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Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone !!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Well it is starting to feel like spring just might eventually come to this part of the world. There are still mountains of snow everywhere but with any luck it will gradually melt and some time next month we will see the grass again!! We are anxiously awaiting the birth of our first grandchild (boy) in the next week or two. My DDL has had high blood pressure so they will likely induce labour at 37 or 38 weeks - this week or next. I pray that all will go well. I spent the weekend looking at baby things - there is another shower next Saturday. It was fun! I haven't noticed what was on the market over the last few years. There are now so many choices for new parents to make and lots of information out there about what is safe or not. My poor DDL was starting to worry about all these things. I imagine it is normal to start obsessing about how good a parent you will be when you are this close to the birth. I hope she will find it will come naturally once the baby arrives and then she can just enjoy being a mother. I have ordered her a Blissful Birth cd by the hypnotherapist from the UK. I hope it comes soon. My theory is that if the mother can relax as much as possible during the birthing it will be easier.
Does anyone have any comments on whether cloth diapers or disposable are best? She is planning disposables at first so I noticed some special biodegradeable ones at the health food store. I picked some up for her to try. Pricey, though! I guess everything is nowadays. What about slings? Anyone have any experience with them? I think it is a great idea. I got her one for her other baby shower. The woman at the baby store was still using her's with her two year old son. Apparently they distribute the weight very well. I like the idea of being able to keep the baby close during the day. It must be very soothing for the child. There was one at the child consignment store so I picked it up for when the baby is visiting us - if we need it. I have been picking up a few things to have on hand when they visit so they won't have to cart so much with them. I got a pack and go playpen and a portable changing pad. I may pick up an inexpensive stroller, too. It's kind of funny because my mom and stepfather had about 10 grandchildren and never had any child related paraphenalia around to help. I even carted a playpen on the train once when I was visiting. I guess I am very different from my mom. I am also much more sentimental than her. Different strokes....for different folks, I guess. I want my DS & DDL to feel very comfortable when they visit. We are about an 1 1/2 away from where they live.
On the weight and exercise front I have still just been holding steady. I expect once the better weather comes - I will be much more motivated. I just love having the extra hour of daylight. It makes such a difference to the evenings. When it is dark in the evening you just feel like sleeping and when there is more light you feel more energetic. It has been such a long, hard winter. Isn't it terrible about the buildings and homes caving in in Quebec with the snow weight? Even in Ottawa one house split on half with the weight of the snow. Luckily the family escaped harm. The man in Montreal was not so lucky. I have never heard of that happening before.
I guess the maple sap is running now because the conditions are perfect. Cool sunny days and cold nights are the ideal conditions. If there is too much heat in the day the trees will start to sprout their leaves and the sap stops so cool is better in the spring. I hope we get out to one of the sugar bushes soon. The Quebec sugar camps are amazing. Long tables, tons of food - pancakes (crepes), beans, and of course lots of maple syrup. Whole large families get together and have a great time. I love maple butter. Has anyone tried it before? Delicious !!
So hope everyone has a great week and makes more progress than I have lately. I will get back to drinking more water and logging foods this week. Easter next weekend............it seems so early this year. Have a good one !
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    How exciting! A first grandchild! I was just sitting here thinking of all the emotions I was going through 20 years ago when my first one was born. She was born the first day of Spring and what a joy she has always been. A new beginning for our family. Then I saw your blog and thought how lucky you are. You are starting another phase in your life and it is a wonderful one! I have a sign on my refrigerator that says "Having a grandchild is the reward you get for not strangling your teenager!"

    Cloth diapers vs. disposable. I'm not sure. I only had cloth with mine. They are a lot of work, you have to be sure you get every little bit of soap rinsed out, you have a diaper pail sitting in the bathroom at all times with diapers soaking . . . . Disposable are very expensive! They are more absorbant than the cloth which makes it nice for the Mother when she takes the baby shopping. On the other hand, my grandkids had diaper rash more often than my children ever had. I think that is a choice the mother will have to make.

    The slings are wonderful! My DD's had them for their kids and I have bought them for each of my Granddaughters when their babies was born. If gives the new baby a feeling of security. As the baby gets older, it is so much easier to go shopping etc and keep the child near you. The sling distributes the weight so the mother is not throwing her body off balance trying to do things and hold the baby.


    I'd love to visit the Quebec sugar camps. How wonderful! I've maple butter, but am sure I'd love it!

    Easter is early this year. Here, we get a few nice days then it is always cold and snowing on Easter Sunday. I'm hoping by it being early this year, it will actually be nice Easter Sunday. We are on a warming trend now = only a foot of snow on the north side of the house!

    4834 days ago
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