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"Step Away From the Blender"...Just had to share!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Step Away From the Blender
Milan Ford

I'm pretty confident that what I am about to share with you is going to make you laugh. But, I pray it will also make you think as well. So please be prepared to do both.

On yesterday, I received an email from a friend of mine, who was struggling with the terms of a New Year's fast and consecration her church had recently began this past Sunday.

Although she is a devoted believer, and understood fully the importance of fasting, she honestly did not know if she was going to make it through the entire journey.

Here's her email (name has been removed to protect the guilty):

"Milan, this may sound crazy, but I came real close to putting a piece of chicken in my blender the other night. Not to sure if I can keep up this liquid-only thing. Pray for me..."

{Insert Big Laugh Here}

Although I'm sure you will agree with me that her email was a bit extreme, I can't help but to wonder how many of us as believers, now only a week into the New Year, have already given up on some life goals we set out to accomplish this year? Are we really (as believers) this undisciplined?

This year, what bad habit have you already returned to that you know you need to get rid of?
Or have you returned to a relationship you know God has already told you to leave alone?

And after all the pep talk on New Year's Eve, are you still going to sit back and believe that your boss, your spouse, or some wrinkled up bank receipt, is controlling your destiny in God?

Again I ask: are we really (as believers) this undisciplined?

I realize this phrase may now be a week old, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway.

Happy New Year Everyone!
It is 2009. It is time to move beyond where you were last year.

I refuse to allow myself, my family, or anyone within my reach, settle for less than what God has already empowered them to accomplish this year. And neither should you.

So, just in case you're feeling a bit discouraged today, and have already begun to cast doubt on some goals you've set for this year, feel free to read this over and over again today.

And please. If you don't do anything else...


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • TMA1913
    Luv this Kimmie!! Thanks for the encouragement!

    4512 days ago
    My first comments shows just how hard fasting is in the flesh!
    But When you are fasting unto the Lord, it truly can be a beautiful
    powerful thing! since your are currently duing a liquid fast..I want to encourage you.
    It will go easier if you focus on a prayer and a purpose for someone else!
    Pick a very deep burden or need of someones and continue to go to the Lord all day for that person....Try to keep the house quiet with no tv and no radio.
    I have a dear friend trim kim on this site who has been mia for awhile but I love her dearly and miss her and she has truly been a blessing to me in this area of fasting...hang in there!
    Father I pray for all who are coming to you with needs I bring them before you....finances, health, children, I ask that you cause their burdens to become easy and light through you. That you would walk them through the day with no hunger and help their minds to be focused on you.! Amen
    4512 days ago
    I read this, this morning on Streaming Faith and had a good laugh. I do know how she feels, I'm on day #5 and there have been moments but God is more important than that meat!
    4513 days ago
    Great job!!!!!! I did laugh and I did think....I have been that person on a fast and know how hard it is....and Im learning it is so important to fast but...it is also important to learn to eat healthy....balance really is important.....Im learning dicipline self control and the Lord spirit speaking to me and Listening without quenching our dear holy spirit is vital......Praise the Lord I have stepped away from the blender.....not to downplay your friends fast as I said they are important.. yet I must choose healthy foods for my body and take care of it so I am on that journey with our LORD for his direction in eating a healthy balanced life focused on Him and not food. When I was on the fast all I could focus on was what I was being deprived of and then binging on that when it was done....I lacked dicipline and Im seeing that this time around I am not allowing myself to overindulge in sugar but am doing all things inmoderation...measuring my food and being truthful as to what is healthier to eat....stopping when full... and if I can't seem to be full making sure I do not go over my calories as my emotions can really play with my head and stomach....Ive learned fasting is a time to come before God with a humble heart and repent as well as look to God for a an answer seeking Him and focusing on Him for that desire for others as well as your own....HUGS Kimmie thanks for posting jen
    4513 days ago
    RIght on time!!! Thanks!
    4513 days ago
    Thanks for making me smile as well as think! New Year, New way of thinking!! Amen!
    4513 days ago
  • JCL129
    That was an on-time word...thanks for sharing!

    4513 days ago
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