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It's All Greek Yogurt To Me

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Lowfat and Nonfat Greek Yogurt are my new favorite recipe ingredients. Since it's also a favorite of my husband and kids, I'm free to include it liberally in snacks, main courses and desserts. Greek Yogurt is also known as strained yogurt, because it's strained three times reducing water and natural sugars, making it a super creamy substitute for sour cream, heavy whipping cream, and mayonnaise. It can also be used as a substitute for eggs and oil in baked goods. Additional benefits are that Greek Yogurt has 5-6 strains of probiotics compared to 2-3 strains of probiotics in regular yogurt, plus double the amount of protein per serving. Use Greek Yogurt to add flavor and texture to your recipe while cutting out the fat and calories. 

Here are some of my favorite SparkRecipes that use Greek Yogurt.

Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake with Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt Chicken

Greek Yogurt Stuffed Mushrooms

High Protein Greek Yogurt Fruit Smoothie

Banana Bread with Walnuts and Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt & Oatmeal Pancakes

Blueberry Greek Yogurt Pie

Black Bean Soup made w/ Greek Yogurt (Biggest Loser)

Debo's Tuna & Greek Yogurt Salad

Mashed Sweet Potatoes (made with Greek Yogurt)

Healthy High Fiber Muffins with Greek Yogurt

Nutritional Information in Greek Yogurt

Do you like to cook with Greek Yogurt? How have you used Greek Yogurt in your cooking?

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SNUZYQ2 4/16/2020
Greek yogurt is a staple at our house. We use it daily. Loved the tips about making good use of this wonderful food. Thanks! Report
ANHELIC 2/14/2020
Thank you Report
RAPUNZEL53 12/5/2019
Thanks Report
ILOVEROSES 12/4/2019
I love Greek yogurt but haven't cooked with it. Report
SABA231 11/5/2019
Delicious Like it very much ! I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Samantha, Keep it up. Visit my website https://ntsresults.org/ Report
Learning to use yogurt in many recipes Report
I love Greek yogurt in smoothies! Thanks for the other recipe ideas! Report
thanks Report
When I first heard about Greek yogurt, I was pretty skeptical; it sounded like a trend, and I'm usually disdainful of fads. I also really disliked the taste and, especially, texture when I tried it the first time. However, I started buying the sugar-free/fat-free fruit-flavored varieties for my husband as healthy snacks, and gradually found myself eating them as well. Now I can't imagine life without them: 80 calories, 12 g. protein, no fat, in a convenient, lunchbox-ready container! Report
Love Greek yogurt. Use it in my smoothies. Will try some of these recipes. Report
Great article! Report
Tried a teaspoon in my scrambled eggs & it added a bit of tang that I liked. Very favorite is vanilla with frozen raspberries mixed in. Better than ice cream & so much better for you! Report
I eat Greek yogurt for breakfast. My two favorite brands are Fage and Chobani. Just today I had plain Greek yogurt for the first time. I added marmalade that a friend brought back for me from England. It was so good. I don't know if the sugar content was similar (or more or less!), but I liked making my own concoction. I also add Grape-Nuts like cereal to my breakfast yogurt. I use the Food for Life flax cereal, though,since I'm on a gluten-free diet. Report
Before Sparks, I ate sour cream with just about everything. Now, it's greek yogurt. I fell in love with Fage, but balked at the price. So I got my own yogurt maker, and I'm in business. Now yogurt gets used as salad dressing, breakfast with fruit, frozen dessert, and in place of sour cream and mayonnaise at lunch and dinner. I've even added gelatin, which causes it to firm up even more--and it tastes and feels like cream cheese. Report
I sometimes use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Greek God's Plain Yogurt is my favorite. Adding honey & fresh blueberries is oh so yummy. Sometimes I use it as starter for my homemade crockpot yogurt. I also add to my smoothies. Report
Hello everyone, this is the first time i`m writing !! I read the comments on Greek yoghurt, and enjoyed them immensly, i`d like to give you a recipe for Greel Tsadziki which is made with 500gms of Greek yoghurt, mix in a large grated cucumber that has been left to strain a bit, you can squeeze it with your hands if its to watery, add a clove or two of minced garlic to your liking, and 2 or 3 tablespoons of olive oil, a tablespoonful of redwine vinegar. Leave it to rest in the fridge a few hours, and you have a lovely authentic Greek Tzadziki. I hope you like it.
My favorite thing is Fage greek yogurt with my own cranberry orange relish mixed in. But I can see I'm going to have to try cooking with it as well.
What is the recipe for the pictured item above? It looks like some type of beef gyro, would like to know. Mary Report
I love Chobani greek yogurt, I'll eat it by itself or in a smoothie. Report
I Love Greek yogurt.My fave is Fage 0%. For those of you who have not quite found the same love for it try mixing in French vanilla Slenda flavors for coffee(yum,makes it taste like cheescake),sugar free syrups like those from Torani or DaVinci(my faves are vanilla and caramel),or a spoon full of sugar free Polander allfruit(like orange marmalade or strawberry).these all give you flavored yogurt without the calories of commercially prepared flavored yogurt. OK gotta go now I'm getting hungry.LOL....enjoy Report
My daughter introduced me to Greek yogurt and I don't buy anything else. My evening treat is 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt, 8 blackberries, and 1/2 tsp Splenda. Report
SAOOO many great ideas!!!!! I,m just wondering , will the heat from cooking destroy the bacteria??? love the Milo idea, I,m on my way to the pool and will pic some up !!!
I personally hate the taste, but NEED it in my diet, as it has SO many positive aspects. For those who hate the taste, try the Mio ( www.kraftbrands.com/mio /). Any flavor of that stuff (which is meant for water, but works AMAZING for the taste) makes it not only palatable, but frankly delicious. The sugar content of honey or the fruit combinations pre-packaged in containers make those selections a poor integration into my intake, but instead using the Mio with plain non-fat Greek yogurt makes it taste great without additional carbohydrates. Phenomenal. I am also really excited to try it in my other recipes to see how I can substitute the non-fat greek yogurt for those "less desirable" ingredients. Report
Fage 0% with Ghiradelli sweet chocolate powder tastes like chocolate mousse; add slivered almonds or walnuts; heaven! Also mixes well with canned pumpkin and walnuts Report
I love my Fage fat free Greek yogurt! I eat a half a cup everyday on top of my oatmeal with a lot of cinnamon and a little sugar! I can't wait to look at the other uses for it! Woo Hoo! Report
I to love the greek yogurt. It just adds that special consistency to things that regular yogurt does not and yet it has much healthier ingredients for us. I use it for everything I make that calls for sour cream, or yogurt I even it use it for my granola and yogurt and fruit snack food. Um Good Report
Have tried to eat Greek yogurt a couple times and just don't care for the taste. Maybe it would be better in a recipe like the ones you gave links to. I'll see... Report
OK, I think I might be ready to take the plunge on Greek Yogurt, BUT I have a question to ask.
What is the flavor like?
Before all of the fruit or granola stuff was a common product, I ate straight yogurt liberally applied bananas, blueberries - essentially whatever fruit was available and often with a teaspoon or so of the same flavor jam or jelly.
I ate yogurt after I had the stomach flu or had to take antibiotics that would destroy the flora and fauna in my gut.
Straight yogurt was not something I would eat on any sort of a regular basis, but I would if I didn't really have the strength and motivation to go to the store and get the berries.
How does Greek Yogurt compare in taste to the old fashioned regular yogurt?
Since I probably won't come back and search this blog out, would you please send me a SparkMail?
I don't think one can ever get too much information, so don't worry about filling my mailbox. Report
Thanks for the recipes. I have this blog saved to my favorites. Report
I love Greek Yogurt with granola and fruit in the mornings--very European Report
Thanks to a tip from a friend, my favorite breakfast, very easy to prepare, is nonfat honey flavored Greek yogurt sprinkled with dried fruit (Mariani's Berries and Cherries), a teaspoon or so of thinly sliced almonds (or a sprinkle of granola) and drizzled with a teaspoon of Agave Nectar or honey. Filling and yummy! Report
Making yogurt can save you lots of money, but you don't need a yogurt maker or (possibly) expensive cultures to do so. Milk, a crock-pot, and a small container of store bought yogurt are all you need to start. After the first batch, you don't even need the store bought yogurt, as you can save 1/2 cup from your last batch to culture your next (if you remember to save some - I usually don't :-P) To find out how, google or search SparkRecipes for CrockPot yogurt.
To strain and make Greek yogurt, just line a colander with coffee filters and pour in the yogurt. It does NOT need to be strained three times. The longer you leave it to strain, the thicker it will be. Leave it straining long enough and you'll go past Greek yogurt and make YoChi (yogurt cheese.) Use it as you would cream cheese - in recipes, on bagels, whatever. It's yummy! Report
My wife and I love yogurt and we make a gallon of it a week - yes, we have a yogurt maker. Half of it we turn into Greek yogurt by straining it - use the whey for soups, etc - and the rest we eat plain. Just remember one thing, however, when you are using it to cook with - as soon as it gets above 140F or so degrees, all the probiotics fly out the window - the heat kills them. Our favorites include shakes made with Greek yogurt in the morning and another breakfast treat is an ice cream scoop of Greek yogurt with a flavoring and/or granola.

And BTW, making yogurt yourself will save you really big bucks if you consume a lot of it like we do. We figure we save over a thousand dollars a year making it ourselves. Our weekly gallon we make costs about $4.00 - you can pay that much for a couple of small cups of the commercial stuff and at least you know what goes into your own. Report
I like it to cook with, but don't like eating yogurt on its own. Report
I actually just bought some greek yogurt to try, so this was great to read today. Now I'm even more excited to try it! Report
I discovered Greek yogurt the old fashioned way -- threw it in with some fruit. Once I added Splenda I was in heaven! Report
I buy Greek yogurt and regular yogurt, depending on which is on sale. When trying Greek yogurt for the first time I bought 3 different brands and my husband and I did a taste test of them to find the one we liked best, and that's what I buy now (Chobani).
I eat it by itself, but gradually I'll start mixing it into recipes to cut calories. I like the yogurt veggie dip and the store and will try to make something like that. Report
I love Greek yogurt! Fage with the mix-ins is my favorite. I haven't tried it in recipes yet, but I will start now Report
I use only Greek yogurt. Wasn't always that way. But since I found Oikos by Stonyfield, it's fantastic. Only 80 calories, 0 fat,sodium 60mg, protein 15 gr.
I eat it many days for breakfast with a handful of cereal and fresh fruit. It's used in many cooking recipes. I never buy sour cream anymore. I haven't seen the other yogurt mentioned but will try to locate it and give it a try. Report
I, too, am lactose sensitive. I can eat some Greek yogurt--I get the Fage cups with fruit cup attached. If you get the yogurt first, then dip into the fruit mixture, the mixture hits the tongue first, so it tastes like there is more there than there really is, so I never finish the fruit side! I eat one most days for breakfast, no problem. I also use it to make dips and replace sour cream in any recipe. Report
I'm not a big fan of yogurt, but I love using greek yogurt in place of sour cream! it's just as thick and tangy, but i noticed it you put it at a high temperature, it breaks down to soemthing not so appealing looking.
what brand do you all like best?
Fage! Fage! Thanks Salty! I believe in eating...fage-ing
I gotta use that.

The greek yogurt I've tried is a perfect ringer for sour cream. I use it on tacos, burritos, black bean soup! Report
Fage is my favorite Greek yogurt by far. I use it anywhere I used to use sour cream. Report
Love Greek yogurt, especially Fage 0%. I use it for everything. My favorite fast breakfast is Greek yogurt, honey to sweeten, and a handful of walnuts. Yum! Report
I make up some pasta noodles. You can use whole grain or Gluten Free like we do. Make some spag sauce. I'm lazy and just buy a good quality jar sauce usually with spinach in it or something with extra veggies. Put your noodles in a bowl, 2-3 tbsp of plain greek yogurt, 2 good pinches of 2% cheese and stir together while noodles are hot. Cover with some sauce and stir. Makes a good, creamy sauce!
In my son's bowl I also add in 1 tbsp of herb flavored italian EVOO for seasoning but mainly because he needs the good quality fats. It's an easy and healthful way for me to get his calories up! Report
I love greek yogurt, but never tried cooking with it. We'll see... Report
I really enjoy eating Greek yogurt. Being Greek, plain (American style) yogurt was a regular part of our diet. Greek yogurt could be found in a few Greek restaurants where the chefs made their own. Yum! But I'm happy that Greek yogurt has become so popular. It really is delicious and, as was written in the article, in can be used in place of sour cream and mayonnaise. I like Fage 0%. By the way, it is pronounced "FA ye". "Fa" as in fa la la la la, and "ye" as in phonetic pronunciation with the short sound of the "e". In addition, Fage basically means "eat" in Greek. Report
I really love Greek yogurt, and tend to eat it everyday in some shape or form. I go for the full fat variety. I love it mixed with tuna and chopped spring onion or pickled gherkins. I blend up the tuna and yogurt, then add the green stuff, it's yummy spread on crisp bread or pita bread. I add it in recipes wherever it calls for cream, sour cream, mayonnaise etc. It's so full of goodness, high in protein, great for our intestinal track, skin, hair & nails. Light on the stomach too. My go to food, just plain with a few walnuts crumbled on top or if I'm allowing myself a treat, I add one teaspoon of cocoa powder and mix it through to make a chocolate treat. Report
I eat yogurt and fruit for breakfast. When I tried Greek yogurt with my own fruit, I got these clumps of yogurt. It wasn't smooth and looked very unappealing. Tasted ok, but I really didn't want to eat it because of the looks. Report
I have used it in baking, I was given some and did not really know what to do with it, so I used it in cooking. It worked great. They didn't even know I tweaked the recipe. After reading this article I know that I made healthier choices for my family. Thanks for the information! Report
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