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Monday, July 13, 2009

I have a good friend whose mom I have known as long as I've known her. I also happen to know some pretty sordid details of this mom's recent past. Details she wishes NOBODY knew and I am one of a very few people who does. I have tried to treat her the same as I would treat anyone, in fact at my friend's request, I have gone out of my way to be extra kind so I wouldn't let on that I knew this stuff. So the other day this friend tells me, "My mom knows that you know about her. She said that she now knows why you've been so rude to her." That is TOTALLY laughable. She's just paranoid - point blank. So anyway, this past monday there was a horrible fire at a large meat packing plant just blocks from my home. The fire was so bad and the danger of ammonia fumes (very dangerous to nose, throat and especially lungs) and also danger of an ammonia explosion - that the mayor called a mandatory evacuation for anyone within a mile radius. So, I packed up me and the kids and the dogs and we went to this friend's house for the day to wait out the evacuation. She tells me that she was planning to go to lunch with her mom (oh, great!) and of course, I had to go with cuz I had no where else to go! It was completely uncomfortable and I know this woman totally dislikes me for what I know about her when all of a sudden she busts out with, "Sarah, I just have to tell you that you look really great. I can tell you've lost a lot of weight and you look really healthy and happy. How are you doing it?" Huh? My arch-nemesis is complementing me? lol. What in the world? Why do I tell all these details? I guess it's cuz I am still in shock that this woman who hasn't liked me for a couple years now (strange petty jealousy because her daughter would rather hang out with me) and likes me even LESS for what I know about her - notices such a change that she just HAS TO compliment me! Wow. I was really beginning to think I was just seeing these changes in the mirror out of wishful thinking! I mean, hubby, my mom and my two friends who know how hard I've been working have been the only ones to say anything about changes in how I look. I was starting to think that they only saw it cuz they had wishful thinking about my changes too!

Then comes Sunday morning at church. I was wearing this cute brown skirt that I haven't worn in like three years cuz it was tight and my stomach looked too big in it before. But it now looks much better! I also bought a new shirt on Saturday that was very flattering on me and looked awesome with the skirt. After church service I was talking to some friends when the pastor's wife, my friend Paula, came up to me and told me that I look really good and she can tell that I lost weight. THANK YOU!!! FINALLY!!! I guess I would have thought that these people who have known me for almost 6 years would have noticed a change as big as 40 pounds! I am glad Paula said something though. It kind of validated my hard work. Finally someone noticed! I mean, I know "the mom" noticed too, but I have a feeling my friend had mentioned something about how hard I was working out and stuff. But Paula, no one has said a word to her (I haven't told anyone at church except one family we are very close with) about how hard I've been working - so it felt like the first REAL compliment.

Anyway, I know that this stuff is kind of petty and maybe a little strange. But sometimes I think it's the little things that keep us going on this marathon... cuz some days it seems like the light at the end of the tunnel is sooooo far away.....

p.s. can't remember if I mentioned that my birthday was kind of crappy - well, it was. one card, no gift, and even my own sister totally forgot it was my birthday (still hasn't mentioned a word about it to me). I hadn't gotten a gift or card from DH, which isn't unusual - he doesn't do that kind of stuff EVER but it was just harder because I hadn't gotten anything from anyone... well, on Saturday he made it a birthday girl day. Called me BG (birthday girl) all day, took me to dinner at a nice restaurant and spared no expense (and made sure they didn't sing to me cuz he remembered how much I HATE that) - and he got me the aluminum water bottle I've been wanting! For those who are trying to eat clean, go organic and make healthy choices - do some research about plastic containers. I have stopped storing my filtered water in plastic (we have an awesome filtration system that we've added to our kitchen faucet) and I now store it in glass jars. Plastic containers (including water bottles) have chemicals and bad stuff (like how technical that is? lol) in them that leaches into your water. Getting your own filtration system and then storing it in glass and drinking it from glass or aluminum is the best way to go to avoid this. Here's a link so you can read about the dangers of plastic - and this isn't just about water bottles - it's anything that any food or drink is stored in. Educate yourself! www.greenfeet.net/newsle

So, here's me with my new water bottle! BTW - I mentioned it to hubby last week and he went out of his way to a store he never goes to and remembered the description! I am impressed!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You deserve every single compliment you are getting. And I'm glad to hear that people are starting to notice.

    You are working your butt off (literally) and the hard work is showing. Pounds, inches, you've got it all on the run!

    Just need to keep up the good work!
    4349 days ago
  • NESSY759
    Sarah i know you said compliments are petty but i dont think they are. We need those compliments . It validates us and all hard work we have done and makes us that much mroe determined to push harder. I know for me i thrive on that kind of stuff and its what helps drive me to success. Too bad i didnt know you on your birthday but for what its worth now i do widh you a very wonderful and belated birthdays. I know birthdays can be a hrd time for me too so i understand where your coming from. That was so sweet of hubby though to do what he did. Kudos to hubby.
    4353 days ago
    Your DH is SO SWEET to you. What an awesome guy you have!
    4354 days ago
    Reminds me of a song that we played in band back in High School
    "everything's coming up roses".
    That what your life sounds like. Glad things are turning around for you.
    It's got to be a great feeling when several people notice all your hard work
    Keep up what you are doing! It's apparently SHOWING!!!

    Kudos to you

    4354 days ago
    Compliments DO help and make it feel like it is worth going on sometimes! Glad some people finally noticed and mentioned it! WooHoo!

    My SIL noticed something was different at one of my nieces birthday parties because she noticed I was wearing JEANS and had not seen me wear jeans, ummm EVER!!!

    Glad hubby made up for your birthday being crappy!

    4354 days ago
    YAYYYY for people finally getting a clue and noticing!!! :D No one said anything to me until I had lost over 30lbs, I think maybe until it's really noticable people feel awkward mentioning something like weight loss? but anyway! I'm so happy for ya! :D
    4354 days ago
    First...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY if I forgot. SIGH and hanging my head. :)

    Second...you are NOT petty at all! Having someone notice a change is WONDERFUL! We see ourselves every day (duh) and don't see the changes in our bodys one pound at a time. It is such a great feeling when someone mentions it and yes, a super motivator.

    What you husband did is so sweet. I am glad you got YOUR day and celebrated it. Hugs
    4354 days ago
    Awesome, Sarah! And, the DH thing is just plain miraculous! Don't worry about your sister. If she's anything like mine, she probabaly just is going through something and wrapped up in her own junk. When she emerges from that, she'll probably feel aweful when she realizes she missed it...

    We love you--keep up the great work (and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, although belated)... :)
    4354 days ago
    Sounds like the weekend made up for the crappy b-day. Even if your sister forgot the most important person didn't!

    And the compliments on the weight loss is awesome too. It just shows that what you are doing truly is changing your life and people will continue to see it!

    Woo Hoo! for you!
    4354 days ago
    It is those little comments along the way that really keep us going. I have stopped buying water in those plastic bottles for a long time. I am looking at a bottle for my water as well. I haven't decided what color or design yet. Crazy huh? I'm glad your birthday turned out better.
    4354 days ago
    Sounds like a great day. It's always nice when our loved ones do something special for us . . . probably something that I should do more of.

    4354 days ago
    Those compliments are very encouraging - I can relate. Good for you! Keep up the great work.
    4354 days ago
    Way to go - I'll bet those compliments felt GREAT! And it's not petty - it's just the sort of thing that can keep you going on a tough day.

    Happy Belated Birthday!
    4354 days ago
    Good for you! You deserve a little extra birthday love! :D Congrats on getting compliments too, it's a great feeling!

    4355 days ago
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