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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A year ago today... where was I? Let's see... This should be an interesting comparison.

1: '08 - 303 pounds
'09 - 262 pounds
2: '08 - tired all the time and never wanted to do anything physical
'09 - still tired a lot, but willing to do just about anything physical
3: '08 - dreaming of doing a 5k, but had quit the C25K program twice already
'09 - already trained for and completed a 5k
4: '08 - wish I could cut the processed food out and eat healthier
'09 - almost changed over to all organic food - processed almost totally cut out
5: '08 - wishing I could just set one goal and complete it - just to prove to myself that I was able
'09 - set MANY goals and completed them all
6: '08 - hated the girl in the mirror - she disgusted me and she was lazy and never set goals
'09 - liking (beginning to love) the girl in the mirror - she's determined and works hard
7: '08 - felt like I had nothing to offer people - even though I KNEW a lot about weight loss, I had no credibility
'09 - I've gone through a lot and have a lot to offer in advice and encouragement and I can actually say that I know what it's like cuz I've been there
8: '08 - every dinner out was appetizer, meal, soda, dessert
'09 - every dinner out is meal (usually with leftovers), water, MAYBE split dessert with hubby
9: '08 - size 3x shirts were too small on me, but I was refusing to buy 4x
'09 - 2x shirts fit me perfectly and I have a few XL also
10: '08 - my fave pair of jeans were too tight, but I wore them anyway
'09 - that same pair of jeans are now giant on me, but I wear them anyway. lol
11: '08 - I had drawers and a closet full of clothes that were too small
'09 - almost all of those clothes fit me now and some are almost too big
12: '08 - I NEVER used to exercise - I dreaded it and made every excuse not to do it
'09 - I exercise 5x a week - monday thru friday without fail or excuse
13: '08 - my face was fat and my double chin very unslightly
'09 - my face is thinner and my double chin getting smaller
14: '08 - my butt was big and flat and ugly and squared off up by my hips
'09 - my butt still isn't small - but smallerER and no longer square!
15: '08 - I could not wear heels cuz my toes got pinched and blistered and my ankles hurt too badly
'09 - I now wear heels at least once a week and have no pain - and I LOVE wearing them!
16: '08 - I snacked on junk food pretty much non-stop all day long
'09 - I now have planned snacks or even just grab healthy snacks - junk is not really in the house at all
17: '08 - I was the drive thru queen
'09 - In April I gave up all fast food just to prove to myself that I don't need it - I haven't banned it all together since then, but only eaten it a few times
18: '08 - I HATED going to clothing stores with a passion because it was SO OBVIOUS how much I had gained - none of my old sizes fit and everything looked bad
'09 - I am slowly starting to enjoy shopping. I am no super model, but clothes are smaller and look better than before
19: '08 - I wore a lot of black thinking that it made me look thinner
'09 - any clothes I buy are fun and bright and trendy - no more black hoodies for me!
20: '08 - I drank a lot of soda (Dr. Pepper was an addiction for me)
'09 - Can count on one hand how many times I've had soda
21: '08 - Hadn't ridden my beautiful new bike since we bought it in 2006
'09 - Have gotten plenty of use of my bike and I love biking
22: '08 - Went to our 4th of July get-together and sat in a chair the whole time
'09 - Mingled, played catch and was WILLING to play volleyball - but we had no ball! lol
23: '08 - KNEW I was setting a bad example for my kids of laziness and bad eating
'09 - am CONFIDENT that I am setting a good example and they are soaking it all in
24: '08 - felt ashamed of myself and who I had become every single day
'09 - am proud of who I have now become
25: '08 - hated looking at pics of myself
'09 - now liking being in pics because it helps me to see the changes taking place
26: '08 - would have rather had soda, juice, chocolate milk, flavored water, tea... anything but water
'09 - now get in PLENTY of water - hardly every drink anything else
27: '08 - was on-again-off-again with SP cuz I didn't have the drive to come here and nothing good to report
'09 - I'm here pretty much every day to aid in keeping me on track and be encouraged by friends
28: '08 - never cut grass or gardened or ANYTHING in my yard
'09 - have a new vegetable garden, have cut grass and used a weedwhacker! lol
29: '08 - got exhausted when I had to walk any more than a few minutes - and legs and back hurt
'09 - can walk for long periods of time with no problems and no pain
30: '08 - snored terribly
'09 - according to hubby, snoring is MUCH quieter and less frequent
31: '08 - depressed a lot because of who I was
'09 - all depression gone - and several people including hubby have told me that I seem a lot happier

I know that was a long list. Why 31 items? Today I am 31 years old. Some people are under the impression that life starts going downhill at 30 (and some don't believe it at all). I have to say, I think for me... life started at 30.

Summer '08 (with my beautiful niece Hadassah) - right around 300

Thinner face - 262 pounds

Look how big my pants are in front!

... and too big in back! They're falling off my butt!!!

Look how big they are on me!!!

Yep, 30 - 40 is going to be a better decade than 20 - 30 was. I KNOW IT!!!

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