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Earn Points for Rereading Articles + New Stay on Track Calendar

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hi everyone!
We thought you'd be interested in these two new features!

Reset SparkPoints on Articles You've Read

Some of our "super SparkPoints earners" (you know who you are!) have been running out of articles to earn SparkPoints for lately. We hear you! So, in an effort to let our loyal members continue to earn their daily allotment of SparkPoints for reading articles, you can now reset the articles you’ve read more than 6 months ago—so that you can earn Points by rereading them! To reset your article SparkPoints:

Click on the Account/Email Preferences link on your Start page (under the My Tools tab). Scroll down to the section titled "Reset Articles" and click the "Reset Articles" button and voila! You can now read the articles again and get more Points. Resetting your articles will keep the SparkPoints you earn for previously reading articles. You will lose the next to any articles in the Resource Center that have been reset.

PLEASE NOTE that this will only allow you to re-read articles you read more than 6 months ago; articles you have read less than six months ago will not be reset. Also noteworthy, you must be a member of SparkPeople for at least 6 months for the Reset Articles section to show up on your account preferences page.

New Stay On Track Calendar
We've also added a monthly Stay On Track Calendar to the site, which gives you an easy-to-read, monthly view of what's coming up in your program (scheduled workouts and appointments) and what you've tracked (food, workouts, notes and earned SparkPoints) each day. This calendar is interactive and printable, too!. To see your Stay on Track Calendar, go to the Reports section (under the "My Tools" tab). Scroll down to the "Weight and Other Reports" section to find your Stay on Track Calendar.

We hope you enjoy these new SparkPeople features!
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