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Scary few days

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am also on high blood pressure meds, as my bp had been borderline for a few months. She put me on the lowest dose there is, and I go back the end of May to check.
Yesterday a few times, I felt a little dizzy when I stood up, but figured it was just nothing to worry about. Was also really emotional, look at me and I was crying..
Last night, before bed, I tested, and was at 120. Went to bed. Woke up at 3:30 feeling strange. Went to the bathroom, and tested, was at 102 (at 3:33 am). stood up to go back to bed, remember getting out of the bathroom and feeling very dizzy and like I was going to vomit, the next thing I know for sure is waking up this morning.
I had what I thought was a dream, but my dd and dh tell me, they found me on the floor in the hallway. I had a dream (so I thought) that I woke up on the floor and was screaming for help. I tested then (at 3:53 am) and was at 136... we figure there is about 15 minutes in there that are not accounted for. I guess I new who my dd was, by her nick name, my dh was "dufus" and that is about all I knew. Did not know what month it was (it took about 20 times of me asking for me to remember) or what time of day it was. My dh finally told me to go to sleep, after they gave me some advil and I did. I guess I was crying the whole time. I woke up this morning to a test of 125 (at 8:30) and a major headache. Took some more advil and went back to sleep for a few hours. Still really dizzy when I stand up, or even sit up in bed from laying down.
Any ideas? Thinking I should call the doc tomorrow. I did just go out and test my bp, it was 125/79, which is a little low, but not too bad.
I don't want to go in now, as it is just an ER open and I don't like the docs there. My head hurts on one side and like my eyebrows (like allergies), but my ears don't hurt or are plugged. That was my first thought, maybe an inner ear infection.

If you are still with me, thanks...

UPDATE 4/22/08

I felt so good this morning, then about 11ish, I started in the dizzys again... got light headed, called my doc...tested, was at 97, so ate a fiber one bar, and within 10 minutes had lost my speech and motor skills. Lucky I was at work, and they called 911... ambulance ride later, and the ER, I was at 120... felt better after about 20 minutes. Had the cotton mouth going, but filled a catheter bag... so not dehydrated. Did the CT scan, found nothing, could not get an IV in me (strange since I usually bleed all over) and the blood work came back normal still. By 3 pm, they have tested me again, since the doc was talking to me as my slurred speech came back and the dizzy's... down to 90... ummmm.. give me food, feel good. Figured between the weight loss and the extra exercise, I need to cut back on my meds. They tests show that my bs is falling faster than normal.. goes from 100's to something really low in a matter of minutes. Going to cut one of my meds in half and change the timing of when I take them all. I am still doing the MRI on Thursday just to rule out anything else. Scared work half to death, as I am the strong one there. My mom and Brother came over from an hour away. We were on the phone with my doc when my speech went, even scared her a little, but glad it happened at work, so others were around to tell them if I seized or what happened.
Feeling much better tonight. Tired... sore, after 3 pokes for the IV, my hand, wrist and arm are sore, then my bruised wrist is what they kept grabbing.
Thanks for all the thoughts, but also a warning. My doc and I were going to wait for my a1c in 2 weeks to adjust my meds, and I only have a 14 pound weight loss (according to her scale)... I was scared.

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  • no profile photo CD1951302
    Is it possible that you are having a reaction to your med combo or that you really shouldn't be taking the blood pressure med?
    I will be praying for you -- sounds scary! May God bless you!
    4770 days ago
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