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The last 4 years I have lost myself. I give and give to everyone but myself. This year a lot of changes are happening to my little family. 1 is graduating from College, 1 is graduating from High School and 1 will be entering High school in the fall and 1 will be hanging out in Middle school for a few more years. My oldest daughter is getting married in the fall and I really want to look nice in my dress for the wedding. I need to start to put myself 1st and others second. Health issues run in my family and I want to be the one who over comes those health challenges. So 2019 is about me!!!

2015 has not been my year!! I have given to everyone but myself and it shows. I have gained all the weight I lost a few short years ago plus some! I have had a year of stress, drama, marriage issues and family healthy issues. I am done!! I am taking my life back!!!

I have let family issues let me get further from my goal. 2014 is going change that. I am taking back my health. I will not let family issues make me run to food. I will get to the ultimate goal that I want. This year marks my 20 year high school reunion already. Can't believe that it has already been 20 years. I want to rock the outfit to that reunion!! Time to get things done in 2024!!!!

I have had a few years of stress and family health issues. I had lost 40 pounds about 2 years ago. My dad had to have a quadruple bypass heart surgery then a month later found out he had Colon Cancer. But was caught super early since his heart medication had irritated the tumor so he is now cancer free. I was in the process of having my job eliminated at the bank that I worked at so 4 months of stress waiting for the day I would walk in and I would lose my job that day. Then an AMAZING opportunity presented itself with a different position with the right hours in the same bank. So more stress but less stress. LOL. With my new postition came with a new supervisor. She was AMAZING but also diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This past week she lost her battle. I am an emotional eater and all of a sudden all the hard work I had done just 4 years ago were earsed and 20 pounds came back to visit. I love to workout so I didn't slack on that but when you are eating more that you are burning the weight comes back and I feel that it is true that the stress hormone helps you gain weight. I am ready to stick to this and get these 20 pounds off. I have a goal of November 2013 to be 20 pounds lighter.

I check in Spark people daily and love to chat.Today is my 3 year sparkaversary. I started my weight loss journey in July 25, 2007 at 176, but didn�t find Spark people until December 29, 2007. And though I had lost a little weight from July to December, (I was still nursing my 4th baby then) I didn�t start changing my life until I found Spark people. Only when I found Spark did I figure out what to eat and how to eat and what I needed to do to burn my maximum calories. I have learned a lot these 3 years. I have met some wonderful people thru Spark. And I have also found my sister-in-law on here even though we both didn�t know the other was doing the spark plan. (It makes it easier when someone in your family is doing the same thing. They understand when you say no) I have recommended a few friends to join spark. But I still have a lot to learn. I have lost 45 pounds with Spark people, but have gained back 5 of those pounds this holiday season. So I am back to only losing 40 which don�t get me wrong is a HUGE accomplishment, but it was nice to hit a goal that I had back in 2007. 130 seemed so far away when I first started Spark. But thru all the things that I had learned here I knew that I could do it. And in November I did. I didn�t stay there long. Excuses got in the way. First it was 3 Thanksgiving dinners to too many Christmas parties. I am lucky to have only gained 5 pounds. You would have thought that after 3 years I would have figured out how to say no to all the goodies. But there are days that will power wins but there are days that that little voice in my head tells me that 125 is an unachievable goal. And that voice has won this last month and half. I am proud of what I have lost the weight and have kept it off for the most part, but it is hard to celebrate it when I look in the mirror and I still see the fat me. I know it is all in my head, that I have lost 40 pounds!! And that I am not that fat girl that I thought I was in grade school or high school. My goal for 2011 is to try to win the negativity battle that goes on in my head.

My husband tells me that when he says I look good in an outfit that instead of saying that I look fat in it (which I tell him all the time) that I should say thank you. That is what I plan on working on in the New Year.

So going to my 4th year of my weight loss I have these goals:

To accept a compliment when one is given.

Let my will power win over the negative voice in my head.

Get to my goal this year. 125. It is back to 10 pounds till my goal. I have come so close I feel that this is the year.

And learn to stand up for my healthy eating life style and not defend it. To let people know that this is how it is going to

By my 4 year anniversary I want to be at the maintaining part of my weight loss journey.

Goal met!!! WOOO HOOO!!! I have been on my weight loss journey for most of my life�but in July 2007 I decided that I wanted to look hot for my 10 year wedding anniversary�. After having 4 kids I was FAR from HOT!!! I was nursing my 4th child at the time so I started to exercise more and worried about what I ate when I was done nursing�in November 2007 I was done nursing�.and in December 2007 I found spark people and it changed my life�there was soo much information that I didn�t have access to before�.so I finally figured out what I needed to eat to lose weight, how much exercise I needed to get healthy �.and the weight began to fall off�I have had a lot of starts and stops�I mean A LOT�I was my own worse enemy�and I have sabotaged myself a lot�thinking that I do not deserve to get healthy�and I was even a little scared about what would happen when all the weight was gone�then who would I be�would my husband like the person I had become�but the more weight I loss�the more ME I found�and I found a happier me�.I haven�t always been the happiest person in the world�but now I am happier and have more energy�and I am a role model for my children�I have always wanted to stop the cycle that has plagued both my family and my husbands family�.and I am happy to be showing them that you can eat healthy and be healthy and it is ok�.it is ok to splurge on goodies, but only once in awhile�

When I started my weight loss journey I weighted in at 176 pounds�.and now as of April 30, 2010 I am at 134.8!!! 41.2 pounds GONE!!!! My goal weight when I started with Spark people was 135�.I have come sooo close so many times, but I go and tell myself that I can�t make it to that goal and that I am not worth it and gain 4 to 5 pounds back��just to have to lose them again�.but I have figured out now that I am worth it�that I do deserve it�.I need to do this for me!!!

So now begins the second phase of my journey�.according to all the studies I am still over weight�.so my second goal is to reach 125�and I am sooo close that I excited�.It has been a long journey for me�.I was unable to get my husband involved with my weight loss journey�.he would eat the healthy foods that I made�but then go and eat something else later that nite�so I had to figure things out on my own�I had to workout on my own�plan healthy meals on my own�maybe that was a good thing�maybe that is why I haven�t gained all the weight back�.but now he has decided that in order to do the things he wants to do he has to lose the weight that he is carrying around with him�.so now he is on board with healthy meal plans and no more junk food in the house�so maybe I will be able to achieve my second goal sooner than I achieved my first goal!!!

I am one month away from my 2 year sparkaversary...and I am proud of what I have accomplished...I am soo close to my short term goal that I know that I can make it to where I want to be....I have started to look at where I came from and where I am now and I am proud of who I am and what I have done....If you would have told me that 2 years ago I would be jogging on a treadmill for 9 min at at time...I would have laughed at you...If you have told me that I would have lost almost 40 pounds....I would not have believed you...I that is what I have accomplished and now I have bigger goals....to get to 135 January...130 my May...and 125 by December...10 pounds may sound easy but I have been working all of 2009 to get them off...now with a new attitude and new workout regimen that I feel that I can accomplish this!!!

I am working on me...I have a new out look on life....I am here to work on me....my emotional eating has got to stop...and by the help of sparkpeople and my teams I will get past this...I am doing this for my kids...I want to show my kids how to eat healthy and learn to stay active...that way they don't have a weight problem like I do...


Today is my 1 year sparkavsary. I look back on this year and see what great progress I have made. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 6. I went from 173.6 to 144.6 today. (Those darn Holidays!!) But I have fallen off of the wagon for the last 2 months. My eating has been horrible and the scale is showing it. So on my 1 year anniversary I am recommitting to my new healthy life style. I am going to start from scratch. I am going to start doing things that I began to do this time last year. I am going to log everything that enters my mouth. I am going to let Bob and Jillian kick my butt. (I just bought 30 Shred with Jillian, Bob's boot camp and the new cardio biggest loser video) I thought maybe my current workouts were stopping my progress. Maybe my body was adapting to these workouts that I have been doing this past year. I want to be at my goal weight of 130 or even a bigger goal of 125 by this time next year. I want to be at the maintence level by next year. My kids look at me and tell me that they like the way I look and that I am a more interactive mom than before. I love that I can share a few clothing items with my 12 year old daughter. Vice Versa. The kids know that keeping their bodies moving is great for them. They see what change it has made in me. They may not like all of the changes that I have done, like going from canned veggies to frozen veggies. They still complain 1 year later. But they don't complain about the wheat bread or the chicken we are always having. We haven't had a box of hamburger helper in 6 months or more. I don't remember the last time I made it. I still make the kids their chicken nuggets and hotdogs with macaroni and cheese, but that is the best kid food. (I don't usually have any, but my kids love it) I went and bought a steamer, stewer and fryer all in one a few weeks ago.(I can't rem the name) It is pretty neat. I haven't used it yet, but I am excited to use the steamer part of it. Our deep fat fryer had issues a few weeks ago so we got this one. I am excited for what the year has in store for me and my family. With all this turmoil about getting a different job to moving to another state. I will try this year to be at peace with whatever God has in store for us. I am finally going to take back my time and my life. I have volunteered for my church in the Sunday School program and YMCA Y-care program for the past 9 years and I think that I need a break. So I think I will stepping down from both of these to spend more time with my family. And more time just for me. I don't think us mom's take enough time for ourselves and I want to do that this coming year. I enjoyed my volunteering, but I am ready for something new. The end of the year and the beginning of another year holds such promise. I see what 2008 has done for me I hope that 2009 brings more joy and more surprises.

Hi!! I am Melissa and I am 31 years old and have about 20-25 more pounds to lose before I am at my goal weight. I have a wonderful husband and 4 beautiful children. I have been either pregnant or nursing for the last 4 to 4 1/2 years. Now that my youngest is done nursing and we have decided that 4 kids are plenty for us, I decided that I am taking my body back. So I decided to do this for me. I have learned alot with sparkpeolple. I just needed someone to tell me what to eat.

Member Since: 12/28/2007

Fitness Minutes: 225,316

My Goals:
Goals for 2019 is to rediscover me!! To invest in myself. Get back to getting my health and weight under control. And maybe look hot while doing it!!! :-)

2014: My goal for 2014 is to hit my goal of 130 and maintain that weight throughout the year. I want to run the 5k's and finish before 30 min. I want to rock my 20 year reunion outfit!! I want to look great in all the things I wear instead of hiding in my clothes.
2011 goals
My Goals for the second half of 2011 is to get my eating under control and get back to where I was this time last year. My goal is to be 130 by December 2011
2010 goals
My 2010 goals are to finally hit my goal weight of 130. I am hoping by my birthday that I will have hit that goal...then by Christmas 2010 I want to be 125. Those are huge goals but I know that I can acheive them...
My new goal is to be at 130 for my sister's wedding in June. I want to be hotter than the bride, that is selfish but we have

My Program:
2019- I am currently doing Turbo Fire. This is the program that I always return to. I love cardio. I am also doing Chalene's other program ChaLean Extreme which is more weights than cardio. Plus I am working on getting 10,000 steps a day in.

January 2014
I am doing Jillian Michael's Body Revolution. I am also going to start running again when the weather gets nice. Don't like running on a treadmill. Or on the upper track at our local YMCA.
July 2011
I received a new workout program. It is ChaLean Extreme. It is a weight lifting program with cardio. I am loving the program. But I am a cardio Junkie so I add Turbo Jam to it too. Plus a love Volleyball so I play that all year, too.
I have just received my Turbo Jam Maximum Results DVD's in the mail...So I have started that program...There is a calendar of when to do what videos....I have been wogging...(walking then jogging)...love that....and trying to eat healthier...Sweets are my weakness and I need to work o

Personal Information:
I am from Nebraska. I am a Proud Husker Fan!!

Other Information:
I love just to sit at home and be with my 4 kids and husband...

I love to read Christian fiction, take pictures of my kids and nature...and my new passion is baking...I love to try new recipes and make cakes....

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