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Some days when I don't feel like working out I look at my dog and see her bursting with energy. Taking her to the park, walking or running with her ends up being play time for her and excercise time for me! She usually pushes me too!

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  • My fur babies do the same thing to me too. I split my walk days between walking by myself for me and walking them for them. - by 2TIGRE
  • We have moved from a rural area to a suburb area and my dog has had to adjust accordingly. I started to become an insomniac and my dog Bettie started just being a grump. So we walk 30 minutes a day. She doesn't like to run but she sniffs a lot. Although It doesn't get my heart rate up. We are both happier since this new addition to our routine - by MORRISONRAC
    I am so bless that I have my dog "Farley". I had a stroke 13yrs ago and I use a cane now a days. I walk him, or should I say he walks himself, I have had several falls but this great dog sat with me until I was able to get up. I have great neighbors who looks after us and laffs when we go walking. My farley is the hit of the neighbor and I can't wait to walk with him everyday. emoticon He is the best! - by CATHYSUE54
  • My dogs are my reason for joining Spark & getting off the couch. I want to be able to keep up with them! They're the best workout partners ever! - by WALKZWDOGZ
  • I have a pug, and when I got her I was told "don't walk her farther than your willing to carry her back!" So far that has only happened once, but I did have to get her a basket for my bike because she couldn't keep up. Now she cruises in style as I push her extra 20 lbs up a hill! - by TDAISY36
  • CD6966637
    I have two big german shepherds at the same time. It makes for good upper and lower body. - by CD6966637
  • This is what I do! On my days off, or if I don't work until later that afternoon, I do a bit of strength training, then grab m ipod and head down the road with my puppy! She absolutely loves it and when I want to give up, and see her running ahead of me, just having a blast, it pushes me to keep going! I absolutely love my workout partner! emoticon - by KMW1990
  • My dog Magellan is my best workout partner. He's always ready. Are favorite place to workout is walking the trails (36 acres of them) in the dog park. emoticon emoticon - by MEHOPEFUL2
  • I enjoy walking with my dogs. Never a dull moment. Before I know it I have reached my destination. They are a great distraction and enjoyment. emoticon - by SUSANMYERS1
  • My dogs love going on our daily walks. If we haven't went by the normal time they start getting antsy so they keep me accountable. - by INKMANSWIFE
  • I wonder if I can train my Main Coon kitty to go on walks with me? She needs to lose a few pounds too. LOL Seriously though, I'd love to get a dog, but I have a very territorial Siamese who would probably kill a puppy the first chance she got. - by JA_NOLAN
  • I used to live in the country we had sheep, goats, dogs, geese, and cats. I taught the cat to walk on a leash with a harness. The rest of the zoo merrily followed us along the road to the mailbox each day.
    I also had a mobile home trailer I lived in that was held together with duct tape literally. Many times I awoke to the 2 goats in my face wanting to go for a walk! I miss those days! The cat is still with us but the others have passed on and we moved to town. emoticon - by O24LIFE
  • i've got 2 dogs, Kirby and Ziggy. Kirby is my 6 yr old boxer mix, laid back, but won't allow me to ingore his walk too often. Ziggy is DH's and my 2 year old beagle mix that needs to go out for a walk as much as possible. she is fun to play with in the house, but she still needs the walks. - by ANIMALMA71
  • My dog helps me keep in line to go for a walk. Max (my dog) requires two walks a day. Sometimes we walk further than most days. He has the route down. so I try to take a different route. He whines if I don't take him for a walk. Thanx Max! - by JILLITA55
  • my dogs run for the door every time i move

    it's great

    they come home well exercised these days after a proper walk

    - by DMT1956
    me too my little furball gives me that look even when its raining its soo worth it - by KATYBEA
  • We love walking our dogs! We are lucky to have an area near our house where they can be 'off leash' and run around. They also like to swim! I am glad every day we have our dogs! - by REBEZINI
  • I like to exercise with my two standard poodles also, but find in the winter I've fallen three times on the ice because they saw birds or cats or dogs and wanted to all of a sudden pull ahead. Have tried but have not found any success in training them not to pull for these kinds of temptations. Food is just not as interesting as live animals, particularly when they are moving. And they are not cautious on the ice, even when I'm trying to walk very slowly and watch my step... so I prefer exercising separately indoors in this kind of weather. I love walking around the dog park or taking them for walks in the woods when it is not too crowded though. - by PONYTROT
    I have taken my cat Stanley walking on a leash several times. I got him when he was 6 weeks old and put him on a leash at least twice a week to go to petsmart. Now that he is older he is a little more stubborn about the whole leash thing so sometimes motivating him to move while on the leash is my upper body workout. - by MBRANDO
  • Thank heaven for my dog, MacGill, who will actually bark at me until I get up and take him for a walk. He's as demanding as any gym trainer - by LINMAGILL
    My little yorkie gets bundled up and gets her little booties on yesterday the snow fell heavy all day so not alot of walking but 1.5 hours of shovelling snow .Don/t know how many calories that burned - by GEAKINS1
  • I am so excited I just got a pup and I now know how you all feel...morning and afternoon brisk walks are a regular and the fact that she is only a babe I find myself doing squats regularly as I clean up her accidents at least until she is trained. yeah for exercise and pups LOL - by SIERRA2522
    Having a dog in the house who is ready to get outside and take her walk leaves me NO room for ANY excuses -- and that is absolutely a good thing!! Our daily walks are good for her AND good for me.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon - by BAYOUBAY
  • My dog Ozzy and I go for a walk every day. He is the one who motivates me to get off that couch or out of the chair in front of the pc. emoticon - by CHERIHISHERE
  • When I'm at home my dogs are a great motivation to get out and go for a walk. I have two big dogs so they can easily keep up on a 3 mile walk and one of them would probably like to run if *I* could keep up. - by JMAC23
    emoticon that's why their
    our Best Friends! - by YESIWILLDOIT
  • My little cupcake loves to go for walks and acts like a loony when I say 'outside'? She slows me down a little with the sniffing she likes, but she encourages me to get out a couple of times a day whether I want to or not. Minimum is a quarter mile each time so it adds up after awhile. I do love her. - by BSTELLING
  • Our sweet Yorkie died last year at the age of 13. We found another cute little Yorkie in a rescue. He was under weight and had been abused. he was only 9 months old. We have had him for almost 5 months and there is such a wonderful difference in him already!!!
    He LOVES to walk even if he can only do a mile with his little legs!! Walking is good for both of us. - by SEPT_FIRE
  • Try to catch cats that don't want to get inside their cage and it can be quite perspiring, hehe. Whenever I let out my cats to have more place to run, it's a sign that I need to prepare to catch them or get them back inside their cage. Which is quite tricky, my cats are too clever to get caught! - by FATHINSN
    having an older dog,we do not walk that much in the 'burbs;but I do try to take him out as much as possible;somedays he can walk more than just down the stairs;those days I try to mix up our walks,which can be as much as 2 miles(alot for him)and he loves it;he used to go to the tennis courts and play chase;so whatever I can do with him and for him,we find a way.... emoticon - by 1LADYBELLE
  • My dog Tyson motivates me to walk an hour everyday as he is a little chubby and by thinking his health I am helping my own!! - by KFITZ279
  • AKINOM523
    Walk every day with my dog Puzzle. The only exercise equipment you can't store away, put in a closet and forget about. I HAVE to walk him twice a day....how great is that! emoticon - by AKINOM523
  • Yes! We have to walk the dogs! I'm also learning agility with one of them. - by LOVEROFANIMALS
  • My dog gets a look that resembles William Shatner looking expectant! It's hard to resist. - by SHANNA1144
  • But of course -- they are an inspiration . . . and when walking them, I'm in he moment so it's kind'a a meditation too - by SBOYKIN
  • Good idea! I have a 1 - 1/2 year old poodle that needs to be walked due to high energy AND she needs better training on the leash. You have inspired me! - by LYNNDAK
    We're in the process of leas trainin our puppies. That can be fun and still get in some movement. - by DACSAC
  • I know the same feeling! Thank goodness for our dogs. :) - by MAZZY0774

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