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The Adventures of Einstein and Missy

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let me set the stage for you… I’ve been on a major break from my work-outs, but even still I’ve managed to maintain my weight loss, even continuing to drop… In any case, this morning was to be my grand reentry to the world of fitness and I wanted to take Einstein with me for many reasons 1- no one messes with you when the Great White Hope (really Hype) walks with you… 2- His pace helps me keep me focused on my time and 3- He’s great company. Let me also say that since the weather has been so warm, I haven’t had to buy any long running pants. This morning, the temperature had to have dropped at least 30 degrees from yesterday, so of course I needed to find some warm workout clothes. I pull out a pair of my old trusty sweats and discover that they are so freaking big I have to roll them up around the waist to keep them reasonably close to my body. In addition since I’m barely 62 inches tall I’ve got at least 2 inches dragging the ground, but nonetheless I was undeterred in my quest for exercise…

I should have known that my walk wasn’t going to go as planned as soon as I stepped out of the house and heard the roar of thunder… I should have heeded the menacing warning, but we struck out on our jog nonetheless. I usually spend the first 5 minutes walking and letting the puppy settle into his pace before I start jogging, I never change the routine and Einstein has been fine with it since our fist walk together. The only difference then was that I was able to control him. Now, it isn’t happening, he weighs at least 80 pounds and has super human strength. If he wanted to he could drag me through all of creation and I would unwittingly become his pawn in a never ending attempt to sniff everything in a ten mile range.

So, this morning Einstein decides to run at full speed before we had even made it to the end of the block, he’s pulling me, jerking me all around and really just having his way. Within a few minutes he slows and we’re cruising at a moderate speed, all of a sudden something catches his interest and he pulled me along full speed. One minute all is well, the next minute I feel cold air and look down to find myself completely exposed below the waist, well, not fully – I did have undies on. Get this, not only was I exposed, but we just happened to be jogging by the church in my neighborhood just as they were dismissing… All I could do was smile, keep jogging, and do my best to pull my sweats up without tripping… How embarrassing is that? It’s almost like God was saying “you should have been in the church, not running by.” I get the message loud and clear!

So determined to finish our walk we keep moving, even though I’m embarrassed beyond belief and hoping none of my neighbors have seen my latest snafu. Well, Einstein wasn’t done with me yet. After we finished the first half and were headed back towards home he spots this egret at the banks of the large lake in the front of our neighborhood. Having never seen one up close, he again bolts full speed towards this bird. The bird spots us half way down the bank, flies off, and I’m sure my smart dog, Einstein, knows he can’t fly and will stop any second now… Wishful thinking – not only does he refuse to stop, he plunges full speed into the lake, dragging me in after this bird who is now nowhere to be found. I’m soaking wet, it’s a windy 45 degrees outside, and I am really not that close to my house…

Great, so now, in the span of one hour I’ve mooned members of this church, which I had considered visiting, been pulled into a neighborhood pond and am wet and freezing cold… Can it get any worse? You betcha! As I’m closing in on my street, still about a ½ mile out, the skies open up and release the rain they’ve been holding back, remember that ominous thunder? Yep, so now I’m completely wet, sloshing home in wet tennis shoes, holding my drenched sweats up, and trying to keep up with my puppy who is having the time of his life…
Needless to say Einstein will be the star student in someone’s puppy training classes by the end of the week… I can’t believe one fun-loving lab could cause so much trouble, well I can, but not at my expense.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    OH MY!!! hahahahaha!!!! You literally lost your pants! At least you had a good excuse, 40 pounds is AWESOME! You're luck to have Einstein to keep up with, he'll definitely help you to get to your next weight loss goal.
    4550 days ago
    You're welcome for the workout clothes. :-) After all your hard work, you definitely deserve clothes that fit and make you feel great! Your success is definitely an inspiration.

    Thanks for stopping by with the encouraging words. I'm getting back, but it's tough! The kind words help.
    4556 days ago
    Thanks for making me laugh! I hope that you have fully recovered, and have not given up on exercise altogether. :-)
    4557 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3248497
    I enjoyed this. It made me laugh....sometimes things happen we can't control but can laugh at later!! At least you got that walk in!!
    4558 days ago
    Oh thank you for making me laugh! I can just picture every step of your walk with him! I'm thinking you may want to visit the dog whisperer...lol The good thing is you kept going. You didn't give up! God has special reward for you and yes, He does have a great sense of humor too!
    4558 days ago
    Missy, I had such a laugh reading about your walk with Einstien! I know what it is like to have a dog walk you LOL. I just saw Marley and Me (also a lab). I am happy for you losing weight just by doing what you have conditioned yourself to do. All the best in the new year!


    4558 days ago
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