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Day 18: Really looking forward to Sunday

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why Sunday? Because it's the last day of this challenge.

I may not have a _net_ loss for the 21 days, but I sure as heck have lost 4 pounds. At least 2 pounds, TWICE. :)

Okay, focus. Goal - at least 60 minutes cardio 5 times a week. Well, today I was trying to run at 5 mph for 12 minutes ... but after the weights, I could only run for about TWO minutes before I was gasping and holding on to the hand holds. :) So I made it an interval training workout on the treadmill - got up to 6.5 for 30 seconds, but also had to slow way down to about 3.5 mph on the one-minute slow phases.

Good workout. A tiny bit lower on the scale, still not at 208 or less.

Oh, and to answer Todd's question: why do I _need_ to work out for 2+ hours? Well, I don't, not really, but by the time I do my 60-minute cardio (my goal for the challenge) PLUS the weights, plus the ab work PLUS the stretching, it's easily over 2 hours. :) And still very little weight loss - I am staying within calorie ranges for the most part (heh - except on splurge days, when I totally lose it!)

But I'm back on the wagon now.

Here's to keeping on keeping on!

- Maya
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My questions...

    Is your fiber in range?
    Is your sodium in range?
    Do you have your calories set properly? If you burn more calories you need to eat more- do you estimate the calories as best as properly and update the weekly calories burned? I had stalled couldn't figure out why and then someone pointed that out and I changed my weekly goal to what I was really going- it was set to like 500 calories and I was burning 3,500 estimated with my workouts it ended up taking me from 1200 calories-1400 calories a day to 1550-1900 range and I started eating in that range and started droping again.

    Have you also been checked that you have no other medical things that can affect weight gain- I know I have issues when my thyroid meds need adjusting.

    Just wracking my brain to see if I can think of anything that might be an issue to help you out.... You're doing a great job and you ARE getting healthier- have your measurements changed at all? Maybe your muscle gain is beating out your fat loss and you're getting tighter but not seeing a lb loss?


    You'll get there- stay positive!

    4741 days ago
    Howdy, Right now I am sitting with you at my start weight for this challenge so I guess we can:

    Pray for a miracle by Sunday;
    Do nothing but sit in the sauna until weigh in;
    Beat each other with MrsHoneyC's wet noodle; or
    Celebrate that we haven't held a gain (my personal fave) ! !

    We are so close to that 199, we can do it !!!

    emoticon s R' US.
    4742 days ago
  • KATHY192
    Thank you so much for all of your comment on my Blog. I really appreciated hearing from you and your comments were very motivational. I now can fit into size 12 and junior 13! I have a pair to Tommy Hilfiger jeans that I have had for a year so...I have a new pair of jeans.
    Best wishes for continued success.
    Kathy emoticon
    4742 days ago
    Good job on the blog!

    Contrary to the other comment, as I've already explained and re-explained, 1 pound is 1 pound, and fat and muscle weigh ... the SAME, its' the SPACE they take up. As you ARE working the muscles your actual 'weight' loss will be less apparent, but use that darned TAPE MEASURE - you will see the FAT loss with that a little clearer.
    As you ARE now kicking up your running speed/time/distance and that is your 'major focus' you should be doing the cardio FIRST. OR, if you really prefer to do strength first, make SURE you are giving the muscles adequate 'rest time' and hydration before the cardio.
    4742 days ago
    Hmmm... a few thoughts, FWIW:

    Keep in mind that if you're doing weights, you can expect your actual weight loss to be less because muscle weighs more than fat. Instead, try to gauge how your clothes are fitting you.

    Also, although it seems completely counter-intuitive, if you are getting a lot of exercise, you need to make sure to FUEL your body appropriately. I can't tell you how many people I've known who get serious about weight loss and then frustrated they are not losing as much as expected... and then when they INCREASE their calories, the weight starts sliding off. If your body thinks you're starving, your metabolism will slow down. Have you adjusted your calories for heavy activity?

    From the days when I was quite fit and routinely spent 1.5-2 hours per session (and loved it for the most part), I can tell you that while some people swear by doing weights first, I always had trouble getting through my cardio if I did weights first. The way I worked out, I pushed my muscles quite hard, and then during my shower, I felt like I couldn't even pick up the soap without feeling all jello-y. So, I always did my cardio first and then weights after. But I think it's true that if you alternated days, you'd probably be fresher for the weight-lifting activities. Still, even without alternating days, I was pretty buff back in the day.

    4742 days ago
    1. I don't think you should be doing Cardio and weights on the same days - ever heard of overdoing it and not being in BALANCE! 2. If you are doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result then I think you need to re-work your program - perhaps more intensity and less time equals a bigger loss and a gain of more time but I'll let you work that out and if not - geez I have my boot at the ready and I'm more than willing to use it and I sure know how to aim - learned that one real well!
    4742 days ago
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