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See this image largerThis is where I started. I was 199 pounds. Today I am 173.4 pounds.See this image largerThis was 187 poundsSee this image larger181 poundsSee this image larger173.4 poindsSee this image larger2/7/2017(1 comments)See this image largerSo thought it was going to be a rest day but the hill was calling. Great day for skiing!See this image largerSo thought it was going to be a rest day but the hill was calling. Great day for skiing!See this image largerMy favorite dinner!!!See this image largerI finished my first ever 5k race last night. It was a glow run. So much fun!! 2 of my children ran with me. I definitely have new goals in mind!See this image largerTrying find the difference since January. Weight loss has been so slow but I am down to my last 20 pounds.See this image largerI am so excited for these tonight!! I have had an almost perfect day.See this image largerThis was a successful day!!See this image largerThought I was doing so well. I thought I lost enough. I still wanted to tone and drop another 10. Then I see this picture of the big belly sticking out there. Followed by my doctor saying he wanted 10 off in the next 8 weeks. Really thought I looked better than this. So discouraged. But started today.. again...See this image largerToday's accountability photo... needed the motivation to not give up!!See this image largerMy favorite piece of equipment!See this image largerCome on fellow sparkers!!! We have got this!!!See this image largerSuccessful day!!!See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter. Still a work in progress. 30 gone 30 to go.See this image largerMy favorite breakfast!!!!See this image largerHave struggled for so long to be enough. To be pretty enough. To be smart enough. To be thin enough. I now know I am enough. My weight will not define me. My age will not define me. I am a beautiful, smart, funny, healthy woman!!See this image largerHad lots of positive feedback on my shirt today!!See this image largerSlowly but surely.. one pound at a time! 165 today!!See this image largerWith the help of a zero impact runner... 6 miles 55 minutes!!!See this image largerWhen you feel like crap... take a photo of your progress!!See this image largerFound a new exercise program. My husband is less than thrilled because it takes me out of the house. I need to do this for me!!!See this image largerBetty Crocker Spivey chicken skillet!!! 400 calories per serving!!!See this image largerHate the scale even more than ever!! I have been within calories, drank my water. Exercising. Really losing my stamina. Any suggestions would be great!!See this image largerWhite chicken chiliSee this image largerKeep pushing!! Do this for you!! #BeforeAndAfter

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