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See this image largerIf I just learned to keep it sucked it, I wouldn't need to lose weight hahahahaSee this image largerSee this image largerHaha. I try not to do that too oftenSee this image largerWalking around 6 flags! Already hit 4 miles and we aren't leaving until 10 :-DSee this image largerI need to get back on track. I have gained back ten pounds of the 25 I lost after I had a hysterectomy. It seemed so easy until that point.See this image larger210 again... I wish I didn’t feel so confident in my fat body. Somebody roast me and give me some motivation(1 comments)See this image largerBack at my starting weight. I wish I had some motivation.See this image largerJust made an easy to grab snack for the next few days(1 comments)See this image largerMaking use of the fitness room at work 😉(1 comments)See this image largerI know it doesn’t seem like a lot... but it kicked my buttSee this image largerStarted my Sunday with the elliptical. :-)See this image largerNot only are they delicious! ... I eat a few dill pickles every morning with breakfast. Yum!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerIt’s been a while again... but I faced the elliptical this morningSee this image largerEllipticalSee this image largerActually having time to work out on a Monday since I don’t have to work! 💪🏿See this image largerToday I’m going to do better with eating healthier. Breakfast.See this image larger200 cal breakfast 😋See this image largerWarm cheesy tuna salad. Yum!See this image largerLunch time workoutSee this image largerSpaghetti squash, spinach and American cheese. YummmmmmSee this image largerSpaghetti squash and broccoli for dinner because I fell off the wagon earlier....See this image largerLunch time! I love eating.See this image largerFruit for breakfast. YumSee this image largerSaturday morning workout on the elliptical... trying to make up for Friday game night snacks 😭See this image largerAt the gym with my better half. He has lost 50lbs since January. My motivation 💙💙💙See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter seeing changes... He has lost 50 and I’m down 15 since January 1st 💙💙💙See this image largerSee this image largerI love chilly cow low cal ice cream!!!See this image largerIt has been over a year since I’ve been back on spark people. My weight has fluctuated up and down over the past year or so, but I always hold myself accountable... even on the days that I had 30 food entries and went past the 5k calorie mark. Even though I haven’t lost the weight I wanted to yet, I’m proud of myself for being honest with myself.See this image largerWow 80 calories and tastes like pulled bbq chicken. I’m in love!See this image larger200lbs vs 185lbs ... I guess I don’t really see a differenceSee this image largerUp and down it goes, where it stops, nobody knows... lol I started at 210 back In February 2017. Got down to 185 in May 2017. Then I had a full hysterectomy and ended up gaining all of it back and hit 210 again in January 2018. I’m happy to be back down to 185.See this image larger184 today. Down a total of 26lbs since January. Clothes are no longer cutting off circulation 😆See this image largerSo I need advice... my current goal is 180lbs, which I’m 4lbs away from. Do you wait until you hit that goal to set your new one or update when you’re close?See this image largerHahaha... some days are harder than others... that’s for sure!See this image largerSaturday morning workout with my better half 💙💙💙See this image largerEating chicken wing dip with carrots makes it healthy, right????See this image largerGround sausage, cauliflower rice and zucchini.... yum!See this image largerI hit my highest weight for the second time this January. It feels so good to be going in the right direction again 💙See this image larger#BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerSo excited to say we lost 100lbs combined in 8 monthsSee this image largerI love seeing the difference. October 2017 vs September 2018.See this image largerBrought my arctic zero for breakfast and lunch today which means I mean business. Best way to get it more protein without all the extra calories. If you haven’t tried arctic zero, you need to. 180 calories for a whole pint of peanut butter chocolate icecream 💕 and 0 cholesterol since it’s dairy free!!!See this image largerToday is the day! I’m ready to get back on track after gaining almost 15 lbs back during the holidays. Healthy New Year, everybody!!See this image largerI feel like I’m always saying this... but 1st day trying to get back on track. I don’t remember the last time I consumed less than 3,000 calories in a day. Approaching 200lbs again is scaring me.See this image largerSriracha tuna salad for lunch.... so good, it doesn’t even need dressing!!!!See this image largerBack to my highest weight of 210lbs againSee this image larger2020 is to lose the 40 that was gained in 2019.... 😩See this image largerFirst workout in over a year!See this image largerDid a 40 min work out thanks to my main motivation going at it with me

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