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5 Ways to Show Your Spark on Friday, January 16

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Don't forget! The first ever Show Your Spark Day is Friday, January 16, 2009. This is your chance to show others that you're part of a worldwide movement in fitness, nutrition and healthy living!

As many of you know, one of the biggest reasons that SparkPeople is free is because our members do such an amazing job of Spreading the Spark! This allows us to keep our costs low and keep resources focused on making the site better for you and your friends. That's why we encourage you to tell others about SparkPeople. Show Your Spark Day is an easy way to get the word out and find even more SparkFriends to share your journey.

If SparkPeople has helped you make positive changes in your life, then please join millions of members from all over the globe on this special day! Here are 5 easy ways you can Show Your Spark on January 16:

  • Wear a SparkPeople T-shirt. If you have one, sport your SparkPeople T-shirt on January 16! We encourage everyone who owns a SparkPeople T-shirt to wear it, so be on the lookout wherever you go.

  • Tell a Friend about SparkPeople. We have several easy emails you can send to your friends on January 16. And remember, you'll earn 10 SparkPoints every time one of your friends joins!

  • Hand out SparkPeople cards. We've created some printable cards and flyers that you can use that Friday to spread the words to your employer, co-workers, clients and more!

  • Spruce up your email signature. Change your email signature on January 16 to include a link to SparkPeople.com, a SparkTeam, or your SparkPage. Include something like "Reaching my goals at SparkPeople.com" or "Join me at SparkPeople.com" each time you send an email from work (if permitted) or from your personal account.

  • Update your Facebook and/or MySpace status. Tell others about SparkPeople by updating your status on January 16. Be sure to include "SparkPeople.com" in your status update so that your friends know where to go. You can talk about reaching your New Year's resolutions, getting healthy, or something else that you want your friends to know about SparkPeople.

For more Spread the Spark ideas, visit this page. And to Show Your Spark every day of the year, check out our branded products and apparel at SparkPeopleStore.com. We hope that we can count on you to Show Your Spark on Friday, January 16, 2009. As always, thank YOU for making SparkPeople such a positive place!
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