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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For the past couple weeks I have been less than thrilled with my weight loss. I was really getting down (but trying VERY hard to stay positive about it) until yesterday. I usually take my measurements on friday, but forgot to do it this last week. So I took them yesterday morning. Well, my bust is down ANOTHER inch ( not happy about that), my ribcage down .5 inch, my waist down .5 inch, my hips down .5 inch and my calf down .5 inch (which is huge cuz my calves have been the same giant size for a long time now). I know that each one is only down by half an inch - and that some naysayers might could say that I might have been holding the tape a little tighter, though I try to be very careful to not do that since I want it to be accurate. I guess it just makes me feel better knowing that even though my scale isn't moving very much, at least something is still happening.

And.... the other day I bought a 18/20 shirt which I haven't done in a very long time. It was a 2x and I was at a 4x before. Some shirts I have tried on were also a XL - I could wear them, but they don't look very good. They fit, but made me look too lumpy. lol. So, the cute 18/20 was a very cool thing.

And... when I first started working out a few months ago I would check my heart rate as I was in my cool down. It was always my goal to get it below 130, but somehow I usually ended my cool down at around 133 or 134. I haven't checked it in a while now, but I checked my heart rate today on cool down and it was 122. Wow! What a difference just a few months can make. That's really exciting!

And, totally off the subject, we got ANOTHER puppy yesterday. Actually, he's not really a puppy. He's about 15 months old - a yorkie. He was a "reject" dog. Since my parents are small dog breeders, they sold Beau to this young woman. Well, she worked all day long (no shame in that). But then when she got home, she thought he was too hyper and still didn't want to spend time with him. She called my mom and said that Beau was "destructive" (aka - in his puppy phase and chewing things because she never trained him to NOT chew) and he was also too hyper. Uh, honey, he's a yorkie - hyper is their middle name. Guess she should have done more research before picking a dog. Anyway, she asked my mom to take him back. Well, at a year old he's not exactly prime selling age - and this woman didn't want a refund anyway, she just wanted my parents to take this dog off her hands. I KNOW why she didn't like him. She just didn't take the time for him and what he wanted was love. So, I told my mom we'd take him - my kids have MORE than enough love and attention to give him. But we have a problem. He wants to eat Tucker's face. I'm not kidding! He keeps attacking Tucker on his face. What's weird is that they can lay together in the same dog bed for an hour and then 5 minutes after they get up Beau will go after Tuck! I've never had two dogs before. It's obvious Beau wants to be the "alpha dog", but how do I get him to stop attacking my Tiny Tucker? Beau is a really cute, sweet dog with lots of spunk who loves to play and does already have some training under his belt. I WANT to keep him, but I have to protect my puppy. So, has anyone dealt with this? Anyone have suggestions? I know it wasn't really about weight loss, but it's what's been consuming my time. Here's couple pics.

Just Beau...

Beau and his fave toy - Squeaky Lobster

Skyler, Tucker and Beau
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  • CCW2005
    Hey....Do you feel better about yourself? Do you know that you are going to the gym? Do you know that you did your first 5k? Do you know that you are trying?

    You are working toward it Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS...Do they get York Peppermint Patties from Yorkies????? If so...send me the dawg!!!

    4364 days ago
    Yay for inches and sizes and new doggies!!! I don't know how to fix the dog problem - my sister's dog did that to my dog when we moved in together. After the chihuahua got used to my pug, it really settled itself. If a bone is involved, the chi will still snip at the pug, but it doesn't happen often now. We just made sure both dogs had lots of love, got lots of feedback when they were naughty, lots of praise when they were good, and it all worked out. Doggy minds are a mystery.
    4365 days ago
    yay on losing inches and I have no clue on doggie issues.
    4365 days ago
  • no profile photo ROBLAINE1
    Congrats on your loss of inches and on your heart rate. That is very good. Keep up the good work.
    It will take time for your new doggie to get used to Tucker. It's just like when Mommy brings home the 'new baby', the other kids get jealous and the new baby wants/craves all the attention. I hope things work out soon.
    4365 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4664429
    Congratuations on all your progress and on the new addition to your family!

    4366 days ago
    I have no good advice for the doggie situation EXCEPT to recommend a GREAT online doggie forum with lots of knowledgeable and nice and helpful people -- globalpaw.com I recommend posting there and you will soon have some suggestions I'm sure. :)

    We are considering a 2.5yr old ish Basset Hound right now... We're gonna go meet him soon I'm pretty sure... We'll see. Congrats on shrinking! :D WOOHOO! AND on the HR stuff, that's great!
    4366 days ago
    Sounds like awesome results to all your hard work. Don't you let anyone take away your joy & excitement about those 1/2 inches! That is sucess - that is what it is. And your heartrate and new clothes prove it! Great Job! I make me look forward to the day that I can post my inches lost!

    As for the puppy - no helpful advise here. We are one-at-a-timers here too. Good Luck! (he is adorable!)

    4366 days ago
    I hate how we always lose in our chest area first. What is up with that!?! And I don't have much to lose to begin with. (I have a hard time filling up an A cup.) When I lost last time I really got snappy and started yelling at my body asking what was next? Would it become concave??? It can't take much more away before that becomes the only option!

    Congrats on all the losses though! And 1/2 inch is 1/2 inch! And you lost lots of 1/2 inches! Be proud of that! From what I know of you I can say with lots of confidence that you would have been careful not to pull too tight on the tape measure, so GO YOU!

    I think the new size shirt and the new heart rate are both fabulous ways of charting progress! You're really doing great, even when the scale doesn't say anything. I think we should all put our scales in a corner and make them sit there until they're ready to behave and tell us what we want to hear!
    4366 days ago
    Your note on the benefits of working out is encouraging. I have nearly completed three weeks now. Before I would find excuses to stop.

    Your new addition is adorable. I am sure that with boundaries and your skills at training, he will do better. I heard that it is harder if there are two males versus a male and a female. Has he been "tutored" yet? That will sometimes help. There is always Caesar Milan. Hope he settles into the household soon, for everyone's peace of mind.

    4366 days ago
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