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bad news for the pain pump

Sunday, July 27, 2008

As some of you might already know I have been going to many Dr.s and have been talked into getting a pain pump implanted.
Well before you can have the implants you have to have a physc eval. So I do this and of course when a person has been in cronic pain for as long as I've been in it, depression goes hand in hand with it.

So the Nureophysc Dr. points out all I have wrong with me and all I have to fix before I can have my pain pump. OK!!!!! So I go into councling and gete a head Dr here in town.

My family Dr increases my depression meds and I am doing some better. I am seeing my theraphist 2x a month and my head Dr.
In the mean time I also see the neurophysc Dr. (who by the way is also a woman ) and I see the Dr who Is going to do the surgery.
Well I guess I'm still not ready to have the implant as far as they are concerned. Now all of a sudden I have developed coping problems.
Her reasoning behind this is because I eat when I get stressed. So that means I am unable to cope.

My Hubby and I go and see the surgean for a appt. and she kinda loses it with us at that appt. She just says we are just relying on the pump and thats all!!!! My Hubby asked her if we could do anything else to releive my pain and she got real weird and said we were putting all our eggs in one basket and she felt like we were putting a gun to her chest!!!!! Where did that come from????????She really flipped out!!!!! We wanted other options other than surgery. We were calm the whole time jut asking questions!!!!!!!
So needless to say, I have let her go as my Dr.

I got a second opion with a male Dr but he has to also go with the physc Dr.s eval. So on my last visit with her I told her I no longer needed her services!!!!!! She was very shocked!!!!! I know she didn't see that coming. It was like she thought she had me over a barrel, like I only wanted the pain pump and thats it!!!! I told them I really didn't want it, they talked me into it in the first place!!!! I'm just tired of being in all this pain and was finally willing to give it a try. I did get some satisfaction by the look on her face though!!!! LOL But really How many head Docs do I need anyway???????

Here is my point: 3 years ago I went through all of these tests with 2 male Drs and was all set to have an implant. I passed with flying colors. I was nervous about having it put it and decieded to not have it done.

Now 3 years later 2 female Drs, better insurance, I am not stable enough to have a pain pump put in. So they leave me in bad pain and thats supposed to help my physcy!!!!!

Thats what I've been going through the last few months.
Now the last few days the pain has increased in my back and legs. I'm not sure what is going on but my pain pills are not helping much these days.

On the good side my depression meds are still helping most days!!! LOL
Having some anxiety issuses. HUMMMMM Do you wonder why? After all that!!!! LOL

To my friends who are reading this Thanks and Have a Wonderful Day!!!!!

Love & Hugs to You!!!!!!!! Kat
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am so sorry. The whole Dr. merry go round is just so overwhelming & pain meds can be so ineffective. Hang in there the best you can & fingers crossed you get some relief real soon.

    You have a good spirit, Kat!
    4709 days ago
  • GAMMA47
    My goodness,sounds like a nightmare. I am hoping that things get turned around soon for you. You are in my prayers!!
    4711 days ago
    I feel for you! It seems we try and try to find a dr to help us, and we end up seeing too many dr`s, non agree, and we sit here in pain while they go thru tons of different opinions and never a real answer to our problem. I hope that you find a dr who will try and help you, and if its thru the pump I really hope the pump helps. hugs
    4713 days ago
    Kat, You have my sympathy....dear. I completely understand what you are going through!! Seems like some of these so called doctors need to have their heads examined!! All I can say is keep searching...there has got to be someone, somewhere who is willing and able to help you!! Severe Chronic pain causes lots of anxiety and depression, due to dealing with the physical pain and stress non stop!!! Why can't these doctors understand that? I would never wish my pain on anyone, but just for one minute I wish that these doctors could live in our shoes, I bet they would be singing a different tune then, huh??? Keep your chin up, my friend. I am here with you through it all!!! You're never alone in this!!

    Love You,
    4713 days ago
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