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Saturday, May 17, 2008

most vital in knowing how my life change worked is knowing what my life was like before....my "diet" my entire life consisted of fatty foods delicious yet nasty greasified foods... i hardly ever drank anything other than coke or oj and even then you'd usually find me drinking a coke with breakfast.... portion size did not exist, a calorie was a number that meant 0 to me not a thing, and the idea of being a petite women was non existent. i used to say that seeing a girls hip bones stick out of her jeans made me hungry, hungry enough to grab me another bag of doritos! i used to say i was built this way... i didnt believe there was a possibility of being any less than a 157 lbs what i weighed in 6th grade, i was negative... i had to change that first, i had to believe that anything was possible that i wasnt stuck in that body i had so ignorantly eaten myself into my entire life... i had to treat myself like a child and say no when i wanted things that were really pointless, i had to realize that i was being wasteful of what i was filling up my body with, of what i was spending my money on, on my health and my life.... i changed everything about how i used to eat i stopped eating like a 300 lb man and started eating 1200 to 1500 calories a day and i worked out every single day... running 45 mins lifting weights you gotta do it all and dont waste your time exercising if you plan on having a donut later for real! when i first started jogging, a can of soda was equal to the amount of calories id burned off after 25 mins! it was a huge eyeopener so you have to be aware of your caloric intake. i never said good bye to my food i just stopped enjoying it over time... it just cost too much in so many ways... and when i do have cravings im able to have a handful and stop its not like the old me, i ate like the market was gonna shut down! and there'd be a shortage of all the things i liked! point is when you figure out what you like thats low cal and and you start replacing all the junk and unhealthy things you eat with yummy things that dont "cost" so much you'll find you eat more often and intake less calories than you would if you didnt eat all day and had fast food for dinner! things i like cheese stix yogurt craisins i dont like nuts but they are great for you i do like almond butter yummy! i love salmon grilled or any kind of way, i love salads too and fruits all kinds try everything you thought you didnt like all over again give healthy stuff a try you will be amazed by what you like! eat every 3 hours! seriously every 3 hours, it keeps you not hungry so you dont eat more than a proper portion size of something... i even like to cut average portions in half as to make sure i never over eat that way theres always room for a tiny bit more at the end of a hard day if i must indulge! also when you eat every 3 hours you make sure to keep your metabolism going all day! a good thing! i still have individual bagged portions of all my fave snack so i always have something to hold me over on the run. meals dont have to always be quick and at bk! we deserve more than that and we should take the time to nourish our bodies! u can soooo do this!!!! this is a time where we are retraining our bodies and MINDs on what is good for us what feels good and what tastes good... also remember this isnt a time when you should be feeling bad about yourself this is a time for regrowth and a new out look on life -attitude is everything!
ps WATER lots of it forget everything else!

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  • MAJOOD85
    Thanks for the blog! it helps lots!! :)
    4138 days ago
    This is a great blog. I find it very motivating. I read your Mom's blog and asked her how she motivated her daughters to begin or to want to begin and she kindly wrote me a long explanation on how being a role model would do it. I have been as much as I know how. Well, congratulations on your success.
    4278 days ago
    I love your idea of cutting a regular portion size in half! Im definitly going to do that, cuz I know that it will work to "trick" my mind !
    4578 days ago
    That was was great and so true!! Thanks for the motivation.
    4658 days ago
  • ANETE27
    WOW, WOW, WOW. You are such an inspiration!! Let me start by saying your website along with you mom's are the greatest place to go when you need some perspectiave. I am just finally starting to realize what you are saying.

    Your life story sounds just like mine. i always yo-yo dieted and now I am ready to take charge of my life and change, I can't wait to share my before and after pictures and be as proud as you are!

    Thanks for taking the time and putting your story out there for all of us.

    4665 days ago
    wow, talk about words of wisdom!
    4671 days ago
  • no profile photo GIRLONTHEMOVE
    Great post and u really made me open my eyes...portion, portion, portion, thanks for inspiring us!
    4702 days ago
    Hey! I am so glad that I came about your blog! True inspiration! I plan to keep cutting out all things unhealthy for me and continue to try to live a healthy lifestyle today! If I dont start today..I never will! Thanks for being such an inspiration!
    4720 days ago
    Ur families journey made me cry because I have struggled with this stupid weight for so long and if i would just have developed the motivation you guys had this could have been done a long time ago. I'm starting over today....Thank You!!
    4730 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your insight! You're right, it's just food. I'm so DONE overeating!!!!!!!! emoticon
    4732 days ago
  • JENNIFER3879
    Hey Chica.. Just came across this blog and boy did I need this more than anything right now. Thank you for sharing your story and for being so honest. You are truly an inspiration!
    4733 days ago
    I just started Weight Watchers last week and you're truly an inspiration. Thanks for sharing this, Sandy
    4742 days ago
    The incredibly insightful perspective in this response is not only empowering but energizing. If I were at square one right now, after reading this, I would be filled with enthusiasm and optimism! You illustrate that our minds and our attitudes are vital in achieving success... it's all in how we look at things...

    Well-said and more importantly, WELL-DONE!
    4743 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/18/2008 12:39:41 PM
    Having a bad week, I really needed to read this!! THANK YOU! Once again, congrats on your success!! Hope I can make my goals become reality as you did your goals!
    4743 days ago
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