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Friday, May 01, 2009

Yesterday I decided to have my body fat testing done. As a student member of my gym it only cost $5 to do the 7 site caliper test which is considered the most accurate short of doing the whole underwater submersion testing thing.

The news was good and bad. My body fat is 16.6% which is pretty good although I would like to be about 14%. The bad news is that I was tested in February at 15.4% however that was a 3 site test (less accurate) as well as a different person so I know I cannot compare the two numbers. I may or may not have gained body fat. I have gained a few pounds since that time but I have been working out so I feel like I have also gained muscle. It is very hard to compare so I'm going to try not to.

I have 99.8lbs of lean body mass with the last 15-18lbs (depending on the week) being fat. As I already knew I carry most of this in my arms and stomach. I have an extremely muscular build and my legs are very solid. There is basically no fat on them but they are far from skinny, in fact my legs are kind of huge. Sometimes I have to go up a size in my waist for the legs to fit.

I am glad I did the testing. Sometimes I start to get upset because my weight is so high for my height. While I am in the healthy range it is definitely the top of the range and I know so many people my height who weigh 15-20lbs less. This test reminds me that I am not built like them! My body is very muscular and if I even could lose 20lbs I am sure I would look emaciated and awful. My body fat really is at a good place which is more important than weight. It's not so much that I want to weigh less as that I am aspiring to a body type that I will never have. I have short limbs like it or not and I will never have that long and lean look. All I can do is try and make would I have as healthy and fit as possible.

I have always wanted to get down to 105lbs I don't know why. It is an arbitrary number but that is not a realistic goal for me. when I started SP I set my goal at 108 but I am not sure that is doable either. For now I will be resetting my goal to 110 but if I can be 112lbs I think that may be perfect. To maintain anything lower than that my body is really not happy. I don't think I have the energy to work out every single day for the rest of my life and restrict every single thing I eat without treats and that's what it would take for me to maintain a weight below 110. I want to be healthy and still enjoy life. I know that I have a strong and beautiful body that looks awesome at 115lbs. Right now my weight has been sneaking up a bit which I need to curb because excess weight does not suit me and I am not happy above about 116. 115lbs is not skinny and still involves some extra fat but if I can maintain there and possibly aim for a few lbs less (come on 112!!) I will be very happy to stay there. That puts me at a size 2 and I don't have that round look to my face or a protruding gut (two things I am starting to see come back as my weight creeps to 118) so it is probably the perfect balance for me. It is a place that makes me feel confident and happy.
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  • LAUR986
    I totally hear you! I used to set unrealistic weight goals. I found it to be a lot easier when I was younger, when I originally started losing weight. Now that my life has more challenges in it and have more responsibility, it's hard to maintain a lifestyle of exercising and counting every little calorie to maintain a certain weight. If you have to do that, apparently your body is not meant to be that weight. I read an article in Cosmo one time that talked about your happy weight. Your body definitely tells you where it likes to be. I know that's between 112-115. If I'm over 115 I start to get nervous and what do you know, that's how I creeped up to 127.

    Just think positive and keep doing what you're doing! Your body fat % is great, unlike mine LOL.
    4469 days ago
    You are doing a great job! I love your new perspective and the fact that you are realizing we are all built different and not meant to be the same weight. I have always struggled with the numbers myself. I feel at my height I should be 10-15lbs less than I am but even at the weight I am at I am a size 6 so there is no reason to kill myself to lose that much weight. Awesome job!!!

    4471 days ago
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