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My First Triathlon

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Today was the day...MyFirst Triathlon :=)

I had the best night last night and both excited & nervous for the big day, so sleep was limited to about 3 hours, I packed up my things, checked my list about 30 times and we hit the road about 5:30am.

I was all smiles and ready to go, the ride was nice, my daughter and 2 of her friends were with me so I had plenty of company for the 45 min ride to the beach.

When we got there I got all my stuff set up in the transition area...

Then the burial...I got this great idea from my friend Sheila, she made a comment to me about leaving the fluffy girl at the start line and go...hmmmmm...so I took a picture with me of the "fluffy" me, the girl I used to be, the girl that still sometimes fights the new me and I buried her at the beach where the race begins and ends...

Bye Bye "Fluffy" me...this was such a sentimental moment for me, to leave that girl behind...to never look back...I did get a bit emotional, it a good way...I am NOT that girl anymore, I havent been her for a LONG time...

Me and my Lexie, my girl is my Hero and my Biggest Fan!

Now it is time to get my wetsuit on, that is sooo much fun and trying to put in on in that tiny transition area was definately comical to say the least, almost fell over a couple of times...lol...I had a picture of my Lexie, my Bestest and Kimmie in my suit, I neve run a race without them...I also had few inspiring quotes from my dear friend Carol to keep me going...I had to walk over the the neighboring beach for the start, the swim was a 1/2 mile and was a U-shaped course.

I went in to get warmed up, check for jellyfish (none in sight :)...water was the perfect temp, lots of seaweed itwas like swimming in spagetti, on the way out of warming up I cut open both of my big toes on rocks :-(....really didnt hurt that bad but they were bleeding everywhere..no time to think about it, time to get my swim on...

The start....Hole in the Wall Beach

The mad dash to the water...see the gut in the red shirt in front, to the left on the one behind him is me!

Running to my bike after the swim

The tansition time for me from swimming to biking was a bit long, I really wanted to make sure my cut toes were as clean I could get them before getting my bike shoes on and taking off..I know for next time to pack some ban-aids in my bag

Off I go, up that first hill and already starting to pass people...love my new wheels!!

On my way back to transition to get my sneakers on and get running

This switch was easy, was really having to pee but I didnt want to stop, I just wanted to get my run on and go

The run was so nice, I smell of the ocean air was calming and the people were so nice, everyone was cheering and I just kept going, never stopped....had to pee, bleeding toes and just never even thought about stopping...as much as I thought I was going to miss having my Ipod, I didn't...this was my race...my new start...the day I let go of the "fluffy" me...the day I had planned for over a year was here...The race ends with a beach finish, this was breathtaking...running along the beach., seeing my daughter and friends waiting for me, and ending my race where I buried that "fluffy" girl...I don't even have words for how I felt.

Me at the finish.

My cheerleaders...they were so great, wating for me at every stop, pom poms waving cheering and telling for me every minute...a cherished day in my life, a priceless memory

I wasnt sure what my time was, and to be honest I didn't care too much..I knew I did the best that I could but most of all I had the best time (busted toes and all).

Times were posted this afternoon....my final time for the 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike and 3.5 mile run was...................1:45.35

Here is the breakdown

1/2 mile swim 17.57 (a personal best for me in open water)
1st transition 4.32
12 mile bike 47.46
2nd transition 1.56
3.5 mile run 33.25 (another personal best for me...I have never ran under a 10 min mile)

So I did it, I set a goal for myself that I would have never dreamed I could achieve, I worked hard and I reached it...looking forward and never back...so whats next???

I have decided to so another Tri on September 13th & I am participating in the MS ride September 26-27...is a 50 mile a day ride for 2 days (100 mile total)...always another goal, another challenge...

I am also considering giving adventure racing a try, I have a friend that loves it and I might have to give it a whirl...anyone ever participate in adventure racing?

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but this girl is excited to find out...still reaching for those stars and I will continue to everyday...life is too short not to..


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I cried when you got to the end with your medal...I am so ready to plan to do this with you next year...
    Thanks for the inspiration. emoticon
    3604 days ago
    Hey Heather...Just reading this now! Look at where you are one year later! emoticon
    Who knew!
    I like the "bury the former me" picture idea!
    Your first triathlon times are great! This is my 3rd year in triathlon and two weeks ago was my first real "open water swim" one. The others were in a converted stone quarry to giant pond/beach type "pool". Unusual. The open water swim is quite a challenge in comparison. Sighting....seaweed, water snakes (some athletes I know saw one), etc. !!

    Anyway....congrats on this big achievement and best wishes in your new adventure as a mom!
    3941 days ago
    I am in the process of reading the Spark book and noticed that you had a triathlon goal so I went in search of your blog. Glad I did; that was an awesome race report. Congrats! Keep of the great work. I like the burrying yourself idea... I might have to do that when I go back to Ironman WI. You are certainly an inspiration.
    4073 days ago
    Amazing!! One of my ultimate goals is a triathlon, seeing people that have completed them and love is such great motivation. Thank you for sharing! emoticon
    4099 days ago
    Awesome entry. I told my wife today that I want to do a sprint triathlon in 6 months. This entry inspired me. Thanks.
    4110 days ago
    I love your tri report. I did my first one on Sept. 13. I wonder if it was the same one? Title 9 in MA. :) you are inspirational. I'm down 50 with another 30 to go. Thanks for sharing. I just found your page so I'm a little behind tee hee
    4145 days ago
    That is wonderful. Way to go on your triathlon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep SParking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4204 days ago
    Omg Heather that is so awesome! WTG!
    4236 days ago
  • LORT-C
    You inspire all of us to be the best we can be!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you.
    4262 days ago
    WOW, Heather!! That is **SO COOL**! I'm glad you had such a great time! Speaking of, your race times were awesome!!

    Oh my gosh, I'm just struck by how far you've come and it really is amazing! Step boldly into the rest of your life! - DANCE!

    You're doing great!
    4283 days ago
    Heather awesome job! I am so glad that you did it! You are so awesome!
    4289 days ago
  • KROLES55
    Congratulations!! Keep up the great work... You are truly an inspiration

    4289 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4290 days ago
  • JBMT08
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4291 days ago
  • DMARIE1181
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    You are such and inspiration!
    4291 days ago
    CONGRATS to you Heather!! Job well done and as always reading your blog I have tears in my eyes and hope in my heart that maybe, just maybe I could do one of these someday as well.

    You are such an inspiration YOU GO GIRL!!!

    Thank you for sharong your experience with us.
    4291 days ago
    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! Way to go!!!! You have come a long way and should be darn proud of yourself! Thanks for sharing your story!
    4291 days ago
    You done good girl! Looks like you guys had a blast. Wish I could have gone to cheer you on. I'm proud of ya!!!

    4292 days ago
    My Dearest Sistah... so so PROUD OF YOU!! Great job on your TRI.... now welcome to my world... doesnt feel great to achieve something so wonderful as a Triathlon and to even think where we came from and how could we possibly do something like that... We did it!! Keep pushing forward... youre my HERO!! Congrats Tri Girl!!! Gotta love the feeling!! Love you & Miss you and soon we will do one together!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4292 days ago
  • CILLA0025
    I am sooo proud of you!!! Words cannot express how happy I am for you!! I really do want to be you when I grow up - you set goals and reach them!!! Always!!

    Love you hunny!!

    4292 days ago
    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME TIMES!!! :D THAT IS SO COOL! And congratulations on leaving the fluffy girl behind! :)
    4292 days ago
    I'm so happy for you!!! You were not only magnificent and strong ...

    Where did those times come from???
    4292 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3248497

    I love the symbolism in burying the old fluffy you which you are no more. And let me find out you are going to be a triathlon machine!
    4292 days ago
    4292 days ago
    I've got tears in my eyes reading your fantastic story. You are so inspiring. I wish I could have been there to cheer you on, but I was thinking of you and hoping it went as well as it did.

    I am SO PROUD to call you my friend. You ROCK!
    4292 days ago
    Heather, I am excited for you that you finished and had a blast doing your first Tri so Congrats! My favorite part? "I know for next time to pack some ban-aids in my bag" Next time! your burial of that "fluffy" you is what you needed, its not you any more, you are not "that fat girl" any more, you are the athlete that just completed her first Tri and is already thinking about the next one, yeah I said it...athlete ;)

    Keep on keepin on Bea Arthur!

    As Ever
    4292 days ago
    WooHooo!! You go girl!
    4292 days ago
    I'm in tears of joy, girl. YOU DID GOOD!!! I am so friggin proud of you and the symbolism of burying the "fluffy" you is incredible. I need to do something like that. Always something to learn, y'know? CONGRATS!!! I was thinkin' of you this morning and wondering how my "penguin" friend was doing!

    HUGS in the BIGGEST way! You are AWESOME!!!!!
    4292 days ago
    Congrats girly!!! You're so awesome~!

    4292 days ago
    ...and next year when you do this tri again, you'll know how far you've come, because you'll keep going. We'll be there with you, too.

    4292 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5608268
    Way to go Heather!!! You look so good out there and you sound so happy & excited. Congratulations on setting the bar so high for yourself. You are my Spark hero!!! Keep following your dreams!!
    4292 days ago
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