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SparkPage Update - 6 Goodies back on main page

Friday, May 22, 2009

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on our announcement about SparkPage updates and improvements.

We made a quick adjustment to the page, adding back Goodies to the page! We added them across the bottom of the page - we think they look really good there!

We love feedback from our members, and even more love improving the site to help better reach their goals. We believe the SparkPage changes make the pages easier to use for everyone to better connect with other members and be successful!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • BIGT_56
    Thanks for bringing back the goodies! I love seeing them on everyone's sparkpage.

    4399 days ago
    The new page layout is a fantastic improvement and this is great that you respond so quickly to requested changes!

    I also really like that you have shortened the amount of written information in the middle of the page with "click here for more" - that has really cleaned up the look. Some people are long-winded (like me) and it's so much better to have all that on its own page.
    4399 days ago
    thanks so much . this is so great emoticon
    4400 days ago
    Thanks, a nicer clean cut page.

    4403 days ago
    Thank you! That was about the only thing that bothered me about the change, although I didn't send any official feedback. It's great to see how quickly y'all respond to our suggestions!

    Blessings today,
    4403 days ago
  • NOBLE53
    Thanks for listening and putting the Goodies back on the main page! They look terrific!
    4403 days ago
    I love the new clean look of the pages!!! Thanks!!
    4403 days ago
  • KIMUSH23

    SPARKPEOPLE Says ... Reach Out & SPARK Someone emoticon
    Luv Ya Kim
    4403 days ago
    what I would really like to see is the option to have our page information visible if we want it that way. My page is full of information for people who are just starting here and they cant see it unless they click on see more.. I would prefer that it was visible..

    Thank you

    4403 days ago
    Thanks! The site really looks great!
    4403 days ago
  • TAZ675
    4403 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2036709
    Thank you. It did look a bit bare and was harder to give one.
    4403 days ago
    Thank you for putting the Goodies back! Our SparkPages just weren't the same without them. And I only have one - at least for now!
    4403 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1671020
    Thanks so much. The new improvements are great!
    4404 days ago
    thanks I like the new pages too!
    4404 days ago
    I really like the new pages, thanks for that and for listening to everyone's suggestions. You guys are the best.
    4404 days ago
    4404 days ago

    Not only did you listen but you did it so quick! Thanks for making the site better with ALL the changes!

    4404 days ago
  • PATTK1220
    I really like the redesign. I'm new to SP this month, so I didn't have ties to the old design. I especially like the tabs. There's so much more room now, not as cluttered. Thanks for keeping this awesome site going!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4404 days ago
    Hooray - just what I asked for. Perfect. Sounds like other people thought the same as I did. Thanks community for voicing opinion and thanks Sparkpeople team for listening.
    emoticon emoticon
    4404 days ago
    Thanks for listening!
    4404 days ago
    Now that the goodies are back, the new page design is perfect. Great job!
    4404 days ago
  • SONDRA0324
    I love the new page. Thanks! emoticon
    4404 days ago
  • no profile photo THANIA1
    Thanks for the goodies, even though I liked it much better the goodies with this slide show , together with awards at the left hand side.!!

    I did protest as at the beginning I didn't have the slide show , so the goodies were null unless i went to the tab. But once through tec department the slide show was put on my page I thought it was really good.

    I am not sure I like the goodies the way they are now, as there are not in the direct camp of vision .

    However I am grateful and appreciate a lot your efforts. emoticon
    4404 days ago
    Thanks for re-adding the goodies! I missed them :)

    4404 days ago
    Keep up the good work!!!!!
    I love to read any thing that refers to SP.

    emoticon emoticon
    4404 days ago
    I really like the SparkPage changes!! Thank you very much for all you SP do to make the site more user friendly and your commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles.
    4404 days ago
    I love everything you guys here at Sparks do.. thank you for all your hard work!
    Always improving - always making things easier..
    emoticon Jo
    4404 days ago
  • MARY526
    Thanks so much guys. It just shows how much you care about our opinions.
    4404 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3357418
    Thanks so much for putting the goodies back- It sure makes more sense to give a newcomer a Welcome Banner & have it on their page where they can see it!
    Plus I like my goodies-they brighten my page!
    4404 days ago
  • CARLIN5007
    Thank You for all the time and effort the team put into making SparkPeople Spark Page. I wrote my comment and my Honest Heart Felt thought on what I believed in. The fact that you made a Change was a wonderful move. I have learned so much over the past few months I have been Sparking through the friends I made that I needed to make LifeStyle change for the better. But I feel it is in my best interest that my time is up here. I was saddened by the fact that my Comment was removed. I thought in my Heart that being able to Voice Your Opinion is a big part of being able to be Honest with others and yourself. As a said before. It is change that moves us forward and not become stagnant. We all with lifestyle issues need to have a little push to get us up and moving. I have enjoyed all the information and wonderful sites that were available to me. Everyone God Bless You and Good Luck On Your Journey's, Carlin5007. Please allow me some time to shut down all of my photos,etc. Thank You Again emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4404 days ago
    Thanks so much for putting them back, I loved my tiara's LOL!
    4404 days ago
  • GRANNY1972
    Thanks so much for putting our goodies back on our pages!! We really like being able to look at them!!
    4404 days ago
    4404 days ago
  • TZH4145
    emoticon I love the goodies to show on m y page!!1
    4404 days ago
    I like them showing on my Spark Page.

    4404 days ago
    thank you!

    we do love goodies!!
    4404 days ago
    Thank you so much! I missed having my Goodies on my page so its great to have them back. Thank you for hearing us! emoticon
    4404 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon For putting them back on our page!!!
    4404 days ago
    Yes, that's better!

    I'm not too keen on mixing the streaks with the 'Goodies-received though.

    You do such a fantastic job! The new tabs make navigation easier; being able to just click a tab to get where I want rather than scrolling is a timesaver, too!

    Thank you for all you do!
    4404 days ago

    Hi Chris & Dave,

    I like the idea of the Spark Goodies at the end of the page. Thank you for all your hard work making Spark People the great sight it is. emoticon

    4404 days ago
    1. These SparkGoodies look VERY cool on the bottom!
    2. Tabs on top would be gr8 with options NOT to share.
    3. Blogs to the side (instead of scrolling down to find it) gr8.

    I only have 4 teams and am reluctant to pick up very many more, since I'll constantly have to 'click' to view... but I'm not in the distress some of my friends are right now... who have way more...

    And that 'friend' list was weird to begin with- & it's STILL weird... I thought it was too short at a dozen!!

    Oh, well... it really IS just like the OLD SAYING, 'the squeaky wheel gets the oil,' sooo... for all the 'boo-hoo' tantrums yesterday,

    goodies are back- NOT friends- but goodies... sooo...

    for all the G.U.S.H.I.N.G. 'delish, delight, love-love-loves' you got yesterday, and not one (oh, wait, hehe! that would be *me*) request for more INSPIRATIONAL-MOTIVATIONAL picture space... I suppose I can 'blow that off' along with *NEW GOODIES* *NEW GOODIES* *NEW GOODIES* oh, sorry, just thought, since whining worked yesterday... suppose new ticker strips and emoticons aren't in the CHANGE AGENDA either...

    Ah well... guess for some of *us* we need to accept (again and again and again) that... THE NEEDS OF THE MANY OUTWEIGH THE NEEDS OF THE FEW... or... the one. emoticon

    Just HAVE to add: did ANYONE notice- at all- what-so-ever, the comments that came from, 'huh? whaaa...? I just noticed' or... 'I thought somethin' was different...' DUH!! yet....... these SAME comments came with gushing, slobbering... 'this is great... & much more efficient...' WHATEVER!! They didn't even USE their pages to begin with, but now... they've got all this ALL KNOWING WISDOM of page layouts!! INCREDIBLE!!
    4404 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/22/2009 8:17:28 PM
    You and your staff are awesome! I am a Spark Spreader! I love it here, and thanks for putting the newest goodies up front! Keep improving as you have been doing.
    4404 days ago
    We appreciate the work you guys and gals go to, to make this a place we love to be. I am so impressed with everything. Keep up the good work.
    4404 days ago
    Thank you, I had missed them.
    4404 days ago
    THANKS!!!!!!!!!! emoticon
    4404 days ago
    Thanks SparkTeam, you are really on the ball! I like the change much better. We needed the goodies on our sparkpage to get motivation at first glance! When you need that extra lift, the goodies are there to root you on! emoticon
    4404 days ago
    Thanks for the goodies change. I like that. I love how responsive SP is to suggestons. It speaks well of not letting egos beieve they know the right and only way!
    4404 days ago
    thank you ! I like being able to see the goodies! emoticon
    4404 days ago
    Thanks so much.....I have already noticed! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!

    4404 days ago
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