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Introducing Team Goals

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hi everyone

We're VERY excited to announce the launch of a new feature, Team Goals.

What Are Team Goals
With Team Goals, SparkTeam Leaders can set up to 5 goals for members of their Team. Team members can then choose to "Join" the goal. When they do this, they get the goal added to their "Other Goals" page, and then their tracking totals go towards Team totals. We think this will make SparkTeams even more helpful and fun!

How to Use Team Goals
You can go to any SparkTeam page and find the "Team Goals" section under the Team Forums. You can then see any goals the leader has set. Note however that since this was just launched, not all Teams have goals. If your Teams don't have goals you can click here to see one that does.

When you want to become part of the goal, just click "Join Goal." As mentioned above, the goal will now be added to your Other Goals page. Note however that if your Team sets a Fitness Minutes or SparkPoints goal, you will automatically be part of that goal, since everyone on SparkPeople tracks Fitness Minutes and SparkPoints.

Something Else New - SparkPeople Specials (plus Other Health goals)
With the launch of Team Goals, we also added some other new tools to your Other Goals page. "SparkPeople Specials" are some goals that many members have asked about tracking, such as a step tracker. You can go to Other Goals and click "Add/Remove Special Goals." Note also that Team Goals can include SparkPeople Special Goals, and that if you are on multiple Teams with the same SparkPeople Special Goal, you'll just need to track once to update all your Teams.

Also on the Other Goals page you'll see a section for "Other Health Related Goals." Here you can add any goal that you'd like.

We realize that this is a big feature, and it may take seeing and trying it to fully understand. But, we think members will love it once you give it a try! If you have any questions or comments, please drop them on this message board topic discussing Team Goals.
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