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See this image largerI've been taking walks over my lunch break instead of sitting and reading - and my legs are sore and my feet have blisters and my thighs are chafed - but it's worth it!! Especially when I'm walking towards scenes like this 😀See this image largerThis was my dinner last night: 1 cupcooked pasta, 1 cup no-salt added tomato sauce and a bit of garlic and roasted pepper seasoning, and a massive fresh garden salad with some homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Can't believe I'm on a diet when this is how I eat!!See this image largerPre-weightloss journey at 184.5lbs. See this image largerGot out and did half an hour of yoga in the morning sun. Then I enjoyed a delicious breakfast of oatmeal with raspberries and unsweetened Silk mmm, happy tummy. Looking forward to lunch for the avocado-mango-cucumber-quinoa salad and black bean burger omnomnom. I've lost 7lbs so far!!See this image largerday 7 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 6/5/2018See this image largerI really didn't feel like going out for a walk today but I still did it and turns out I beat my pace record so, woo?! It's nothing amazing, but it's something, and right now anything is better than nothing for me.See this image largerDinner tonight! Shrimp and Superfood Salad (black beans, corn, avocado, Mandarin oranges, pomegranate seeds, quinoa, red onion, cilantro and a lemon garlic vinaigrette) it was so good!!See this image largerDouble whammy today! I quickened my pace a little more and topped myself again, and I walked the furthest so far!! (Plus I saw some cute baby chipmunks, bonus!)See this image largerGot lost in the suburbs (go me! Lol) and wound up walking an extra 15ish minutes and now I've got shin splints from hurrying back to work 😅 saw some lovely flowers though, and a cemetery I want to go back and explore. Maybe tomorrow on a more gentle walk 😜See this image largerI'm going day hiking in Algonquin Park with a friend on the 23rd and I'm very pleased to see my pace slowly increasing (even if that was mostly a downhill section 😅) and that my legs aren't tired after 4.5km 😋 Esoeciallu since I got in 15500 or so steps Saturday walking around Toronto. Woot woot!See this image largerMy dinner tonight: whole grain toast, cottage cheese and what I will admit was a disgusting but healthy smoothie of kale, unsweetened almond silk, cranberries, banana, hemp hearts and peanut butter 😅 and then I had a swim!!See this image largerSnack time at work: 10 low sodium rice crisps, a cup of green grapes, a wee bit of smoked aged cheddar and two slices of cured meat (I forgot the precise name of it). Salty, sweet, crunchy and savoury omnomnom.See this image largerJust a reminder ❤ (And this goes for men too!!) Our bodies go through a lot of changes and sometimes that will leave a lasting mark and it's perfectly normal and perfectly okay and we're not worth any less because of it!!See this image largerHappy Friday Sparkers!! Starting off my day with chocolate peanut butter chia seed overnight oats, a cup of blackberries and my hot cup of black coffee 😀See this image largerHappy Friday Sparkers!! Starting off my day with chocolate peanut butter chia seed overnight oats, a cup of blackberries and my hot cup of black coffee 😀See this image largerI've lost 10lbs since I started my journey on May 28th!! 24.5lbs more to goal weight 😀 I was getting a little discouraged this week but there's something encouraging about that nice round 10lbs down 😄See this image largerBreakfast! Oatmeal and cinnamon with fresh ripe mango and black coffee 😋 happy weekend Sparkers!!See this image largerThe morning sky after my 5:30AM swim today 😊 starting off the week on the right foot!See this image largerWent on a lovely hour long walk today and was gifted with wild strawberries (tracked them, lol) and this not-a-rainbow rainbow 😋 I'd have missed out if I'd not gone!See this image largerFound this male Canada Darner dragonfly stunned and upside down on the sidewalk (probably got clipped by a car) so I placed it on a shady bush after snapping a few photos, hopefully it recuperated!See this image largerPicking up the pace! Tried a new route for fun. It was a perfect day for a walk too 😊See this image largerThere was a free company BBQ at the office today and it was REALLY hard to resist but I still went out for my walk instead 😀 also I know my hat is dorky but it keeps my head from burning 😅#keepmoving #everystepcountsSee this image largerDinner tonight 😍 hard boiled eggs, cumin stewed heirloom tomatoes, red pepper, onion and spinach, and chipotle polenta "bacon"See this image largerDinner tonight! Panseared yellowfin tuna, marinated in a sesame honey mustard sauce, which I also used as a vinaigrette on the red pepper, mango and edamame salad (greens from our garden!). #eattherainbowSee this image largerWent on a 5km walk over lunch and found some lovely wooded trails I hope to explore further, and plenty of pretty ditch flowers!See this image largerSurprise bonus from a better diet: my nails are so much stronger and healthier!! I never used to be able to grow them this long without their cracking or breaking. I should probably trim them soon 😅 but I'm still so happy to have lovely long strong nails again.See this image largerProtein packed breakfast!! This really helps me stay full until lunch time and is super low in calories.See this image larger15lbs down since May 28th!! Now at 169lbs 😊 Feeling really good about this because it puts me firmly below 170lbs for the first time in a long time 😀See this image largerBreakfast pizza (pizza sauce, mushroom, red pepper, 1oz cheddar, 1 chopped boiled egg, sriracha) on half a naan, with heirloom tomatoes 😊 yum!! Hope you are all having a great weekend!See this image largerWalked to the Huron Village and museum today 😋 the heat just makes it easier to drink ALL THE WATER.See this image largerSuper plain tofu bun for lunch, with hoisin sauce, perfect in this heat! I could eat this every day.See this image largerBanana spinach almond milk smoothie with a bit of vanilla!! This was delicious 😊 light and refreshing on a hot evening.See this image largerHiked 15kms while carrying a 30lbs pack Saturday!! Training for long distance overnight hikes and this is my longest hike yet 😁See this image largerI couldn't even do up these pants a month and a half ago!! 😀 Now they fit better than when I bought them!See this image largerSome funny goodness from @theawkwardyeti on Instagram 😋See this image largerHappy Friday Sparkers!!! Feeling really good today as I'm over halfway to my goal weight and finally really seeing and feeling the progress I've made so far 😄See this image largerAnother theawkwardyeti gem I couldnt resist sharing. Just because you're not where you wish you were doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy swimming/the beach/wearing as much or as little as you want and are comfortable with in this heat!! We are ALL deserving of some fun in the sun.See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter Still a long way to go to where I want to be but feeling very happy with my progress so far 😊See this image largerMonster salad! Green lettuce, red and orange cherry tomatoes, yellow pepper, yellow zucchini from our garden, goat cheese and a honemade honey grainy mustard avocado oil dressing. #eattherainbowSee this image largerLittle view from my walk today, I like exploring nooks and crannies I've never been through before.See this image largerStraight-faced selfie by a wheat field last evening 😅 it's finally cool enough for an evening stroll.See this image largerOut for my usual lunch time walk, glad it's not so insanely hot and humid like it's been. Hoping this nice weather holds for my overnight hike this weekend!!See this image largerSee this image largerHiked 25kms today!! I carried my 35lbs pack the whole way and now I'm spending the night in my hammock tent at a campground 😋See this image largerI'll write a full blog post with photos on my hike eventually but here's a selfie and a trail pic of my 25km Saturday cross-country hike 😁See this image largerFace to Face Friday! On the left I weighed 174.5 lbs, and on the right 162 lbs. My little double chin is gone! And my face isn't as round - I can really see my cheekbones coming out again. #BeforeAndAfter See this image largerMy outfit for my cousin's wedding this past Saturday. Sorry for the blur, my mother tried her best 😂 I danced myself silly and it felt so good!! (Also I can see my collar bone again!! It's been so long I've seen it 💗)See this image largerWork lunch today!! Beef taco casserole. Per portion, 95g of lean ground beef, 1/4 cup black beans, 1/8th each of a red and orange pepper, a smidge of onion, 1/4 cup salsa, half a Flatout wrap and 1 oz cheddar, cilantro to taste. All together under 500 calories, with 35g protein and 25g of carbs! Made with high protein low carb wraps, mixed with crisp iceberg. So good!!! I made 4 portions last evening, and wish I'd made more 😂See this image largerI've lost 25.5 lbs now and made it under 160 lbs for the first time in 4 years!! I'm only 9 lbs from my next goal weight now! So proud of myself achieving this despite everything 😊 (If you read my recent blog Tough Decisions, you'll see what I mean.)See this image largerWent to the college gym for the forst time and sweated up a storm! Gratuitous mirror selfies were a must 😁See this image largerSee this image largerWent for a walk this afternoon, intending to go to the dead end of the road near my new place, and discovered it connects to a protected swamp trail system, so excited to check out more of this with my hiking boots instead of socks and sandals next time lol 😂See this image largerProgress photo!! Left to right... May 28th, 2018: 184.5 lbs July 13, 2018: 165.5 lbs October 15, 2018: 149 lbs!!! I don't see a huge difference between the last two and I'm not as satisfied as I hoped I'd be when I broke 150 but this is still a work in progress. I've come a long way from where I was in May, and now I'm trying to concentrate on weight training and gaining strength.See this image largerWork outfit today. Not a progress photo, I guess just a maintenance photo! Managed to stay around the 150's the last several months despite exams and holidays and a terrible lack of exercise. Trying to get back on my feet with all this and return to my healthier habits!!See this image largerWork outfit today. Not a progress photo, I guess just a maintenance photo! Managed to stay around the 150's the last several months despite exams and holidays and a terrible lack of exercise. Trying to get back on my feet with all this and return to my healthier habits!!See this image largerHaving a crap day at work but at least I feel cute! Packed a healthy lunch and snacks, and have a healthy dinner planned... I'm trying to keep this going!!See this image largerGot to go snowshoeing in Muskoka this past weekend!! Haven't done it in 2 years and it felt good to get out there again and see that my body had no difficulties! 😁See this image largerHealthy work snack!! All the veggies and black bean hummus omnomnom!See this image largerOut walking between bursts of rain - still walked the last half kilometer in a light spring rain but ah well! It felt good, and smelled wonderfully fresh and green.See this image largerWent hiking with a friend yesterday and covered 10.5km of trails! It was a perfect day to get out and move and drink all the water!See this image largerLunch under 400 calories! One of my favourite meals, topped with hoisin and a little sweet chili sauce before tossing 👌🏻See this image largerKeto brunch! Breakfast sausage, yellow pepper and asparagus, avocado and "no corn" corn bread - 9 net carbs all total! This was delicious and I know I won't be hungry again until late this evening 👌🏻See this image largerKeto breakfast and lunch. I used smoked chicken deli slices in my wrap and it was so good with the creamy avocado.See this image largerBack at day 1: my heaviest of 192.5 lbs. It can only get better than here!See this image largerThese both came in a No Name - Naturally Imperfect bag. More like naturally gigantic! And the rest were more like the little guy hah.See this image larger10lbs down!See this image larger49 days Keto - 19 inches downSee this image largerKonjac noodles, garlic, avocado oil, yellow pepper, heirloom tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli and handpicked fiddleheads 🤤 #eattherainbowSee this image largerSee this image largerFeeling and seeing that progress!! #ketoSee this image largerCan't believe the difference in my belly!!! So motivated and not stopping now! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #keto

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