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Here in My Hotel - and family secrets

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

We succesfully got our son signed up for the soccer class we wanted. So that was successful. But it took a while (they passed out number in the order you arrived, and for some reason it was taking FOREVER to sign people up) so my husband stayed behind to do it while I went to pick up my sister and head to the zoo. The kids were surprised to see who we were picking up (I didn't tell them) and we all wound up getting to the zoo at the same time, so the timing worked out great.

I went to the store and bought all the stuff I normally eat so that I can eat my usual breakfast, my usual lunch, and my usual dinners without depending on a single restaurant. So that's great.

But today I didn't log my food until I had already eaten it all. And I went a couple hundred calories over! Ugh!

Yesterday I walked, did abs, and my arms. But I didn't have a headset for the treadmill and I was at the base gym. I couldn't go beyond 30 mins out of utter boredom. Tonight I'm going to buy a headset I can plug in and listen to the TVs. But from what I saw last night, everything seems to be on sports channels (ugh) and CNN or Fox News. Double ugh. I knew that having my treadmill in front of my own TV and TiVo were key to staying on the treadmill so long, but I don't think even I realized quite how much.

The work is going well. I got myself set up yesterday with a phone, e-mail accounts, etc. Today I started some CBT that will take a few days. I've also been listening to some interesting briefings, although I do keep trying to snooze through them despite my best efforts. The guys doing the briefings all have PhDs in Rocket Science (no, not kidding) and they aren't the most dynamic speakers.

I also found out that two weeks from now I'll have to come back to take a 3-day class that's usually held in Colorado, but they're doing it in L.A. for the first time and it's a class I really need. My civilian job will probably not be thrilled to have me come off my 2-week annual tour, do one day, and then disappear again for 3 days, come back on Friday, and then disappear again for three days (my scheduled time off for the trip to San Francisco to visit my father and stepmother with the rest of my family.) I'll get to the 25th of June and will have only been in the office for 2 days total. They'll be thrilled. Oh well. Fire me!

Well, I've got to go buy a headset so I can stay on the treadmill longer. And I need to go workout to undo the calorie overage. Sigh. Bye!

[Later: ] I stayed at my hotel. It has two treadmills - one is broken. No one was in the tiny gym at all. BUT it has a TV! I was on there for 40 mins before anyone came in. I put the TV on the history channel (wanted something that would be an hour long and wouldn't be embarassing to watch if someone else came in.) I did 52 mins before I knocked it off.

Then I came back to my hotel room and read the journal entries of my neice. I haven't seen her since she turned 11. She's 15 now, about to be 16 in Sept. My *other* sister is kind of a whack job and has cut off everyone systematically. I was just the lucky first family member to go. I used to be really close to my neice and nephew. I already know that when my neice turns 18 she'll be looking me up. Her father told her that's her right and she plans to exercise it. My sister is divorced from her ex-husband. I used to see the kids through him, but because of an issue in his own family he wound up making a deal with my sister that neither of them would allow the kids to see the other person's family without permission. So here I wait. Sad. But time marches faster for me than for her. I can wait.

I did something kind of dangerous though... I created an account on the host she has her journal and pictures on so that I can comment on her journal. I'm not going to tell her who I am - I don't want her mom finding out and ending all contact between my father and my neice (my sister doesn't speak to my father, but because of how old the kids were when she cut him off, she lets them speak to him. But I don't want to jeopardize that. So I'm going to be her 'friend' who appreciates her artwork and tells her not to be so bugged by her mom and brother. At least the internet is going to give me that much. I had to come up with a username other than s318830 since a quick Google search would let that enormous tiger out of the bag! I chose Land of the Lost. It was a show when I was kid (so from my era) and well, to her I'm kind of living in the Land of the Lost.

It's possible she could figure it out. She told my father he could give my sister Chris and me her web address. I'll have to be vague and careful.

It's funny... my office is 2 exits up the freeway from where she lives. Sigh. She knows my good sister and I miss her and wish we could see her. She also knows about my two kids and wishes they could meet. It'll be weird for my kids someday to discover they have a new cousin they knew nothing about.
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    Disfunctional families can be so painful ... I know only too well from first hand experience. It's good of you to stay close to your niece secretly. I'm sure she will appreciate your efforts when she turns 18, searches you out, and finds out who her internet buddy was.
    4800 days ago
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