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Is this UNUSUAL? or not!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello to all,

I originally posted this in my team, "Managing Diabetes" and thought I'd duplicate it here in case others knew or understood some of the issues that I/we diabetics might have. We still don't have definitive answers, but I've posed the question to my endocrinologist and hopefully we will soon understand the reasons my body reacts differently sometimes.

Here is the rest of the post.
I've been diagnosed with diabetes since 1998 and been under doctors care since. I've noticed a couple of things and thought they were unusual.

When originally diagnosed, I had the opportunity for a new job and had never tested my blood sugar before. To make a story a bit shorter, I tested my blood sugar ( b/s ) and if it was high, I took my oral medicine and took a walk. Then I went to take my physical for the new job and low and behold, my b/s had risen. That still happens today.

Most recently, the day of my last office visit, I tested at 7 am, took my oral meds and insulin (not a long lasting insulin, as I take 70/30) and only dropped 4 points in b/s by 10:00 at my doctor's office. I had not eaten either. I don't think he caught on the the moral of the story until I told the story the third time.

Just thought I'd check to see if others have unusual occurrences like this, if so, what did you/your doctor figure out.

have a great day
because it is one!

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    My doctor told me that stress can cause a rise in b/s even if you show no symptoms of stress (like anxiety, sweatty palms, elevated b/p, etc.). I have experienced this when my husband passed away. I had my b/s tightly controlled, was eating right but still for about 4 months my b/s numbers were higher than what I had been running prior to his death. I hope your doctor can find out if this is normal for you and perhaps even why it happens. In the meantime, try not to stress over it and do all you can to keep your b/s numbers at a good level. BTW, thanks for sharing this on your blog. We're in this struggle together and let's help each other as best we can. emoticon
    4378 days ago

    I don't have an answer for you. But, I would be interested in hearing what your doctor(s) come up with! Good luck on keeping the b/s managed.
    4379 days ago
    I think there is still a lot doctors do not know about diabetes.

    And sadly, there can also be other reasons for your blood sugar to rise. My mother passed away from a massive stroke brought on by a heart catheterization - she had a problem with the bottom of her heart and this always triggers the massive stroke if the patient has the heart cath, I later learned. Sadly, there is no other way to diagnose than to do this heart cath so we really had no other options.

    Long story short, the nurses told me afterward that mom's heart could have been causing the high blood sugar all along. I do know she was never able to get her sugar under control and struggled with it for several years. Personally I never did believe she was diabetic - they tested her right after Christmas. Who doesn't have high blood sugar after Thanksgiving and Christmas?!

    But we were fortunate to have her with us for her 82nd birthday.

    I am sorry I am rambling - but no, I have no answer for you Tony.

    And you're right, every day we can be here, even if complaining, is still a great day!

    4379 days ago
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