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I Just Can't do it Anymore!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I went to town on Wednesday to see my Dr. and do the grocery shopping for the month. I was salivating on my way down the mountain, planning on just which fast food feast I would indulge in first!!! After a year here, one would think I had learned not to give in to those nasty little cravings, lol. I had misgauged my needs the previous month so had very little variety in my diet the last week or so. I was so hungry for something different and decadent - or so I thought! My first stop was Burger King; I love their fries. I placed my order at the drive up and then waited for the other cars to move on through. By the time I got to the window, I just couldn't take the fries. I canceled the order, paid for my water and left. What was I thinking? I have worked so hard; to start in with french fries was a map to disaster. I know me; I want have started with the fries, then would have gone back for a shake and it would have continued all day.

I just can't do it anymore. I can't, in good conscience, put that stuff in my mouth anymore. If I have to have fries, I will make my own. If I need a shake, I will fix a smoothie. It is not that I never indulge; I just indulge on a healthier scale! Given a few minutes to consider my choices, I decided they had not been all that good. I ended up at Subway and had a yummy veggie 6 in. sub with my water. It was the high point of a rather gruesome day.

No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking. ~Voltaire

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    I see this was written a while back ago, but I just had to comment, I've been in this exact same place not that long ago, I managed not to make it to the drive thru but the desire was there and very strong. I just wanted to say CONGRATS on cancelling the order, that was a big step in the right direction. I just hope I can remember this blog the next time I come face to face with the monster inside :)
    Thank you for this... much needed at the right time :)

    Me and McD's Fries are no longer friends :)
    emoticon emoticon
    4455 days ago
  • CALA2008
    Elle, you are strong and you will survive these cravings. I am so proud of you. I still get a lot of cravings and having no money on me, usually answers the question for me. Keep on doing what your doing, you will overcome most of those cravings.

    Love, hugs and blessings, Celeste emoticon
    4729 days ago
  • no profile photo 2BIG2HAVEFUN
    Hi, I'm a newbie. I'm doing Atkins right now. I know... boo boo hiss hiss, but it's the only way I seem to lose weight fast enough and satisfy me at the same time. Congrats on not getting the fries... I've been there and done that, except with McD fries. :) It makes me angry I can't have them. How about you?
    4730 days ago
    Way to go - Congrats on overcoming the need for Fries - I am new to spark and I have been writing down everything I eat and making much healthier choices. I am still learning to resist all the temptations. You have given me the will to do even more - If you could do this then I know I can.
    4731 days ago
    elle, CONGRATULATIONS on your overcoming so many challenges. I hope you are in a safe place with all the fires burning. They must be all around you. Please let us know.
    4732 days ago
  • ACOMBS0587
    AWESOME!! emoticon

    You are so right! Congratulations on your excellent choice. I hope my journey goes as good as yours!!


    4733 days ago
    4736 days ago
  • DEBBIE6766
    I'm new to sparkpeople and your blog was so inspiring! Way to go! emoticon
    4738 days ago
    It is nice to see you practice what you preach my friend I am proud of your choice. - X
    4745 days ago
  • TNLADY1960
    Congrats that shows alot of strength because I dont know if I could have done that.
    4749 days ago
  • MOLD28
    Hey Elle, first off thank you for your warm welcome to spark! This sight is so large, as helpful as it is, it's also a little overwhelming. Still trying to figure everything out. I have to say, go you! It says a lot about your efforts that you were able to decline the fries at the window. It's so hard when we have to battle ourselves like this but when you walk away from a situation successful, that's got to feel good! I will use your story as added inspiration the next time I'm tempted. Because you're so right, it's not about the fries themselves, it's about the onslaught that will incur afterwards. Thanks for sharing!! And congratulations on the accomplishment!! emoticon
    4749 days ago
  • STEELY123
    I know just where you are coming from, its great to be able to do that . I walked straight passed the choc shop yesterday and I felt like I was walking on air. Well done you.!!!
    4750 days ago
  • no profile photo LIFES*2*SHORT
    Ya know what... those temptations will get less and less all the time. I already pull up to the drive thru and think about what new healthy food they have to offer. I do snack from the kids just a bit... but it gives me enough satisfaction... that I don't need that whole meal on my own. Way to go!!!
    4750 days ago
    What an awesome accomplishment. You should be very proud of yourself. I succumbed to an ice-cream cone last evening. Someday, I will be as strong as you...

    4750 days ago
    Oh Elle, I am sooo proud of you!!!! I bet you had to hold your nose when you paid for and got your water. I can't hardly stand the smell of that oil in those places anymore! Then the other day, I was at Bob Evan's with the kids. I had a salad and my daughter had some homefries on the side. I took a little bite of the potatoes and thought they were so YUCKY!!! I used to love them, along with the rest of the Homestead breakfast!!!!

    I am celebrating your decision to stay the course and do what it right for you!!!!!

    Love and Hugs,


    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4750 days ago
    Congratulations on that success!! Every small step helps and choosing to drive away from those fries was a great big step! YOU CAN DO IT!!
    4750 days ago
    Hi there, My sweetest friend!! I wish I had your will power! You are incredible!!! I must say though, I prefer Subway to BK, anyday!!! How bout them chocolate donuts and chocolate covered peanuts???? LMBO Oh, I forgot, that's my problem!! hehehehehe LOLOLOLOLOLOL I love you so much! Have a fantabulous Sunday, and I will talk to you soon!

    Love you always and MORE!
    Cat emoticon
    4750 days ago
    emoticon emoticon ELLE! Oh man what that inner voice can do for us when we actually become sensatively aware of it! I love it! I love it! I love it!
    4750 days ago
    Good for you Elle!!! I guess there is a benefit to waiting in the drive thur line...it gives you a chance to change your mind of you are BRAVE enough!!! I bought something yesterday and promptly returned it because it was not what I wanted or needed but I was willing to eat it anyway...until I thought about and decided halfway through the parking lot that it was not worth it!!! Baby steps Elle!!! Have a great Sunday!!! Jackie!! emoticon
    4750 days ago
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