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Diabetes SUCKS...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I've just started stage 3 and have been happy with my progress, especially as far as my calorie intake has been and my food choices, for the most part. I've put the "diet" out of the picture and have been totally good with the idea that this is a lifestyle change instead of a "diet". With that being said, I had a relatively healthy dinner last evening other than the bacon. I had a three egg omelet with green onion kinda like a garnish along with some bacon and cheese. I did also log my english muffin.

This morning, I woke up and tested my blood sugar and my FBS was 92. Rather unbelievable if you ask me. Not so low as to worry about it getting too low and not high either, right in the range that I should be. I delayed my breakfast and morning medicines until around 9:00 am and took my med's as perscribed and had three servings of grits. Carb wise, I probably was at my upper limit for the meal but figured that I was fine anyway.

After breakfast, I took our three dogs to the dog park for over an hour. I got in some good walking while I was there too. After the visit at the dog park, I took the three musketeers to the dog wash. About 2 1/2 hours had passed since my breakfast and meds and I very seldom talk my glucose tester with me (maybe I should). Anyway, I had to break a $20.00 dollar bill for the dog wash and did so at McDonalds. I got two quarter pounders with cheese, washed the dogs and got home and tested my blood sugar again, since I STILL felt like I had low blood sugar. Any guesses what it was within 30 minutes of eating my two Quarter Pounders?


I only ate them because I felt hungry and needed to have smaller bills available. I cannot imagine what blood sugar readings I might have had, if I hadn't eaten when I did.

My poor endocrinologist will certainly be hearing from me MONDAY morning. This is making me lean towards the gastric bypass surgery even more so.

I'm getting tired of eating just to raise my blood sugar. I love this program but somebody has to figure something out, and that is MY DOCTORS.

Hope ya'll have a great rest of the weekend.

CYA round

Frustrated Tony emoticon emoticon for your support
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    Have I got some advice for you!!

    Okay, no, I really don't. I don't know enough about diabetes to make any educated suggestions. If, however, you would like uneducated advice, suggestions and just plain dumb ideas, I'm here for you!

    I would like to say, though, that I would like it if you would wait before you decide to go ahead with bypass. This part seems incredibly frustrating. I just don't see bypass surgery being any easier. I mean, could you eat two quarter pounders after that surgery? No! And that is one joy in life you do not want to give up!! emoticon

    Keep it up. You'll get there!
    4361 days ago
    It does suck.
    Last night I was up to 276 and then took my bed time insulin and woke up sweating and checked the level it was 66.
    Had a glass of milk and a piece of fruit woke up this morning and at 170.

    I am having a terrible time myself. My Endo won't help me says I have to come in for a visit.

    Hope you get some answers from yours. Have a Great Day. emoticon
    4361 days ago
    Great blog. I've just been diagonosed and am trying to control my blood sugar with diet. Up until t he last week, anything in the low 100's or 90s was just not happening. I've had a few since then in the lower ranges. I have a feeling meds are in my future. I have a co-worker who experiences just what you're talking about. Hope you find the answer soon!
    4361 days ago

    Just had the same problem with my blood sugars. My doctor took me off of all of the Glipizide and instead put me on Beyetta with the side effect of this medication is weight loss. Definantely need to get with your doctor and get your meds adjusted.

    Good Luck

    4362 days ago
  • NICOLE31397
    Wow Tony, it sounds very frustrating. Have you seen you doctor lately since your weight loss? Blood sugar changes a lot when you weight drops or increases. Maybe the doctor needs to lower your meds so you sugar wont stay so low now.

    i wish you luck. I know it must be hard to stay in your calorie range if you must eat to keep the sugar levels up enough so you wont have to make a trip to the emergency room.

    Chin up. Keep on living.
    4362 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4515830
    I don't understand diabetes, but I'm sorry.
    It sounds like a real hassle.
    You're really doing great here, so try not to let it get you down!
    I'm sure someone will be able to help, here!!!!
    4362 days ago
    Hey Tony,
    I too am a diabetic. I am on pills and was taking 80 units of insulin in the AM and another 80 units in the PM for a total of 160 units of insulin a day. After only one month of Spark and watching what I ate I too was waking up at three AM with sweats and shaking.....checked my blood and it was at it's lowest...42!!! Yikes!!! I adjusted my insulin and am looking to totally reverse my diabetes. I now take only one injection a day and that is at only 30 units!!! Not the 160 I was taking. It has made a world of difference. My readings are anywhere from 125-139 each morning and usually run about 115-130 before bed. I know what you mean about having to eat to get the sugar up but really just adjust meds and talk with your doctor. My lifestyle eating change has truly made me a believer that I CAN reverse this and get off insulin and then I'm going for the pills...kicking them too. Not gonna do it foolishly but really this has shown ME it is possible. Bless you as you find what works for you. SPARK and ALL the support here has made a major impact on me.
    Debi emoticon
    4362 days ago
    I could be wrong, but I fail to see what Gastric Bypass surgery would do any better than you are already doing on your own.

    You are eating so little sugar now (I have read enough of your recipes to know this) that your taking Insulin could be creating a problem now instead of fixing it.

    Just keep after your Doctor and you will definitely come out on top. I have heard that doctors don't like to stop the Insulin but you just need to keep bugging yours until the right changes are made.

    Hang in there buddy, the sun will come out again tomorrow!

    4362 days ago
    Hey Tony, I was also having this problem a couple years ago and my FBS was down in the 50's! My Dr. and I decided I was overmedicating...so we did some adjusting and things calmed down. You do need to really keep on top of this with your Dr. while changning your eating habits...like you should check in with them weekly or bi weekly for awhile with your average FBS and make sure you don't need to keep tweaking things. This will settle down...hang in there!
    4362 days ago
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