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10 Signs You are Getting Healthier Even if the Scale Doesn’t Move

By , SparkPeople Blogger
By Beth Donovan, ~INDYGIRL

Sometimes the scale doesn’t budge and you wonder if you are getting any healthier on your fitness plan. Well, here are 10 signs that you are!

  1. You feel like taking on something new. That’s a great sign that you are getting healthier. It shows a heightened energy level and more active mentality. You are obviously ready for new challenges that you weren’t ready for before you became fitter.

  2. You notice a new pep in your step. Things are becoming easier for you. Gravity isn’t pulling you to the ground as easily, and maybe your mood isn’t either. You have some new resilience.

  3. Your clothes are fitting differently. Maybe your clothes are looser; maybe they are tighter over your growing muscles. Whichever way it is, be sure and take note and dress to impress. Wearing the same old stuff from your closet that no longer fits is discouraging. Wearing better fitting clothes, be they from a store or a friend, will always make you feel and look better.

  4. Your medical test scores are improving. My triglycerides, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and thyroid readings have all changed since I’ve lost weight. Even when I plateau for months at a time (frustrating!), those tests tell me I’m going in the right direction medically.

  5. You start taking that one extra step. Usually the saying is to “Go the extra mile.” I say “Go the extra step.” A mile is a long way, but if you even find yourself having the energy to take that extra step, congratulate yourself. You are building on something. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

  6. You look for ways to make other’s lives easier. If you are looking for ways to pay it forward and make other’s lives easier, then your needs are met. That’s a great sign! According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the basic needs of a human have to be met in order to even consider outer social relationships, such as kindness and love. In my opinion, if you find yourself doing random acts of kindness, be assured you are blessed and well. I don’t think we can afford to forget the connection of mind, body, and spirit as a human whole in wellness.

  7. You feel more positive and energetic. That is a natural by product of getting healthier. The body starts working better and when it does, it releases feel good chemicals in the brain, delivers energy to the cells more efficiently, and you feel better day by day.

  8. Your hair, skin and nails start to look marvelous. As a result of getting the right nutrients into your body, your body will start to look better all over. Not only will you lose/gain weight on a proper nutrition plan, but your hair, skin and nails will start to look lustrous too. Have you ever had someone tell you to take a certain supplement and your nails/hair will grow? Well, they aren’t far off. Nutrients are known to feed the hair and nails, even though they are technically dead. They still come from a living hair follicle and a living nail bed. Skin is very much alive and in need of nutrients. After all, look at how much skin you have.

  9. You look forward to your workout time. This is definitely a good sign. Your body is craving movement and the endorphins it brings. Endorphins are feel-good chemicals released in the brain that bust stress during and after exercise. The more you move the more you will crave moving. This will lead to a healthier cardiovascular system, leaner muscles, a brighter mindset, and weight control.

  10. You crave healthier fare. If you are starting to think a fresh banana sounds better than banana chips, you are well on your way. Is your chocolate getting a bit darker these days? Are you choosing food closer to its natural state or cutting out soda and liking it? Good for you! Progress not perfection! Keep changing the little things and the bigger lifestyle change will come.

As you can see, the scale is not the final decision maker as to whether you are getting healthier on your health plan. YOU are. Look for and celebrate the little things that you find new to your life.

What signs tell YOU that you're healthier?

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NASFKAB 2/23/2021
Great Report
PIZZA5152 2/2/2021
Thank you Report
SHOAPIE 1/1/2021
Great ways to look at it! Report
CD2693807 12/26/2020
interesting article and comments Report
DIVAGLOW 12/12/2020
Thank you for this. Report
CD13953191 11/15/2020
My nails are getting smoother. They had little ridges. Love this article Report
PATRICIA-CR 11/8/2020
Absolutely! Thank you. Report
JWINKSLLC 9/26/2020
I needed this today, thanks!! Report
Thank you. Great article. Report
I love these! Especially #6! Thank you! Report
Great info! Thanks for sharing this one!!!! Report
good advice
nice article Report
All good things to look @ when it seems that things are going in the right direction! Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Very encouraging Report
My health numbers are everything to me. Every time I get a “good” medical report or my Dr. takes me off another medication that is where my victory lies. No matter what the number is on the scale. Report
Thank you for sharing Report
These are much better signs of health improvement than just obsessing with the scale, excellent read! Report
Currently I notice that I'm sleeping better, able to focus on unpleasant tasks (decluttering & packing to relocate across the country) & doing so w/ more energy than expected. I feel more in tune w/ my body & its reaction to certain food choices. Skin, hair & nails all great. Report
Needed this! Report
I'll look for these signs. Report
Since I didn't weigh for awhile it was how my clothes fit and how I felt that told me I was making positive differences. Report
sharing this! Report
thanks Report
Thanks for reminding me. Report
thank you for sharing Report
My body is telling me that gravity is winning. Everything is heading towards the floor. I droop where I didn't used to droop. Report
Thanks, Beth. You are so encouraging. You've been through so much more than I have. Report
Thanks Report
Great reminders! Report
great article Report
Indeed, so much more than the scale that adds up to successes. We need to pay attention to that! The scale doesn't tell the whole tale. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Thank you for sharing what you have learned from your journey! You are such a wonderful role model!! Report
Interesting article. Thanks for sharing Report
The scale is but one barometer and these ten are actually better reflections of your progress! Report
Very interesting article, I could relate to everything in it. Report
I am feeling less sleepy which might be because I get a little more sleep but I think also because I am eating more fruits and veggies. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Thanks for the reminder..sometime I do get discouraged Report
Absolutely great Report
great article Report
Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature. - Steve Maraboli ~ 3/14/18 Report
People comment that you are losing weight and looking good.

What is my goal weight? I don't have one. The number on the scale does not define me. My journey is about feeling strong, confident and being healthy. That simply can't be measured by a number! Report
Thank you Report
Great article. I just wished that I could relate to the 10 things. I don't feel "better" or any of that, but I just keep at it. Report
thanks.... Report
Very good article! I knew about the muscles growing but some of the other things I never thought of! Thanks for sharing! Report
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