that I am getting out in fresh air,moving around,even at the gym,but that I'm productive and that I will get to lay out for a bit(my little reward);but I don't stop there,because when I'm done laying out,I come back and clean the house,just a little,so that everyday I have something to do...even watering the plants and sweeping the porch... emoticon - by 1LADYBELLE
  • CD7296616
    Ah moment....I have given up the cell phone while driving. I find walking boring and yet I need a very low impact exercise and walking is perfect. It never occurred to me to do some checking up with people while walking to pass the time until I saw the comment about exercising with the cordless phone. Thanks for the idea! - by CD7296616
  • i am a nurse so i walk the halls all day checking on patients that to me is exercise then go for a walk for lunch 10 mins emoticon - by SYIETA@0
    I love this tip! I like to dance before getting in the shower or if I don't feel like dancing, I always feel like stretching and moving around for a few minutes; it makes me feel leaner...more centered. - by SHEWRITESMEMOIR
  • I've found that if I don't go to the gym or get exercise in, I feel guilty. I can't even enjoy my day because I KNOW I should have worked out. I don't see this as a problem, I'm happy because I feel I've made exercise a habit, and I know how good I feel after a good workout. emoticon - by ONELOVEJENN
    SOOOOOO True - by ANTCOF
  • whatever I do in the morning, I try and turn it into some kind of exercise or stretch . . . then my day is started 'right' and I can often keep the momentum going all day long - by SBOYKIN
  • Totally agreed and if you just dont' feel it, at least you did your body some good! - by SEEHOLZ
  • I love the idea of the exercise ball for a chair at the desk. - by WANNABWITY

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