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In Limbo :(

Friday, July 17, 2009

going nowhere....
In every aspect of my life right now I feel like I am stuck in limbo and just can not get out of this rut.
Up until the last 2 weeks I have been working out almost daily (for over a year!) Strength training 2-3 times a week, running 12-15 miles a week and TKD 3-4 hours a week, I mix things up and add in Jillian Michael DVD's and other workouts. I have been watching what I eat, trying to keep my calories under 1800 a day. With all this I have NOT lost 1 pound!!!!!!!
I'm starting to totally lose my motivation :(
It is taking everything in me just to force myself to go to a TKD class. When I do go to a class I am finding myself feeling bored, unmotivated and feeling totally unchallenged. This may sound weird but I feel like I am just taking up valuable space :( I end up leaving the class feeling really depressed.....this is something I always looked forward to and loved doing. I HATE feeling this way.
My running.... I have not run 1 time this week. My goal was to run a half marathon this year. I am starting to find that it is very hard to keep myself motivated for this when I have someone fighting me every step of the way . No support. I started running early in the morning so it did not interfere with anything. Not good enough.
Oh, and that someone I just referred to above.....that is a another whole state of limbo.
To top everything else off my fibromyalgia seems to be flaring up again....probably because I am not being as active. I have not had a problem with it for over 5 years now except for occasiona" fibro-fog" Sigh....
I really need to stop whining here and find a way to get out of this rut.
But how???
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sometimes falling short of my goals (numbers on a scale in particular) gets me stuck too. I find that if I stop focusing on the negative (numbers on scale not budging, missing a day of exercise, etc.) and focus on how I TRULY feel, I do better with seemingly less effort. We lost our littl girl last year after 22 blissful weeks of pregnancy. I felt so depressed and unmotivated it wasn't even funny! I just had to give myself a break and wait until I really felt ready to get back into it. Pushing myself only made me want to do it even less, because it wasn't fun! Maybe you need to shake up your routine. You've been doing the same activities for quite some time now it seems. Start by taking a break, a little time off isn't going to make you gain 5 pounds! Even if it did, 5 pounds can be pretty easy to lose. Just relax, and maybe you'll realize you miss a certain activity, and then you'll have some motivation to get into it again. I read a good SP article yesterday that mentioned "motivation". :) I'll see if I can find it. It sounds like you may be dealing with a bigger issue than just lack of motivation. I hope everything gets resolved as far as that is concerned. We all fall into ruts, just give yourself some time. I really think you should stop beating yourself up about what you feel you're not accomplishing right now, and really be proud of all you HAVE accomplished! I read your stuff and I'm like, "wow! this woman is amazing!" I wish you luck, and I'm here if you need to talk!
    4398 days ago
    Been there and done that. I am currently in the blah rut also. Was doing great and even made it through a surgery for hernias, but then the wall of emotion and doom came creeping in. I just am depressed, not motivated and exercise does not seem to help any more. I am fighting and hope you will too. Do not give in and we can do this. I just keep swimming and know that it will pass and I will continue on this journey! emoticon
    4401 days ago
    Hang in there! It sounds like you're a little burned out and I think that's perfectly normal. I've been going through some pretty unmotivating weeks myself. I got a minor injury that made me feel completely uninspired. It's been hot and all my runs feel so slow and heavy. Not fun. My injury forced a two week break and it was the best thing for me.

    My suggestion would be to allow yourself to take a small break from exercise, one week, maybe two. Or, just don't worry about it so much and stick with doing things that are fun and fulfilling to you. Don't log the minutes, just stay active in whatever way fulfills you. And then see how you feel.

    I think we are like babies; when we are on the brink of a big milestone (taking exercise to the next level or breaking a weightloss plateau or some big life change) we get grumpy. I know my kids always got whiny, angry, grumpy just before they learned to roll over or walk or talk. I don't think that ever goes away; we do the same as adults. Change is hard and it's okay to feel conflicted about that. In my humble opinion, you're just on the brink of a big breakthrough and aren't sure about it. It's new territory and it's creating lots of conflicting thoughts/feelings. Just ride it out and see where it goes.

    Above all, give yourself a break - figuratively, that is. You have come a long way. You've established great habits; you've had great success and that will not change. You've proven you are capable of meeting challenges head-on. It's not going to go down the tubes. The weight WILL come off. Your body is still getting used to the new you and is going through it's own difficult change process.

    So pat yourself on the back and let it go! You will get there. You ARE doing everything right and it's only a matter of time.
    4401 days ago
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