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See this image largerFreshly picked out of my yard- yum!See this image largerYum dinner tonight! So glad it's Friday day! No getting up at 4:45 tomorrow morning yea!See this image largerSometimes you just gotta stop and smell the flowers! Ha!See this image largerHad a great workout day! 4 miles was a walk/run- and then spent my afternoon shift playing kickball with my kids at work! Feel great but tired!See this image largerOk I'm gonna be good and only eat one!πŸ‘πŸ‘See this image largerGreat workout day again! Hope I can keep it up the rest of the week!!See this image largerMmmm-See this image largerOk not as good as the last 2 days but considering I napped in between shifts instead of walking I'll take it!😊😊See this image largerHere's the steps!!See this image largerDinner tonight! Yum!😻😻See this image largerWell didn't quite make my 20,000 steps today but I'm close! Subbed in our 4 year old program between my normal shifts- those little ones are so cute!😻😻See this image largerChicken sandwich and veggies! Yum!See this image largerGreat exercise day! Now to make dinner!See this image largerDinner tonight- chicken and veggies with a hoisin sesame dressing- 350 calories!See this image largerHit my goal today and more! 1 hour walk and jog and a lot of steps at work! Am glad it's Friday!See this image largerA close friend of mine bought me a new weight loss journal today! Am excited to log tomorrow's food and exercise!πŸ˜»πŸ‘See this image largerDay 4 of being sick and no exercise makes me feel like this! Hoping for a better day tomorrow!!😻😻See this image largerFinally getting over the virus I had- didn't quite meet my 20,000 step goal but just glad to feel better today! Hope everyone is having a great night!See this image largerDinner tonight! Stir fry- gonna add a sesame ginger sauce at the end and serve over rice! Yum!See this image largerHappy Monday everyone! After nine terribly sick days I was finally able to get back to it today! 30 minutes cardio with weights, 30 minutes on my stair stepper, and running after daycare kids at work! Yea to feeling better!See this image largerGreat exercise day! Hope everyone had an awesome day!See this image largerDidn't quite get to my 20,000 steps today- I work a split shift (6-10 and 2-6) and for some reason Wednesday's are just exhausting to me! I call them "worn out Wednesday's!" Took a 2 hour nap in between shifts instead of really pushing myself- back at it tomorrow! Have a great night everyone!See this image largerBetter workout day today! And Almost Friday yea! Hope everyone is having a great day!See this image largerHappy Friday everyone! Disappointed in my exercise for today but stayed within my calories so I'll take it! So excited for the weekend- looking forward to not having to get up at 4:45 am tomorrow!πŸ‘πŸ‘See this image largerDinner tonight! Rosemary lemon chicken with veggies! So good!See this image largerHappy Monday all! Good workout day today! 30 minutes cardio with weights, 30 minutes stair stepper, and played a great game of kickball with my daycare kids this afternoon!See this image largerNot as good as yesterday but I'll take it! Hope everyone had a great day!See this image largerMy face today (surprised!) when I stepped on the scale and was down 2 pounds this week! 140 down to 138- 3 pounds to go for my goal weight!😻😻See this image largerNormally don't exercise on the weekend but being only 3 pounds from my goal weight of 135 modivated me to go for it! Not too shabby for a lazy Saturday!!See this image largerLeftover turkey, hoisin honey sauce, and veggies!turned into a stir fry!See this image largerHappy Monday all!! Good exercise day! Now onto dinner! Will post a pic in a bit!See this image largerNow this is how to relax after a long day of playing!!😻See this image largerWell didn't quite reach my goal today but it's ok! Will try again tomorrow!πŸ‘πŸ‘See this image largerOne of the kids at my work made this to post in the hallway- I just love the message!!See this image largerGreat exercise day! Played an awesome game of floor hockey with my 4th and 5th graders! They whomped me but I feel like a winner too!!πŸ‘πŸ‘See this image largerRecipe from cooking light- couscous with roasted chicken, tomato and cucumbers! Added a little peanut dressing yum!!See this image largerDinner tonight! Chicken with rice and veggies and a Joseph's pita with a small amount of cheese! Under 500 calories and worth every one!!😻😻See this image largerHmmm- may need to add her to our spark family- seems her holiday sweater is getting a little small!!☺️See this image largerGreat day today! Will weigh in at the doctors tomorrow- hoping the hard works results in low numbers!🀞🀞See this image largerPretty good workout day! Found out at my doctor appointment that I have a double ear infection which sucks but she gave me meds so should be better soon!! Hope everyone had a great day!See this image largerModivated today! The meds the doctor put me on finally kicked in and I got my energy back! Have a great night all!!See this image largerHappy Friday all! Hope everyone had a great day! Yea weekend!!See this image largerStir fry and mini flatbread garlic cheese toast for dinner tonight!See this image largerHappy Monday all! Great day today! Now to stay modivated for the remainder of the week!! Menu for the week planned at 1400 calories a day! πŸ‘πŸ‘See this image largerHoping to sleep this good tonight!! Ha!! 😻😻. Gotta love those kitties!!See this image largerBarely made my step goal but I did it! And stayed within calories so I'm counting it as a win! Hope everyone had a great day!😻See this image largerDidn't meet my step goal todayπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž. But tomorrow's another day to try!See this image largerUmmm stir fry tonight!See this image largerSuper workout day! I have set a new goal of 7 more pounds to bring me to 130 so I either need to workout more or eat less! I choose the workouts!!😍😍. Hope everyone has a great Friday!See this image largerHad a great workout week, stayed under my 1400 calories a day, and weighed in today- didn't lose even a pound!! But will try again next week!! Happy Friday to everyone! Am excited not to walk up at 4:45 tomorrow morning!!See this image largerYea!!!See this image largerToday's the day I up my steps to hopefully start losing again! Have maintained for a few months which is great but really want to lose a bit more! 25,000 a day here I come!See this image largerWell didn't hit my new goal today- took a little too long of a nap between shifts!☺️☺️. But still happy with the number! Happy Tuesday to you all!!See this image largerNeeded the exercise today! Ate hash browns topped with veggies and 2 sausage patties at the pancake house with my 2 oldest friends today! Still full now! Their hash browns are AMAZING!!See this image largerHappy holidays from Barbara!! (And me too)See this image largerWasn't sure I'd hit my goal today but I did! Happy Thursday everyone!!See this image largerMerry Christmas to all my spark friends!!😻😻See this image largerWonky work schedule this week! No split shift but work 7-5! Great pay but not great on my workout schedule! Hope everyone's having a great week!See this image largerBetter today! Still a wonky work shift but did a 20 min cardio and weights before and after work! Makeover day tomorrow with my work kids!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ˜»See this image largerDidn't quite meet my step goal but have been more focused on strength training than steps lately! Trying to break my plateau!! Happy Wednesday everyone!😻😻See this image largerPretty good steps today plus the weight training- and I didn't eat any of the pizza at our staff meeting! Has been a great day! Have an awesome Friday all!See this image largerMini pork "cheesesteaks " with side salad- under 400 calories and yum!!See this image largerPretty good steps today! Hope everyone is having a great day!See this image largerNot my best day- little exercise, 1 can Pepsi, 2 Heineken, a non nutritional lean cuisine for lunch... dinners still up in the air! Some days sure are better than others!See this image largerDinner tonight!! 327 calorie white veggie pizza! Yum!See this image largerPork carnitas for supper! 3 for 380 calories !See this image largerGood steps today and 20 minutes upper body strength training! Hoping everyone had a great day!😻😻See this image largerGot some good steps in today, stayed within my calories, and drank 60 ounces of water! Hope everyone has a great weekend!See this image largerHope everyone had a great day! Got some good cardio in today along with 20 minutes strength training!See this image larger310 calorie chicken stir fry! (I LOVE stir fry!!😍😍)See this image larger3.8 pounds to go till I reach my goal!See this image largerWednesday's are always my hardest days- just want a nap between shifts!! Waking up at 4:45 each day really takes its toll! Ready to try again tomorrow!See this image largerBetter steps today!! Hope everyone is having a great night!See this image largerDidn't do great this week- definitely could have moved more! Weigh in tomorrow- 🀞138!!!!!See this image largerTrying to up my cardio a bit along with some added strength training to lose these last 3 pounds! Been consistently weighing in at 138 really want to do that at 135! 60 minutes cardio and 20 minutes strength training has been my new goal for the past week! Hope it works!See this image larger300 calories flatbread with 1 tbsp alouette garlic and herb spread, zucchini, shallots, and 2 tbsp italic an cheese! So good!😻😻See this image largerMy Valentine's Day dinner- hubby prepped and cooked it while I was at work! We shall see who cleans up !πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. Hope everyone is having a great day!See this image largerExact same weigh in as last week, and the week before- sigh- at least I didn't gain I guess!See this image largerUmm stir fry- could eat this every night! Have a great one everyone!!See this image largerWednesday's are usually "schlub" days for me- just want to sleep in between shifts! But decided to do better today- 50 minutes cardio and 20 minutes strength training! Hope everyone had a great day!See this image largerEnded the week out strong! Hope everyone has a happy and healthy weekend!😻😻See this image largerGot my steps in, drank 80 ounces of water, and will be at 1298 calories after I eat my dinner! Gonna call it a good day!See this image largerHi all! A little short today- went to lunch with 2 of my very oldest friends at bakers square- had 1/2 sandwich and salad w/dressing on the side! And had water (really wanted a cherry coke) but I stayed strong! Hope everyone had a great day!See this image largerHi all! A bit short on steps- but got to go to lunch with 2 of my oldest friends between my work shifts! Went to bakers square- had 1/2 sandwich w/ salad- and stuck with water (really wanted a cherry coke😏). Hope everyone had a great day!!See this image largerWas 45 degrees and sunny here in Minnesota today!Took advantage of it and went for a nice long walk/jog! Can't wait for it to be warm every day! Hope everyone had a great day!See this image largerJust a pic for fun- there is an owl outside hooting it up and he hears it! Can't let the kitties out on their "Catio" while it's around!See this image largerA little short on steps today- and ate a cheeseburger and small fries for lunch- definitely not my best choice! I will try harder tomorrow! Hope everyone had a great day!See this image largerFor all the butter lovers! This is amazing! I haven't eaten butter in a very long time- this is a great replacement on pretty much everything!See this image largerSomehow bruised a rib last week playing in the gym with the kids at work. (I think I forget I'm not 20 anymore!☺️. ). I can however still walk and do light weights so got that in today! Have a great Wednesday all!See this image largerSpent a good amount of my workday outside with the kids! Was sunny and 36 degrees! Glad it's Friday! Hope everyone had a great day!See this image largerDinner tonight is 4 oz pork, green beans, and 2 slices of light bread with Pam spray and garlic- 260 calories!See this image larger1200 calories consumed- 920 burned- so close to breaking even! Have a great night everyone!!See this image largerAnd the cat who wants my food!See this image largerNice walk outside today- still a bit chilly but we are getting to spring soon!See this image largerDidn't reach my goal today πŸ‘Ž my bruised rib started flaring up during my walk so cut it short- can't wait till it's fully healed so I can really exercise again! Up 2 pounds this week! 😒See this image largerThought my dinner tonight looks a bit like a rocket ship! LOL! 306 calories!See this image largerStir fry tonight- and one for tomorrow! Have a great Friday all!!See this image largerWas a great day! Did 20 minutes strength training and a 4 mile walk- my bruised rib didn't flare! Yeah!!See this image larger420 calories and so delicious! Happy st. Patties day all!!See this image largerI think my cat is telling me to make this salad! She's been staring at it and batting at it! Was in this months food network magazine!See this image largerDidn't make my goal steps- but had a great nap in between shifts- some days you just gotta! And stayed at 1300 calories for the day! Hope everyone had a great day!See this image larger350 calorie rosemary lemon chicken, green beans, and fingerling potatoes- with a dollop of daisy!!πŸ˜‰See this image largerGot in a nice walk between shifts- and a few basketball games at work with the kids!See this image largerUnder 400 calorie blue cheese w/ bacon and turkey breast- it's so good!!See this image largerUmmm- dinner is stir fry- and I made cream cheese wontons- my portion is under 550 calories- a little high but yum!See this image largerMy hubby chose this for birthday dinner- along with 2 chocolate cakes! I am not partaking in this meal but glad he will enjoy!See this image largerGot my steps in today!! Great day of basketball,kickball, and lots of walking around our playground!!See this image largerUgh too much snow today! Wishing for warmer weather! Between shoveling and workouts got my steps in! Hope everyone had a great day!!See this image largerDinner is served!! Shrimp with green beans, mushrooms, and a little bacon! Yum!See this image largerDidn't quite reach my goal- wasn't as active at work this afternoon because we had " nail spa" day! I painted over 25 girls nails! Was fun and they loved it!See this image largerHad a super productive day today! I don't think I sat down at all at work! Hope everyone is doing well!See this image largerHaven't weighed in for a couple weeks and while I'm not unhappy with this weight I just can't seem to get to my 135 goal- have maintained this weight for months and months- just gonna keep trying!See this image largerWell I turn 41 today! πŸŽ‚. Where does the time go? Hope everyone has a great day!!See this image largerDid a 3 mile walk/run outside and 20 minutes strength training- the rest of my steps were at work chasing the kids! Hope everyone had a great day!See this image largerOne of those days! Didn't reach my step goal, had a fattening sandwich at bakers square, ( and a soda!) and took a 2 hour nap between my work shifts! Some days are just like that I suppose! Have a great Friday we are almost there!!See this image largerA little blue cheese salad with 3 oz steak and 2 pieces of bacon- and 2 tbsp cheese on light white bread! So delicious!See this image largerGot in a 4 mile outdoor walk today between shifts- yea for nicer weather!! And chasing the kids at work helped with the steps too! Hope everyone has a great Friday!!See this image largerZucchini, onion, and pepper for tonight's chicken shishkabobs- is it time for dinner yet lol!See this image largerRosemary lemon chicken, roasted veggies, and a small baked potato with a dollop of daisy! Yum!See this image largerSuper excited about my numbers today! Took a 6 mile walk between shifts- the rest of the steps were earned playing with my kids at work! Now on to dinner! I am hungry!!!See this image largerA classic BLT with a side salad and 2 tbsp Italian dressing- 440 calories!See this image largerYum I love stir fry night! 390 calories!See this image largerThis nice weather modivates me so much! I love outdoor walking!!See this image largerLemon rosemary chicken with 1 roasted potato and broccoli- 300 calories yum!See this image largerLemon rosemary chicken and vegetable couscous for dinner- tomato, zucchini, mushroom, peppers, and chives! Under 350 calories and so delicious!!See this image largerSesame Asian chicken salad for dinner- and a small glass of wine πŸ˜„.See this image largerYum dinner!!See this image largerThere's just something adorable about a cat in a dress!See this image largerMy monarch beds are coming in fabulously this year! Have a ton of caterpillars- these 2 I swear are buddies!!See this image larger3 of my 6 monarchs I raised from eggs came out today! Once their wings are fully dry I will let them go in my monarch garden!See this image largerLittle twins!! They are actually a year apart!See this image largerGreen beans from the garden! I'm going to freeze some- wondering if anyone who does this blanches them first? I have read that you don't have to..... any advice?See this image largerBlueberry picking this morning! Gonna make sauce for my mother in laws blueberry rib recipe- it's absolutely amazing!! The only way I eat ribs ever!!See this image largerIt was such a beautiful day for a walk!!See this image largerI am unfortunately up 2 pounds this weekπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž. Too many get togethers with friends and neighbors last week! But it's a new week to try again! 30 mins cardio and 30 mins strength training done!!See this image larger1st day of school went great! My before/after school kids did awesome! And I got some great step in! Win/ win!See this image largerDid an hour of strength training/ cardio in between shifts and played a fun game of kickball with my after school kids!See this image largerKennys spot every day when I do a workout! Watches me from there!See this image largerMy raspberries are just starting to come! I'm so excited to eat and freeze them!See this image larger380 calories- light wheat bread with 1 egg and 1 thin slice cheese- venison bacon and grapes! 1300 calories in 900 out today!See this image largerWent for 2 walks today- and stuck with my planned dinner at our late staff meeting while everyone else ordered pizza! πŸ‘πŸ‘See this image largerAnother 2 walk day! The second walk was a 2 hour nature hike with my after school kids! Beautiful day out here in MN!See this image largerDid not reach my goal today- but had a great nap between shifts! Some days are like that!See this image largerFinished off the week! So glad not to wake up at 4:45 tomorrow! Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday night!See this image largerTook a long walk in between shifts- the rest of the steps are from chasing around my kids at school! Hope everyone had a great day!See this image larger@tmp0418- this ones for you! Cat in my food again!!See this image largerCouldn't take my after school kids out today because of the rain- we did 3- 30 minute sessions of the "kids" Ta Bo instead! Great workout!!See this image largerMet my step goal all week- and stayed within calories every day- hoping for a little loss tomorrow! I have been maintaining at 138 for a long time really want to see 135!See this image larger400 calories for dinner- in the dish is tomatoes and eggplant with garlic and oregano with 1/4 cup mozzarella- all the veggies are from my garden!See this image largerNot my normal numbers but did 40 mins of legs and arms and 1 hour walk- was beautiful out today in MN!See this image larger4 oz steak with 1 baked potato and 2 tbsp light sour cream- and 2 piece light wheat toast with 1 slice each thin Sargento cheese!See this image largerStarting the week out strong!! Now onto dinner.... pic to follow soon!See this image largerUnder 350 calories and so delicious! And yes I know the bread.... I just love bread and it's only 90 calories for the slice with cheese!See this image larger@tmp0418- for you my dear!!! Another night of cats wanting food! ❀️❀️See this image largerPicked up an extra shift between my regular shifts today- still made time to exercise so I could make my goal steps! Hope everyone had a great day!!😻😻See this image largerTook a 6 mile walk between shifts today- it was beautiful outside! Hope everyone had a fabulous day!!See this image largerHave done a ton of exercise these past few weeks and stayed within or below my calories- really hoping for a loss- have been plateaued for way too long!!See this image larger328 calorie dinner! Beans and potatoes are from my garden!!See this image largerHaving a great week! And boy are my legs tired!!πŸ˜‰. Gonna sleep in tomorrow and then it's lawn mowing!! Hope everyone has a fabulous night!!See this image largerAfter months of seeing 138 or above I have finally broken through my plateau! Last week 138.8- this week 137! Small loss but I'll take it!!See this image largerCrazy looking carrots from our garden!!See this image largerHmmm- think I'm getting obsessed with exercise lol! Calories eaten today (after my planned dinner) 1178- I may indulge on a glass of wine before bed!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰See this image larger355 calories- 3oz lemon rosemary chicken with eggplant and tomatoes with 1/4 cup mozzarella (with garlic and oregano) and of course my light bread with 1 slice ultra thin cheese!See this image largerFinally home from work after an extra long day- got in some great exercise between shifts and by running relays with my kids at work! Damn kids are fast!!!πŸ˜‰See this image largerJust wanted to nap in between shifts today- but made myself take my walk! Did I go fast- NO!- but I got it done! Hope everyone had a fabulous day!!😻See this image largerDown a whopping 1/2 pound this week😞. On the upside I bought new jeans in the juniors section in a size five !!!See this image largerThese are a fabulous alternative to regular pizza crust!See this image largerFinished the week out strong- am excited to sleep in tomorrow! Then will be doing yard work and cutting down my flower beds! Have a fabulous weekend all!!😻😻See this image largerDown a pound this week and only .4 from my goal! Whoo hoo!!!😻😻See this image largerStarting out strong this week- feels good! Hope everyone had a fabulous day!!😻😻See this image largerBeautiful day out! My sister and I walked our lake (twice!) for 8 miles total- I will sleep well tonight! Hope everyone had a great day!!See this image largerYummy! And under 300 calories! Uh oh here comes the cat.......😻😻See this image largerMade my steps (barely but did it!) Only work 1/2 day tomorrow so will be walking the lake and mowing the yard!! Hope everyone had a great day!!😻😻See this image largerWe had staff trainings all day which kills my exercise goals- but learned a lot about equity which opened my mind (and heart ❀️) to what others are going through so all in all was a great day! Happy Friday everyone!!See this image largerWhoo hoo down 2 pounds this week! I think I'm going to set myself a new goal of 130!See this image largerCalories eaten 1120 calories out 1050! Calling it a good day! Have a great night everyone!!😻😻See this image largerHad a great day! Calories eaten 1229 calories burned 1215! Really challenging myself and enjoying it!!😻Hope everyone had a fabulous day and reached their goals!!😻See this image largerSo tired today- didn't want to exercise and my sister ditched on our planned walk- but I decided to go by myself and I'm glad I did! Hope everyone had a fabulous day!!😻😻See this image largerParticipated in "Lights on after school" to promote our after school programming- our focus was health and wellness! It was a fabulous afternoon with the kids and their families! My activity was to make salsa with multigrain crackers- the families loved it! Hope everyone had a fabulous day!See this image largerOne day to go! Weigh in day tomorrow too! Its a challenge to ourselves!! Hope everyone had a fabulous week!!😻😻See this image largerDown 2 more pounds this week! Never thought I'd see this number! Super excited! Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!!😻😻See this image largerGot my yard all cleaned up by myself- my husband doesn't "do" yard work- now having a yummy stir fry! Hope you are all having a great Sunday!!See this image largerAll from yard work! I am pooped!!!😻😻See this image largerDinner is Lemon rosemary chicken with Parmesan and garlic Brussels sprouts and cauliflower- so good!! 😻😻See this image largerWell no loss this week- but no gain either! And being that I ate my fair share of Halloween candy I'll take it! Just gotta keep trying!!! Have a great Saturday all!!😻😻See this image largerJoseph's pita topped with 2 oz chicken, pico, and kale- so delicious and 250 calories!See this image largerIt's getting so cold here in MN we had to dig out the winter gear lol! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!😻😻See this image largerNot my best week but it's done!!! Gonna try extra hard next week!!See this image largerUnder 250 calories- delicious and filling! Hope everyone is having a great day!!😻😻See this image largerHas been a good week so far- Monday 22,000- Tuesday 24,000 and this today! Gonna keep pushing and hoping for a good weigh in on Saturday! 😻😻See this image largerThis was the best! 350 calories and I'm super full!😻😻See this image larger2 more pounds down this week! I am so excited to see this number!!😻😻. Hope everyone is having a fabulous Saturday!!See this image largerAll the ladies in my family will get a little jewelry tray to bring home with the this thanksgiving! I love crafting!!😻😻See this image largerLemon rosemary chicken with Parmesan garlic cauliflower and Brussels sprouts- under 300 calories and yum!!😻😻See this image largerYay!! Getting a little closer to 125 each week! I will weigh in at my doctors on Friday- last year at this time I was at 144 at my appointment! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!😻😻See this image largerNew Christmas dress for my kitty barb!! She loves her outfits!!😻😻See this image largerEnglish muffin with one egg, one thin slice cheese, and Canadian bacon with green beans- part of the muffin went to one cat and the egg to the other cat lol!!!😻😻. Helping with calories I guess!!!See this image largerWell we all weighed in today lol! No loss for me but no gain either! She weighed in at 10 pounds!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!See this image largerMaking sure I get my exercise in this week before the holidays!! Hope everyone is doing well!!😻😻See this image largerKids at work kept me moving today! They are SO ready for winter break!! Hope everyone had a great day!!😻😻See this image largerIs it Friday yet?!?! Ha! Hope everyone is having a great week!!😻😻😻😻See this image largerNSV- Bought this sweatshirt from Victoria secret years ago- it was always too small for me to wear- now it fits! Happy holidays all!See this image largerMerry Christmas all! Little Barbara is opening her own gifts and loving them!!! Hope everyone has a safe and happy day!!😻😻See this image larger@Marjohn164- I got a belly up cat too!!!! Gotta love them!!😻😻See this image larger255 calories of yummy! Brown rice, chicken, peppers and onions, and avocado!See this image largerA little kitty "yoga" to brighten your day lol! I myself did 20 minute arms and 20 minute legs today- feeling a cold coming on so trying to take it easy! Hope everyone is doing well!!😻😻See this image largerDry, sore throat has taken my voice for 2 days now- literally can't speak- but I refuse to give up! Hope everyone is having a great day!😻😻See this image largerAnother day down woo hoo! @sparkleigh61 and hooah19766 - leg day for me too!!😻😻See this image larger@sparkleigh61, @texashsmomof3- saw it was guns day lol- I definitely don't have @lori-k arms but I'm working on it!!! Hope you all are doing well!😻😻See this image largerThe hubby made dinner tonight- "chicken and vegetable " fried rice". The recipe is from a weight watchers cookbook- delicious!! 317 calories! Hope you all are having a great evening!!😻😻See this image largerLast weeks weigh in 129- this weeks weigh in 127.6! 2.6 to go and then it will be maintenance time!!😻😻See this image largerThis will be me seat for the next 8 hours- in an all day training today- oh how I miss my kids at work right now! 😻😻. Can't wait for it to be done so I can move around!!See this image largerManaged to get some steps in at our all day meeting today- my coworker and I walked around the huge church we were at every time we took a bathroom break and at lunch! Would still way rather be with the kids! Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!!😻See this image larger3oz steak and veggies- it's what's for dinner!! Yum!!😻😻See this image largerWell it was a struggle but I got in the steps! Just feeling run down and cranky lately- so ready for warm weather! Hope everyone is having a great day!!😻😻See this image largerAs I get older lol!!!!😻😻See this image largerNo loss but no gain for this week- did 30 minutes on my stair stepper this month and will do another 30 minute walk this afternoon! Have a great Sunday all!!😻😻See this image larger@tmp0418- I know I know I'm supposed to give up bread- but it's cold out and it's gonna be so good!!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter- 10 years apart! Love old photos!!😻😻See this image largerIce fishing all day makes a person hungry lol! 3 oz steak with onions and mushrooms and green beans I froze from my garden! Under 300 calories and delicious!!😻😻See this image largerSame weight 3 weeks in a row- glad to be maintaining and not gaining! Gonna try mixing some things up this week and try to drop those last 2 pounds!!😻😻See this image largerA friend of mine brought me a bag of these to try today- they are pretty fabulous for a crunchy treat! Hope everyone is having a great day!!😻😻See this image larger@sparkleigh61- how'd you do today my girl?????See this image larger@sparkleigh61- @los101- thought about you guys today- made me push harder! Big thanks for the motivation!!!! You guys rock!! Great job @sparkleigh61!!😻😻See this image largerWhoo hoo! Great day today! @sparkleigh61 @los101- how's your day been?? 😻😻See this image largerHappy Monday!! How did you all do today @sparkleigh61 @los101??See this image largerNot my best step day, as most of my planned exercise time was spent shoveling 8 inches of snow! But I made it!!! Come on spring!!! Hope everyone is having a great day!!😻😻See this image largerGot a great workout in between shifts- and played a variety of games in the gym after school today!! Hope everyone is having a great day!!😻😻See this image largerHappy Valentine's Day!! Hope everyone had a great day!!😻😻See this image largerHappy Friday all! This pic of my barb reminded me of grumpy cat lol!! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! 😻😻See this image largerArms, legs, and a little cardio today! Hope everyone is having a great day!😻😻See this image largerChicken fajitas for dinner! Skipped the tortilla and went with this instead- 260 calories for a nice meal!!😻😻See this image largerMore shoveling and a 5 mile cardio workout today! Oh and again the cat wants my dinner lol! Hope everyone had a great day!!😻😻See this image largerCats need a good workout too! She is playing "The Bird" toy- she thinks she's in a good stalking position lol!!😻😻See this image largerGot my steps in all week! Hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow!!😻😻. Hope everyone is doing well!!See this image largerLast weeks weigh I was 129.2- this weeks weigh in 127.6! Have maintained under 130 for the past 6 months! πŸ˜»πŸ‘See this image largerGot a great workout in today! (Not shoveling lolπŸ˜†). Hope everyone had a fabulous day!!😻😻!See this image largerTook a nice 2 hour nap between shifts today- so missed my workout time! Made up for it by playing in the gym with the work kids this afternoon! Hope everyone had a great day!!😻😻See this image largerHi all! Hope everyone had a wonderful and productive day!! 😻😻See this image largerSo close to goal!! Still have to clean the kitchen so think I'll make it!! Hope everyone is having an amazing day!!😻😻See this image largerKitty yoga?!? Too funny! Animals are just the best!!😻😻See this image largerBig pot of chili on this cold day! Lots of different peppers, onions, black beans, kidney beans, and tomatoes- yum! Hope everyone is having a great day!!😻😻See this image largerAll I can say is yum!!!!😻😻See this image largerIn laws came today- got us all cat shirts- here's what mine says lol!! Too funny! Hope everyone is having a great day!!😻😻See this image largerRelaxing with my girl!! Have hit my step goals all week- so glad tomorrow is Friday! For all getting the snow tomorrow stay safe!! 😻😻See this image largerHad a good week last week- gotta try to up my steps on the weekends though! Happy Sunday all hope your week starts out great!!😻😻See this image larger317 calories for this delicious stir fry! I never did weight watchers but love their cookbooks!!😻😻. Tons of great low cal recipes!See this image larger20 minutes each arms and legs- and a 5 mile lake walk! Am determined to lose these last 5 pounds before summer! Been maintaining for a long time- time to stay kicking butt again!!😻😻See this image largerTrying to eat dinner lol! Handsome Kenny would like some! Hope everyone is having a great day!😻😻See this image largerKitties are loving my chicken lol! Less calories for me! Hope everyone is having a great day!!😻😻See this image largerStarted my seedlings! Zucchini, tomato, broccoli, and some flowers so far! Can't wait to put them in the garden!😻😻See this image largerI turn 42 today! I am 10 pounds lighter than last year and have lost a total of 40 since 2017! Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!!😻😻See this image largerMy 2 bff's surprised me with a Fitbit for my birthday! My old, cheapy band was glued together lol! I am super excited!!😻😻See this image largerBeautiful day = beautiful results!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful and productive day!!😻😻See this image largerMy coworker has decided I should be his running buddy! He is a foot taller and 16 years younger- but I kept up for a 2 mile run!! Yay!!😻😻. Hope everyone met their goals today!!See this image largerSkipped the run today- but did arms and legs! Paid holiday tomorrow!! Hope everyone had a great day!!😻😻See this image largerMy week so far!!😻😻See this image largerMy favorite dinner tonight! Chicken with onion, zucchini, and mushroom-seasoned with a little hot and spicy Cajun season! Under 250 calories per serving!😻😻See this image largerGot in a great run/ walk today! Running further and faster each time we go! Weigh in tomorrow! Hoping it's good!!😻😻. Have a great night friends!!See this image largerNo loss but also no gain for this week! Finished the yard work- it's beautiful outside today! Hope everyone is doing well! 😻😻See this image largerNo loss but also no gain this week! Lots of yard work done and enjoying the beautiful weather! Hope everyone is doing well!!😻😻See this image largerFresh caught crappies on a spinach and kale salad mix- gave up the bun for the sandwich version tonight!! Hope everyone is having a great day!!😻😻See this image largerExercise is done and a good healthy meal for tonight!! 4 1/2 weeks to go and I get the summer off!!😻😻. Hope everyone is having a great day!!See this image largerDone for the night! Yay Friday!!😻😻. Have a great night all!!See this image largerFabulous day today! Riced broccoli and cauliflower with chicken for dinner! How did you do @los101?See this image largerIt was beautiful out today! Took an amazing walk during shifts!! Hope everyone had a great day!!See this image largerFinishing the day out strong! Got my steps in and having avacado toast with egg and franks red hot! Yum! Hope everyone is having a great day!!😻😻See this image largerBeautiful spring day! Grateful to be able to work outside and enjoy these days!! Hope everyone had a fabulous day!😻😻See this image largerThe joys of being a cat mom lol! Dinner was fabulous- minus a few bites!!😻😻See this image larger@los101- and @sparkleigh61- hope your days were fabulous!!😻😻See this image largerLazy vacation day from work!! Got arms and legs done though! Great stepping yesterday @sparkleigh61 and @los101! I'm already at 10,000 for today!!See this image larger@sparkleigh61 and @los101- I am done for the night! Hope you both have a fabulous Friday!!πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘See this image larger@sparkleigh61 and @los101- slow day for this girl!! Much needed nap in between shifts! How did you guys fare today??😻😻See this image largerRainy day here! Did a 4 mile walk/ jog before the rain started! Now playing with the barb lol! Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day!!😻😻See this image largerOk best meal I've had in awhile!! Steak with mushrooms and onion- and yes a piece of cheese bread! 😻😻. So delicious didn't even finish it!See this image larger@sparkleigh61 @los101 - yesterday's numbers! I am tired today lol! Have a great Wednesday!!😻😻See this image larger@los101 and @sparkleigh61- my numbers for today! Think los101 will get the trophy for today!!😻😻See this image larger@los101- yesterday's numbers!!See this image largerNumbers for today- @los101 and @sparkleigh61- hope your day was fabulous!!😻😻See this image largerExercise for today- raking and loading heavy, wet pine needles!! Hubby is Muskie fishing so did it on my own!!😻😻. Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!!See this image largerThink this the highest I've ever gotten to! Thank god for beautiful weather and the energy to move! Have a great night all!!😻😻See this image largerEnjoying the good things in life! A nice early morning walk, fishing in the afternoon, and kitty time now!! Thankful for these wonderful days!!😻😻See this image larger@opticalxillusio- my first caterpillar to get ready for chrysalis!!πŸ›πŸ›See this image largerLove being able to go out and pick my breakfast! Have a fabulous day all!!😻😻See this image largerThought my day was fabulous! 😻😻 Then got derailed by my sister telling me this is an "unreasonable daily goal". Why can't people just say good for you?? Sorry for the vent!See this image largerMy mother in law and I picked 15 pounds of blueberries today! This is one of the washed bowls yum!!See this image largerSee this image largerLove being able to go pick my veggies for dinner! Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!!See this image largerWoo hoo! Better this week than last in everything but sleep lol! Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!😻😻See this image largerTomato from my garden weighed in at 18.2 ounces today! That's what I call a tomato lol!!😻😻See this image largerAwesome start to the week! Also stayed within calories! Hope everyone is having an amazing day!!😻😻See this image largerUmmm- cauliflower "chicken fried rice". 271 calories for 2 1/2 cups and 2 ounces of chicken!See this image largerGood workout day and 2 oz chicken with zucchini, 1/4 cup cheddar and 2 tbsp bacon! So delicious!!See this image largerAnother beauty from my garden! 17.6 ounces!! Can't wait to eat it!!😻😻See this image larger280 calories! Pita pizza with mushrooms and onion- zucchini/thin slice cheese/ bacon- so yummy!!😻😻See this image largerExtra long day at work! Pretty sure kitty Kenny missed me lol! Brought my own dinner to our late meeting so I wouldn't be tempted by the fast food that was ordered!😻😻See this image largerA little pita pizza and a "portion controlled " bottle of wine! Can it get any better after a long day lol!!😻😻See this image largerI am loving this cauliflower " fried rice"!! So delicious and many calories less than rice!!😻😻See this image largerYay back to maintenance weight! Now to keep going! It's a difficult road but all of us got this!!😻😻See this image largerAnyone for stir fry?? Yum!!😻😻See this image largerCutting down the flower beds- my " helper" does not want me to cut down her grasses! 😻😻See this image largerHarvesting the rest of my rosemary and chives to dry before the dreaded snow sets in lol!!😻😻See this image largerThis one is for you my friend @stillsparkleigh!! β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈSee this image largerMade the most of this beautiful day! 😻😻 Rain and snow predicted starting tomorrow 😒😒. I am not ready lol!!See this image largerJust thought this was cute!!😻😻See this image largerThis girl is tired! Kids at work were very active today lol! Have a great night all!!😻😻See this image largerSteps are done! And so is the cat lol!! She played hard today!!😻😻See this image largerSteps are in for today! And little barb is enjoying a little cat grass lol! Hope everyone is having a great day!!😻😻See this image largerSpent some time digging out the potatoes from my garden today! Yum!!😻😻. Have a fabulous day all!!See this image largerThis is mine momma- not sharing with kitty Kenny lol!!😻😻See this image largerTaco soup in the works!! Making "tortilla chips" by baking up a 60 calorie wrap! Delicious!!😻😻See this image largerI will lay on anything comfy! Including folded up butterfly nets lol!!😻😻. Silly cats!!πŸ€—πŸ€—See this image largerOk my friend @countrymama8210- first low carb meal!!😻😻See this image largerI know you SparkPeople will know!!! Homegrown versus store bought- which is which????See this image largerMy first time getting this many steps!! I am tired lol! Hope everyone is doing well!!😻😻See this image largerThink I will sleep well tonight! Legs and feet are tired! Hope everyone is having a great day!!😻😻See this image largerMy new badge!! Woo hoo! Happy Friday all!!😻😻See this image largerMmm chicken tortilla soup! Toasted a 60 calorie wrap instead of chips- just as tasty and way less calories!!πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜»πŸ˜»See this image largerMmmm- a little homemade mu-shu pork for dinner tonight- under 400 calories and so delicious!! Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!!See this image largerHmmm- think she's guarding my workout stuff lol! So cute!!😻😻See this image largerFound these today- left is from 2010- 45 pound difference!!! Hope everyone is having a great day!!😻😻See this image largerAmazing what 10 years does! 45 pounds lighter now than then!!😻😻See this image largerWoo hoo! πŸ€— 2 new badges and a decent weigh in! Great start to the weekend! Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!! It goes so fast!!See this image largerOk you know it's cold when the cat steals the robe lol! Hope everyone is bouncing back from the holidays!!😻😻See this image largerHi all! Well got my exercise in- but may have accidentally gotten into the peanut m&ms at work- and a little dill dip and chips! Ugh! Will MAKE myself do better tomorrow!!😻😻See this image largerSpark recipe- potato soup- added a little sour cream and a piece of garlic bread- yum!!πŸ€—πŸ€—See this image largerScored this little house/deck for $20! Kitties are enjoying it!!😻😻See this image largerHouse is spotless- laundry is done- good book to read and a fabulous view! Love days like that! Have a great night sparkfriends!! 😻😻See this image largerMerry Christmas Eve all! Hope your day is fabulous!!😻😻See this image larger@stillsparkleleigh- Selfies for self esteem! I need to learn to take selfies lol!! Loving the great pics today!See this image largerSelfie 2- my goddaughter and myself enjoying our New Year's Eve!!😻😻See this image largerEarned a new badge today!! πŸ€—πŸ€—See this image largerCardio and strength training done! Legs are tired lol! Hope everyone is having a fabulous and productive day!! πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈSee this image largerEnjoying feeding the squirrels- added plus- free entertainment for the kitties!!😻😻See this image largerDelicious dinner! 😻😻See this image largerReally wanted Mac and cheese- so made Lean cuisine Mac and cheese with chicken and broccoli- hope everyone is having a great day!See this image largerJust loving this water bottle!! 😻😻. Good reminder to drink! Happy Friday all!!See this image largerI like the lean cuisine stir fry meals, figured It would be healthier make my own! Less sodium and less calories- theirs is 290 mine is 240!See this image largerLittle rosemary plants soaking up the sun- even though it feels like -31 here today! Come on spring!!🌸🌸. Can't wait to plant my garden!!See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerBeen slacking in the tracking the last couple weeks- scale has showed it! Getting back on track as of right NOW!!😻😻See this image largerPork carnita- in "let's skip the sandwich " wrap and a salad- 336 calories- trying to stay on track!See this image largerJust a funny for Friday! Have a great weekend spark friends!!😻😻See this image largerTried this today and honestly tasted ok- not sure about the texture though! 30 calories for the whole pack!! Ate it as spaghetti will try as stir fry next time!😻😻See this image largerHouse is clean- cardio and strength training done- now just watching the baby plants grow lol! Have a great day all!!😻😻See this image largerHuge shout out to my friends @stillsparkleigh, @dad-ain't-hip, and @los101- thanks for keeping me moving this week!! Almost Friday!!😻😻See this image largerNew shelving for the seedlings- no worries the cat is watching over them lol!See this image largerHmmmm- little bookends lol!!See this image largerJust a quick funny- sent from my sister in law!!😻😻See this image largerCleaned out the garden beds today- little signs of spring are showing! Something to look forward to!! 😻😻 🌸🌸See this image largerMmmm- chicken Cesar salad yum!!See this image largerStarting a new bed in my front this year- and got the garden tilled up- now the weather will determine when I can start planting!!πŸ₯’πŸ†πŸ…πŸ₯•πŸŒΈSee this image largerHappy national pet day! Out for a little walk with Barb, while Kenny does his own thing- he is too scared to walk outside lol!!😻😻See this image largerSo excited for this badge!! 😻😻See this image largerTo anyone who remembers the song "I always feel like somebody's watching me". My life since the stay at home order lol!!😻😻See this image largerStaying at home, gained a few pounds- but at the end of the day... what really matters is your loved ones!!!See this image largerSo excited to get fresh veggies from my garden! Radish, cucumber, pepper, and tomato- will be delicious!! 😻😻See this image largerFor my friend @stillsparkleigh- shine on girl!! We love you!!😻😻See this image largerSome days it feels like this!!!See this image largerA flatbread pizza with chicken, tomatoes, and onion and a spinach salad- fabulous at the end of a way too busy day!! πŸ€—πŸ€—See this image largerHomemade raspberry jam in the making!! I don’t eat it but love to make it for family and friends!! πŸ€—πŸ˜»See this image largerEnjoying the beautiful sky tonight! πŸ€—πŸ€—See this image largerHappy Halloween from my goddaughter and myself!See this image largerThe cat is wondering β€œ. What is this white, cold, crap?!? I am too!! Am not ready for the next 6 months!!! πŸ™πŸ™See this image largerA little kitty therapy ( and a Heineken lol) to get me through this crazy first (again!) day of distance learning! Thank goodness for the resilient children in my class!! They make it all worthwhile!!See this image largerTrying to get motivated again!! Gonna try for that step goal each day this week- and stay within calories!! 3 pounds to get back to goal weight!!See this image largerGot to 16,000 at work today! Told myself I couldn’t start a new book until I hit goal!! Now which book to pick lol?!?! Hope everyone had a great day!!πŸ€—πŸ€—See this image largerMushroom and Swiss burgers in the making yum!!πŸ€—πŸ€—See this image largerGood day today! Good on the steps and cute gifts came from my besties!!!! Can’t ask for a better day!! 😻😻

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