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30 New Exercise Demos, Including Balance Board Ideas

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hi everyone!

We wanted to let you know that we've added 30 new demos to our expansive exercise library! Most of these feature an inflatable balance board, which is an inexpensive and versatile fitness product that we also sell in our SparkPeople Store. For those of you who purchased it already, and those who thought about it but weren't sure how to use it, you can refer to these demos for ideas. If you have a different balance board at home or at the gym, you can still follow the majority of these exercises!

You'll find most of these exercises in the core (abs) exercises section, but you can also use a balance board for lower body exercises (such as lunges) and upper body exercises (like several versions of pushups). We hope you like what you see—including our new male "model," Tim—a long-time SparkPeople employee!

To easily brose through all of the balance board exercises, just search at the top of the site for "balance board exercise" and you'll find the entire list!

We've also added a few demos using an ab wheel (here's an example), which you'll find in the Core Exercise Demos section, too. This is a common piece of equipment that many people have at home and at the gym.

Coming soon, our experts are going to create full workouts using these new balance board demos. We also have more exercise demos using other pieces of small equipment, such as medicine balls and foam rollers coming your way very soon!
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