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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Had a not so great day today. Ate pretty well, had a rockin' workout and drank lots of water. But I had "hubby issues" that just set my mood in a bad place today. This seems to happen to me way more often than I care to think about. I feel like the only way to get past it is to become robotic and not care...

Anyway, in my shortest blog ever, I am here to say that while I wanted to eat lots of naughty stuff I didn't. I am going to get some Starbucks now and it will be a tall non-fat mocha with no whip. Gotta stay away from emotional eating. It's bad stuff.

UPDATE: Starbucks was closed by the time I got there so I got a non-fat mocha from McDonalds instead. Not quite the same, but still filled that coffee craving. And yes, I also got fries. Not a large - and there was no Big Mac to go with it which was what I really wanted. I had enough calories for all of it. Hubby and I are still not exchanging words past the bare minimum (aka "Leaving now." and "K. Bye."). Seriously, I think robot-girl is gonna come out ... not allowing myself to be emotional means I won't get as hurt - right?
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    You made it through a difficult day without emotional eating. GO YOU!

    Being robotic can be a wonderful way of getting through days like this. If you have to shut down the emotions for a day to get through it, then go for it. We all have days like this. Hope everything is back to normal now!
    4336 days ago
    Not sure what advise I can offer. I know that shutting people out isn't good for any length of time. It was a good thing that you ate within calories. This lifestyle change isn't just our physical, but our mental and emotional too. All of this is tough, but it is worth it in the end. Keep working at it. It will all have to be dealt with eventually and it is usually easier to deal with early on.

    Hope it helps.
    4340 days ago
    Hey there... Been there, done that, got the T-shirt! Good for you that you didn't binge out. We just have to remind ourselves during the rough times that we are getting slimmer/healthier for US, not THEM! And, why should we allow them to knock us off our goals/dreams because of their seslfishness, anyway? The best revenge is to get slimmer/healthier for US, regardless of what they do! When the enemy realized that he can't use your hubby any more to derail you, he'll have to find another tactic!

    4341 days ago
    Ummm, Sarah, I shut down emotionally and not only did it not work, but it caused me to start shutting down to others, not just hubby. It was a ripple effect that I was not prepared for and it hurt IMMENSELY on the way out of it... It is something i do not recommend. If you do not allow him to hurt you, you do not allow him to love you either and I don't think that is what you are going for.

    I know it hurts and we all get so tired of being hurt, but it is part of the ups and downs of life. When you shut down emotionally, you don't get the highs of life either, you become a flat line and people who are flat-lining are dead! (heard that on BL Aussie from a contestant).

    4341 days ago
    Not allowing yourself to be emotional is NOT the answer -- not allowing yourself to eat BECAUSE of the emotions is what you're aiming for. Stifling your feelings will only lead to issues later on, ya know what I mean? Sorry about the hubby issues, but good job only eating what would fit within range!!! That is EXCELLENT. You controlled your eating, which is awesome.
    4342 days ago
    Doesn't look like you need any advice. Marriage can be heaven when things go well & H@#* when disagreements come along (& they will,)
    You made great choices & that just makes you stronger.

    4342 days ago
    Hang in there girl. We all go through these spells. It will work itself out. Good job on keeping the eating under control!
    4342 days ago
    Glad to hear that you made good eating choices. But sad to hear how things are with your hubby. I'm praying.
    4342 days ago
    Good for you! Take care of yourself by standing by yourself. Keep an eye on your goals and dreams. What a great success you've had by not eating the bad stuff.
    4342 days ago
    After 23yrs I sure know about that hubby stuff. Had a similar situation when I got home this evening. But you stood by your self and took care of you.
    4342 days ago
    I understand hubby issues all too well. Good job staying away from bad foods though. They will only make you feel worse inside and out. Hope things get better for you soon. emoticon
    4342 days ago
    yep. This does look like an award for your shortest blog ever. Sigh. The significant other can be such a pain in the ... you know the rest! I could tell you stories that would curl your hair. But I will refrain because I love my pain in I mean my darling husband, most of the time. I can deal with the issues if I love MOST of what he does. After all, he puts up with me !!!
    4342 days ago
  • no profile photo LIFES*2*SHORT
    WOW... you must be using up your daily quota of words on my sparkpage. lol Sorry to hear that things are rough with hubby. I go through that every now and then too... and it's hard not to eat. Overall... he's not a bad guy... but when he puts that darn roll of toilet paper on the wrong way.... BAM..... right in the kisser!! ;p)

    Anyhoo... maybe you need some comfort food... like a nice gooey chocolate chip cookie? lol
    4342 days ago
    emoticon I know exactly how you feel wish you'd stuck around and talked it out with me! It's 11pm and my BF is still not home!
    4342 days ago
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