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See this image largerSimple person that loves to walk🤓See this image largerLooking forward to a successful change in my lifeSee this image largerChased my doxiss around the snow for a bit. They liked it for just a little bit.See this image largerSometimes I wish life was this easy.See this image largerToday is a new day and looking forward to great thingsSee this image largerLove is in the airSee this image largerMy buddy’s my palsSee this image largerCan’t wait for warmer daysSee this image largerEver feel like your being watchedSee this image largerNothing like staying in bed on a cold daySee this image largerSo good to knowSee this image largerTransplanted my hydrangeas today my dog loves themSee this image largerKeep moving forward toward your goalsSee this image largerGlorious beautiful daySee this image largerDon’t stress just start over😋See this image largerBe at peaceSee this image largerHad my granddaughters here for the week, it’s so hard to say goodbye. 😞See this image largerWe had some refreshing rain these last few days so nice to break up the heat. Have a blessed day 😚See this image largerI was feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning, but this quote and coffee. Cease the day!See this image largerday 54 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 8/12/2020See this image largerThese tried to sabotage me but I got them out of my nightstand and took them downstairs. Bad friend, how dare you give me my weakness for a gift 😋😄LOLSee this image largerVery sad my dog Max passed away today. Feeling so broken See this image largerTrying to work on thisSee this image largerAnother busy grandma day and living every drop of 😓 sweat but not the pain. Love being able to play with my girls See this image largerHad a wonderful time walking my dogs out at the Garden of the Gods. Beautiful place hope you can go someday.See this image largerNice to have achieved somethingSee this image largerMy hubby turned into a little boy. He made a snow angel on the deck. Being locked up has made him a little stir crazy lol. Get out and be a kid againSee this image largerIt can never hurt to share a little kindnessSee this image largerToday is my 22nd wedding anniversary, My hubby and I are celebrating at home with a nice dinner from Texas Roadhouse. Yum!See this image largerGetting some relaxing scents in to meditate and relax my thoughts See this image largerOn windy days days when I do my hair a say what was the pointSee this image largerFreezing outside and the snow is still coming down more and more. Thinking of Hawaii right about now🌴See this image largerMore snow to shovel 🥶See this image largerTook my dogs for a walk on the base today, my little dog loves to sit on the wingsSee this image largerI found this cool rock in my neighborhood where new homes will be built eventually. If you look closely you can see the fossils See this image largerSpring in Colorado, you just never know Sunlight or snowSee this image largerFrom my little granddaughter happy EasterSee this image largerGetting stronger See this image largerBeautiful day at Garden of the Gods all the Rams were our perfect day to hikeSee this image largerRecovering from being sick but still getting busy and planting in my garden box. Salsa is on the waySee this image largerI saw the coolest horseshoe cloud today on my way home from church See this image largerWent to a restaurant today a took a pic with this giant bear. So nice to sit in a restaurant again. I could only eat less than half my food, guess thats a good sign that my tummy is shrinking. See this image largerI did not make it to the top but i did 1300 steps on the Manitou Springs incline. For 2 back surgeries and asthma thats pretty good, at least thats what Im telling myself. My goal was 500, but woohoo

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