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Stupid Doctor's Scale!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I started my day already in a funk over the fact that I've not been going to the gym (my back has been bothering me) and that I had a terrible binge yesterday. Then I go to a doctor's appointment before work where I received good news (my blood pressure has improved to a "normal" range ... woo hoo!) but my weight is up almost three pounds since visiting him two weeks ago!! My home scale has been telling me that I'm staying the same...of course, my awesome doctor gives me the whole "you're going to the gym, so you're gaining muscle and getting fitter...don't let the scale discourage you" speech, but I still want to see results.

I have got to get back on the plan here...I just wish it was easier to stick with. My motivation and positivity last a few days and then I slide back into "screw it" mode. It probably doesn't help that my job sucks right now, I'm running two theatre companies (neither of which I'm terribly passionate about at the moment!!), and I've been feeling really emotionally beaten-down.

Today's goal: Figuring out how to get myself motivated again. My next doctor's appointment is in 6 weeks...I'd like to lose the three that his scale says I've gained and go down another three in that span of time!
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    6 lbs in 6 weeks is very attainable and YOU CAN DO IT! I have found that calculating my intake of calories and the calories lost by exercise is the easiest way for me to see results. If you figure out the ratior correctly for your body based on your standard level of activity then it gives you a calorie number to burn and if you hit that goal for your weekly plan then you will see the pounds flying off. Just be careful with your back. Hang in there and any progress is still progress and should be celebrated!

    4449 days ago
    Hey D -- maybe focus on what you could change? Can you add a 10 minute walk at lunch? Can you work to lower your sodium intake? Can you park farther from the store? It's hard to see the scale go up, because it was so hard to get it go down. I find all the motivational stuff on here helpful -- this time around. I'm utilizing what is here to stay on track. I do think it's important that when we change our physical activity, we remember to go ahead and log that change in our plan, so SP knows to recalculate our calorie intake.

    Hang in there, because there are lots of us on the same journey with you. Focus on the long term goal -- you will have ups and downs, and it isn't worth blowing the effort with binge eating, is it?
    4449 days ago
    I know how you feel and get that same awful feeling every time I see my scale move up. I lose motivation, and get depressed about it...Then I binge. We need to work to not only change our bodies but change our mindset as well.. When we see the scale move up, THAT should be our motivation to bring it back down. You are seeing small results already, that's great news about your blood pressure!
    4449 days ago
    Step by step, D. Sure you gained a couple pounds, but you're still below your starting weight, right? And that is awesome! And how many miles have you done on the bike now?

    I'm only 6-9 pounds lighter than I was when I started a year and a half ago, but I don't look the same or feel the same or feel the same about myself. I hop on the scale multiple times a day, so I completely understand what it's like to not see results on the scale. It's the whole package that matters. After all, it's not as though you wear your weight on your shirt--it's how you look that people will notice. And, your doctor is proud of you!! Can't beat that!!

    As for the theater companies...let me know what I can do!
    4449 days ago
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