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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I have seen this question on various people's pages throughout SP lately. It's an interesting question to pose to yourself. What would you do if you KNEW you could NOT FAIL??? Wow. Loaded question. I might keep editing this blog because there are so many things I've wanted to do for so long that my list might keep growing as I think about it. Here goes!

1 - Lose weight - 163 pounds to be exact. I am up to 41... still working on it. Do I know if I will fail - in the past I would say that I don't really know. I am now confident enough to say that no matter how long it takes I WILL succeed.

2 - Run. I mean REALLY run. Not just for a minute or two and then walk... but run consistantly - as in - be a runner. I'd love to do a 5k, a 10k and maybe even a Half Marathon (and ZIRCADIA says that once I get there I might even want to do a Marathon!).

3 - Complete a Triathlon. This would mean working on my speed on swimming and getting lots of biking time in as well.

4 - Go Rockclimbing. Not just once, but consistantly with my husband. He loves it, but the one time I tried to I had to stop - he was afraid that the harness might break. That was embarrassing.

5 - Wear a swimsuit in public without a cover-up or shorts. A real, one-piece swimsuit with no chubby-girl skirt.

6 - Take dance lessons with hubby (latin dance) - and wear a sexy dress and feel totally comfortable with my body.

7 - Walk into a clothing store (not plus size) and not feel like every woman is looking at me thinking "What is SHE doing in here?".

8 - Stand in front of my husband with NO CLOTHES ON - I know that's really personal but it needed to be said. I have NEVER done that in our 10 years of marriage.

9 - Buy underclothing from Victoria's Secret and not just lotions.

10 - Live confidently everyday, everywhere and not worry any more about what people think of how I look.

Someday I really believe that I will do all of these things. Someday I will succeed - I will not fail...

UPDATE: I just read the blogs of some other people on my team and I seem SO SELFISH compared to what they would do!!! Yikes!!
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    What I see here is a list of things you want for you. Things that are good for you. Nothing here that would take anything away from anyone else or hurt anyone. You are allowed to want the best for you. You are allowed to dream. You are allowed to put yourself first! And if you have a problem with putting yourself first, then use reverse psychology instead. For example - iInstead of worrying about your wanting to go rock climbing, think of how happy your hubby will be if he can share that with you. I know how you think and if you can tell yourself that you're doing it to make your hubby happy you will be more apt to really work on it.

    Go buy yourself something from Victoria's Secret. Buy something that fits. If it will make you feel good, then do it! For me, feeling sexy is one of the best motivations out there! Buy something you can wear under your clothes and wear it on the weekend as a reminder of what you're working towards. That might help you keep the weekend eating under control.

    If I could make a wish for you that I knew would not fail, it would be that you could be selfish. That you could do all the things you want for you because you realize you are worth every single thing you want. You are beautiful, loving, caring and amazing. You are a fantastic wife and mother. Your big heart shows through your posts regularly. You deserve to have all you want! Go out there and get it!
    4338 days ago
    I love that list Sarah!! Simply love it! I do not see it as selfish, I see it something many of us here at Sparkpeople want and what some people take for granted.
    4343 days ago
    Wow! Selfish? I think your taking care of yourself and as you do so the ripple effect will manifest and inspire those around you.
    If take care of yourself then you will be better able to care for those around you. That's a good thing.
    Each individual person who answers this question honestly for themselves will come from a different place. Don't be so hard on yourself. You are doing a great job and you are right where you need to be for you in presenttime. It is good you have some goals to look forward to and work towards. Pat yourself on the back for your integrity and the great job you are doing.
    4344 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/23/2009 9:08:51 PM
    Hey there! It's not selfish to focus on you in this way since doing all these things have the ripple effect of blessing your family and empowering you in other areas to be all you can be so that your impact in this world will be much greater for Christ! Besides, it's about time, eh, since you have devoted so much of your life putting everyone and everything else first! Sometimes the best gift we can give others is to invest a little time/energy into ourselves. You know, like in lifeguard training and safety instructions on airplanes. You aren't going to be much help to others unless you make sure you are ok first... Hugs!
    4345 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/23/2009 11:58:05 AM
    Hey this is a great list girl and it's ok that you took it a different way than others did! I love the list! and I hope it made you feel better and focused to list them out I believe that's the overall point! Your a Grrreat Tiger!

    4345 days ago
    Great List Sarah! I guess we sort of went in differnt directions with our list. But if I were to list all the things that I would want to do in the healthy / weight loss area of my life - I could just copy your list and post it on my blog! (well maybe not #3 & #4, both triathalons and rock climbing scare the daylights out of me!) but everything else, for sure!

    Great List, thanks for sharing!
    4345 days ago
  • DETTE2007
    We are very alike. Well except for running. I don't think I ever want to be a real runner....maybe that will change as I go on this journey. Thanks for the challenge. It really made me think.
    4345 days ago
    I have to say, I think I agree with a lot of these, except some are already accomplished (SCORE!!!!!!) :) I think I'm a runner now - YAY! I've been feeling extra runner-y lately, too. I think it's one of those things with the marathon... once you really feel like a RUNNER and you run regularly, the thought starts creeping in about what if I could do a 10K, what if I could do a half, what if I could do a FULL MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then it must be done. HAHAHA :D Maybe not for EVERYONE, but it seems like a lot of people I know feel that way. I also want to do a triathlon -- and that means learning to rEALLY swim. And getting a bike. AND I want to rock climb cause I'm terrified of it and I want to conquer that. I HAVE WORN A SWIMSUIT IN PUBLIC w/o coverup. Not in front of crowds yet, but in front of my hubby's professor and her kids AND in front of a few friends of mine and one of their kids... no men I guess yet except my hubby...so... yeah.... that's one I still wanna do. Like ON THE BEACH. OK well I lied cause I DID wear it in the pool at the gym in front of SWIMMER people and also in front of all my learn to row camp people and that was nervewracking... but still. Not a like beach or public pool or waterpark or anything. I WANT TO TAKE LATIN DANCE CLASSES w/ MY HUBBY, TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) #7 - I USED TO ALWAYS FEEL LIKE THAT. Like I'd be with my sister and I was like, well at least everyone knows we're shopping FOR HER -- and I'd try to make it obvious, like I should communicate to everyone that I KNOW I shouldn't be in there. Obviously looking at jewelry or shoes... or LOTIONS like you said. Yeah. Not anymore. I don't feel conspicuous anywhere -- except maybe if I go into Lane Bryant or a Maternity store or something hahaha bu tI don't do that. ;) #10 is awesome, too.

    ANYWAY! GREAT LIST!!!!!!!! :D
    4345 days ago
    Hey, sometimes it is ok to be a little selfish. Overall you are wanting to be healthy. emoticon
    4345 days ago
    Great list! emoticon One thing I like to think about success is that making mistakes doesn't make you a failure, giving up does!!!
    4345 days ago
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