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3 New Features on Your Nutrition Tracker

Monday, December 15, 2008

Good afternoon, SparkPeople!

We're always listening to your suggestions and requests, and I'm happy to report that our Team has been hard at work adding a few Nutrition Tracker features that you're going to love!

Here's what you'll see on your newly updated Nutrition Tracker:

1. Subtotals below each section for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks: This was a request from many of our members who wanted to see how their nutrients add up meal-by-meal and at the end of the day. You'll find subtotals in red for calories, carbs, fat and protein!

2. "Remaining" Values for the day: At the bottom of your Tracker, you'll now see how many calories and other nutrients you have left, in addition to how many you've consumed. This makes it easy to know exactly how much you still need to eat to meet your nutrition goals for the day!

3. Report for Nutrition Notes: Next to your Nutrition Notes, is a new button that reads "See Notes Report." When you click this button, a window will open that shows all the days where you entered any Nutrition Notes, as well as the calorie totals you tracked on those days. This report defaults to show the past month, but you can change it to show any date range they would like.

If you have any questions about using these new features, please post them in the Site/Technical Help forum to receive an answer. We think these new features are valuable additions to the site, and we hope you agree! Check them out yourself!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • PATRICE1539
    Thanks for the addition. I love to compare my energy levels through the day with numbers for what meal I ate. emoticon
    4507 days ago
  • no profile photo S1HEENA
    I like this new feature, too. It is really informative and helps to keep me on track. Thank you!
    4522 days ago
    This is awesome! I have seen the improvements to the site, and have been very grateful for all of them. I used to have to pull up my daily report to be able to see the totals per meal. This way, it's right there. Way to go!!! Thank you.
    4525 days ago
  • JLF0744
    I have a problem with sodium. The subtotals help me identify high sodium foods. emoticon
    4526 days ago
  • no profile photo DRLSMUTTI
    Thanks for the additions. The only other thing I'd really like to see is somewhere to enter the time I ate what I ate.
    4527 days ago
  • FUMANE74
    Thanks for the additions to the food tracker, it has been very helpful. Now I don't have to do the calculating myself. emoticon
    4534 days ago
    The new features are really user friendly. Great addition to the plan.
    4535 days ago
    Love the changes - they help so much. Thanks for listening to our needs!
    4537 days ago
  • KATHYV65
    Love the changes guys. What an eye opener. I eat as many calories in my snacks through out the day as I do my meals for the whole day. Must change some of my snack foods or choose to only have one snack a day instead of 2.
    4539 days ago

    I love this site and have been using it on and off since 07. I have told so many and they now use it too and LOVE IT!

    I would just like to make a suggestion to help tracking food easier. Although I am loving that you can now copy an entire meal to another day instead of having to plug in each item in daily; how about making it even better so you can copy and individual food item to another day? Most days I eat a lot of the same things and would love it if I could just copy that 1 item instead of the entire meal then have to delete the other items I am not eating that day.


    4539 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3781280
    These features are AWESOME!!! Thank you thank you
    4540 days ago
  • TRICIA08
    I was beyond excited to see all 3! BRAVO!
    4540 days ago
    i've been away for awhile - just discouraged & disgusted with myself. then our local ymca started a biggest loser challenge. hubby & i both joined - which has given me a new outlook & desire to lose weight for me - and also to get ready for our daughters wedding. so, trying to get it back together, i signed back on to sparkpeople. what a PLEASANT surprise to see the updates!! thanks so much for taking care of us & finding new ways to help us stay motivated!!!

    4540 days ago
    I like this! It makes it soooo easy! I was debating between using this site and another and what you've done with the nutrition tracker has helped me make up my mind! Thanks!
    emoticon emoticon
    4540 days ago
  • DEANAC20
    I love the new addition of the totals! Helps to show where I might be eating more then I should during the day!
    4540 days ago
  • BETHANNE1824
    Thx for the remaining addition it halps cuz i was constantly doing math and getting frustrated lol! its a lot less stress thx
    4541 days ago
    Well, I'm so new I didn't even know how much it had improved. All I knew, is that it was so easy. emoticon
    4541 days ago
    This site is great thanks so much. emoticon
    4541 days ago
    You guys/gals are amazing. Thank you!
    4541 days ago
    XLNT ~ Sparkle - Updating the information we can actually USE to better benefit Ourselves....THX emoticon

    Luv Spark
    4542 days ago
    This is soooooo cool! Thanks once again! Spark rocks!!
    4542 days ago
  • no profile photo MARYMW2
    I also love the remaining today feature. Keeps you on track. Thanks emoticon
    4542 days ago
    I love the "remaining for the day " add-on. Now I don't have to pull out my calculator emoticon
    4543 days ago
  • no profile photo MERTPTA
    Thanks for the new features. They will really help in tracking my daily intake. emoticon
    4543 days ago
    It seems to me these additions to the nutrition tracker have already helped me keep up on what I'm doing better. I could have figured it all out before (and did some times) but now it is right there for me to see every day and I have to make a choice to go over my totals instead of being able to justify it by saying "oops, didn't realize I only had 100 calories to go".
    4543 days ago
  • 223DAISY
    I love the new features! Especially the break down of each meal. It's nice to know how much is taken in per meal. I can possibly add the needed amounts in another meal.
    4543 days ago
    I really like the new features, so much better, especially showing what we have left for calories and the others for the rest of the day. emoticon
    4543 days ago
  • GETTO140
    Great new features..I noticed them before I read this blog. WOO HOO!!
    4543 days ago
  • PUMA020410
    Its awesome, its so much better then the weight lose sites you have to pay for, THANKS! emoticon
    4544 days ago
    I love the w ay it is set up. I am new, and don't know how it was before, but I like seeing my meal to meal progress. In tracking just two days I am able to see where I am eating too much of some nutrients ( carbs), and not enough protein and fats. This is so helpful.
    4544 days ago
  • MKPQ51
    I really like the new features; thanks for the additions! I especially like the nutrition sub totals.

    4544 days ago
    I love the new features. Thank you for adding them in.
    4545 days ago
    I like the new features on the nutrition tracker. I have four friends that have joined me on Sparks and they like it too
    4545 days ago
    Seeing the nutrition totals of each meal is an excellent addition. I have long wished that they would do that, but didn't think to suggest it. Thanks to those who suggested it and those who put it in place.
    Way to GROW sparkpeople!
    4546 days ago
    I started out only using the exercise goals, but starting now I will also use the nutrition goals as well. The SparkPeople site is an amazing help to everyone and the newest changes in the nutrition tracker will only make the site better for all concerned. What an absolutely wonderful mission that reaches such a multitude of people!!
    Thanks for all you have offered of yourselves for others!
    4547 days ago
  • O2BFIT34
    Love the new additions!!
    4547 days ago
    I love the nutrition tracker especially the new features! It shows the impact of what I eat throughout the day in numbers that say it all.

    Is it possible to add a section to track glucose readings through out the day? It would save having to keep two separate records. Right now I use the notes section, but having a section that shows "before meal" or "2 hours after meal" would link the results to the food eaten in a very visible way. Any hoo, after searching the web for a good nutrition tracker with all the categories it was my sister who told me about SparkPeople and now my daughters and friends are onto it. Thanks for having such a well designed site that is user friendly in all ways.
    4547 days ago
    This is great!
    4547 days ago
  • no profile photo DARAK.
    I actually tracked my food today and told my husband about these exact features that you added. It helped me to feel good about what I ate when I looked at the totals. Plus, now I can use wisdom on my supper!!! Thanks. I usually think that I can't eat hardly anything when I am "behaving". Today, I saw that I could eat more!
    4547 days ago
  • no profile photo GOPIRATES!
    The new features on it are so great to have! Thanks for making this such an easy-to-use site! emoticon
    4548 days ago
    This is a wonderful improvement. I would also like to see a fiber tracker as well. emoticon
    4548 days ago
    Thanks for these new features. You just continue to make this a user-friendly website.
    4548 days ago
    Wow! Those are all wonderful (and very useful) additions to the Nutrition Tracker. I always thought the SparkPeople website was extremely well constructed and very user friendly. The fact that you continue to improve and refine it only makes it a better place to reach all those weight and fitness goals! , emoticon
    4548 days ago
  • JENJOE2002
    Great!! I am excited to come back after a little bit of getting off course! I am ready for the new year with a new me! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4548 days ago
    The subtotals are great. I love knowing where I am at during the day. :)
    4548 days ago
  • 36243657
    I also think these new features are a very valuable additions to the site, the site was fantastic before even more fantastic now I'm addicted to it Thanks emoticon
    4548 days ago
    Love the new features! Thanks again SP! :o)
    4548 days ago
    I enjoy the new Nutrition Tracker because it gives me more information about my eating habits. I like at the bottom where it tells me how many calories I consumed and how many I have left. With the mtotal after every meal shows me which meal that I consume the most calories. Keep up the good work. emoticon
    4548 days ago
    4548 days ago
    This is GREAT! Just what I was needing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! emoticon
    4548 days ago
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