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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Gonna TRY to keep this short. After the 5k I lost all focus. I started allowing in some junk food (even though I am almost all organic now, I bought a few packages of crackery / cookieish type foods) and eating out MORE than I should. I was told by my doctor to really take it easy in the gym for a few weeks after my training for the 5k was done so that my sore left leg could have some time to heal. Okay, I accept that. I was worried that I would lose steam if I had to back off. Well, I have. Steam is gone and I feel lazy. I still worked out every weekday last week for at least 30 minutes per day, but I felt like I should have done more. I guess i was just used to doing 60 or 90 minutes a day. 30 feels lazy to me now. And this week there was yet one more blow. The friend I work out with at 5:30 every morning always calls me at 5 because I am terrible at waking up on my own at that time. And because I know I am meeting her there I get up right away and get ready and get my butt to the gym. On monday morning she called me at 5 and said that she decided she was going to try going in the afternoons this week. Ugh. I went back to sleep (had no one I was meeting!) and shortly after that we were evacuated from our homes (long story - local fire, possibility of explosion, had to leave my home for the day, gym was closed too cuz it's right by my house) so I was gone all day long. Yesterday I slept in (had no one to meet!) and went to the gym @ 4pm for only 30 minutes. I sat around in my pajamas all day cuz I didn't want to take a shower cuz I knew I'd just get gross when I worked out - so I had a lazy day. Today... ran errands in my gym clothes. Still haven't gone to the gym yet - I know I'll get my workout in one way or another, but I HATE working out at night. Oh yeah, and I've eaten badly all week - actually starting on friday.

So, it's been a bad couple of weeks. Yes, I AMAZINGLY hit 262, which was 41 pounds, last friday morning. But as of this morning I was up to 266.8. OUCH!!!! And my fingers aren't really swollen or anything. I am sure there is SOME water weight, but I think it's just weight gain from less calories burned and more bad food eaten. I HAVE TO break out of this slump and totally refocus. I have only lost 10 pounds in the last two months. Now, yes, I am glad I lost that. But I KNOW I can lose more than 5 pounds a month. I have a goal of getting under 200 by Christmas. I have almost 6 months to do that - it equals out to right about 10 pounds a month which is totally doable... but not if I stay in this slump.

My plan to refocus:

1 - Workout every morning and be done BEFORE 10am (get there at 5:30 or 6 if at all possible).

2 - Workout for at least 45 minutes (even if 15 is just walking on the treadmill) to get back into the swing of working out MORE than just the bare minimum.

3 - Come home and take a shower RIGHT AWAY instead of sitting around in workout clothes all day long. It just makes me lazy...

4 - DO NOT buy any cookies or candy or snack crackers or chips or ice cream THROUGH the end of July (unless it's something like Ritz that hubby loves but I know I won't eat). I am allowed to buy items like Kashi crackers that I know I can control myself on - I never eat more than one serving.

5 - Limit of one visit to Starbucks per week. If I want more than that - TOO BAD!

6 - Limit eating out on the weekend to only once. No more of this "once on Friday, once on Saturday, eat junk all day Sunday" stuff.

7 - Drink ALL 8 SERVINGS of water - I've really been slacking in the last two weeks on getting it all in.

8 - Eat 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks per day - must get more order into eating rather than grazing all day long (even grazing on healthy food isn't helping my metabolism).

9 - Have at least 2 fruit servings and 2 veggie servings per day. Been slacking on that too...

10 - As much as I hate doing it, I also need to track my food for AT LEAST the next two weeks. I need to get back on track.

11 - Be more committed to checking in every day with my Biggest Loser team and do the Daily Challenges no matter what - Go Orange Tigers!!!!

I know that giving myself such a large and detailed list makes it sound like I totally fell off the wagon - and that is IN NO WAY true. But I see myself getting sloppy and allowing in little things and that just leads to more sloppiness. I didn't work this hard and come this far and lose 40 pounds so that I could get lazy and lose ground (and gain pounds). I am getting refocused before I fall off the wagon. THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN TO ME AGAIN! EVER!!!

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    Your last couple weeks sound a lot like mine. Okay, one week was vacation and the other week was my first week of unemployment and I think I might be a little more down about that then I'm letting on to even myself.

    Want to set a "date" to check in with each other on Monday by noon and tell each other what exercise (and time of workout) we've accomplished?
    4394 days ago
  • SHERRY822
    Hi Sarah,
    It looks like you have a good plan in place. You CAN stick with it. You wouldn't have come this far if you weren't committed to doing that already. It's easy to go back to our old habits, but that just takes us back to our old, unhealthy selves, and I KNOW you don't want to be there again. Don't beat yourself up over what's already happened. You can't change the past, only how it affects your future. Just learn from it and move forward, making the changes that you need to, to correct that behavior. I am here if you need anything. Just look me up.
    emoticon ---Sherry
    4403 days ago
    Hey Miss Sarah,

    Girl I know your gonna refocus and pull back up. Sometimes I feel like your way to hard on yourself and it seems like you give yourself the all or nothing option.
    Are you getting enough sleep getting up so early? Cause your body needs enough rest when losing weight and getting healthy it's essential!

    And hey girl you might not think it's enough but there are plenty of days the past year and a half that I've only done 30 mins of exercise and here I am 88 lbs lighter..some days I do more some less but I still feel like I've succeeded getting it done!

    The thing is can you or do you want to do 60-90 minutes everyday everyweek for the rest of your life?Nope me neither and that's ok some days put in that time, but don't feel like your not trying or pushing hard enough if you get in the 30.30's alot better than nothing..This is a lifestyle change we are trying to make girl.Pace yourself so you don't burn out!

    And as for the food tracking you know I've told you I use it everyday!! I feel lost without it! Now I can add things up in my head and keep up if I'm not home but the Nutrtion tracker is a huge part of my sucess! Being able to see and make sure I'm getting in the right amounts of what my body needs is very important! I know it's no fun to figure out at first but when you get use to it it is so easy to hop on after or before a meal and use!

    Anyways Darn right get your buttt back in gear on the team board and doing the daily!
    4403 days ago
    This story sounds so familiar. We get comfortable and we start to slack off and before we know it, we have gotten sloppy and not kept doing what got us here. When we drive , we get soft and eventually have a near miss or an accident that sharpens us again. It looks like you have had a near miss.

    Get back at it and you should have no problems.

    4403 days ago
    That is a really good idea Sarah to catch yourself when just starting to slip, instead of waiting until you hit the ground! Great job!

    One other thing, I too have the most horrible time getting up early and doing ANYTHING, so I understand what you mean... Could you trick yourself into believing you were meeting someone there??? :)

    4404 days ago
    Sarah, you are on the right track. Keep moving. I haven't felt like working out either. Full moon thing (we can blame it on that). I noticed the earlier I work out, the less I want to eat, but I have to watch that also. I am not a big eater unless it is a bad for me food. I don't eat enough. I have to force the fact that 1400 is where I need to have my calories. I don't want the metabolism shutting down again.
    4404 days ago
    Hey, were you watching me. I have had the same kind of problem in the past two weeks. Yeah even buying the little snackie things, they always call your name when you're home on the couch. If I was local I'd call you at 5 to get up so we could go work out. I actually just sat down with my journal and kind of wrote the same list. I think I want to blame it on the weather, or hormones, something other than my own willpower. Lets get a challenge, Journal everyday, or workout at least 5 days this week. Something to up the ante and push ourselves. Something to keep it moving this week.
    4404 days ago
    Hey girl, I KNOW you can do it!

    In case an outside perspective helps, it seems as though, more than getting sloppy, that you've allowed the insidious disease of excuses to creep back in (can't go to gym in morning cuz no one to meet, why get shower/get dressed if just getting yucky later with workout, etc.). That affliction is your absolute worst enemy (believe me, I KNOW!). If you can recognize the symptoms, you can nip that in the bud. I bellieve if you do that, the rest will all fall in line, and dyou will easily meet your newest goals.

    GO SARAH!!!
    4404 days ago
    Go back and read your previous blog! You have come so far. What do you want 2010 to look like compared to 2009. You don't want to go back to 2008,right?

    Find another goal to work towards...it does not have to involve a race. FIND A GOAL and work towards the dream you have for your health. You can do this. I KNOW you can!

    You finished that race with the sore leg and all. You pushed past the pain and continued to train. Now, listen to the doctor and come into exercise from another angle. Maybe lifting weights and focusing on correct form and a goal of increasing the reps?
    4404 days ago
    Hang in there girl! We have all been there. But you CAN pull yourself out of this. And it sounds like you have a good solid plan in place to help you do it. And you have all of us to help keep you accountable. Just remember - BE COMMITTED. I am working on that step right now myself. (I'd love to post more but I haven't gotten my workout in yet either and it is 9:30, so off I go. What are you doing right now?)
    4404 days ago
    I am so glad you are refocusing right away... BEFORE you get into serious trouble!!!

    4404 days ago
    It is good that you have stopped this spiral NOW. And you are determined - love it! We have to get further away from our bad habits before we can be trusted. emoticon
    4404 days ago
    You put together a great plan! I had an injury happen recently and it has zapped my motivation. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to borrow your plan and see if I can't follow you back onto the track...
    4404 days ago
    LOVE IT. You recognized you were being lax and you have a plan to fix it. I'd definitely focus on the nutrition aspect since you're supposed to be taking it easy in the gym! But getting to the gym -- yeah definitely a priority. I'm sooooooo anti 2 showers in one day girl. :) HAHAHA So I really feel you on the lazy day cause of not wanting to shower and then later go to the gym and shower again. It's such a silly thing, but I totally understand that!
    4404 days ago
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