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Since People Seem to Keep Asking (what I eat)

Friday, October 30, 2009

**Update Jan 09** I also no longer consume cow's milk dairy products as you may see below. I currently am eating no dairy but am considering incorporating some raw goat's milk cheese in the future. This is due to many reasons partially digestion related as well as some others. I will not go into detail here but wanted to note the change. I am happy to answer any questions.**

Sorry for the megapost- skip to the end for a sample day:

Here is a little bit about my diet and what I might eat on a typical day: I wrote this up real quick so it is not by any means comprehensive. I will try and get some tips up later and be sure to ask if you have questions because I probably left out a lot.

-I do NOT prescribe to a Standard American Diet (yes the acronym is fittingly SAD). I roll with my own version of a CLEAN diet.

-THERE ARE NO FOODS I CANNOT EAT ONLY FOODS I CHOOSE NOT TO EAT, and others I choose not to eat on a regular basis. There is always room for a favorite treat when you choose not to eat the junk you don't really care about.

-I eat many small frequent meals thoughout the day but do NOT have a schedule, AT ALL. I eat when I am hungry, seriously NO SCHEDULE, although letting myself get too hungry equals for sure failure.

-I basically never eat fast food and only eat out about 1-2 times a month, usually Japanese.

-I am a vegetarian (eating fish, eggs, and dairy).

-I eat a PLANT based diet, I average about 8 servings of fruits/veggies a day if not more.

-I do my best to avoid nutritionally void foods that are not things I really love (think rice cakes, Godiva Cheesecake on the other hand...).

-I do not use white sugar. I like agave nectar, raw honey, and maple syrup when I need to sweeten something.

-I avoid purchasing foods with sugar in the ingredient list especially foods that are not supposed to be sweet (think bread, pasta sauce, crackers, etc. ) This is MUCH harder than you might think. I buy things like coconut, almond milk or yogurt unsweetened.
**A major cause of obesity is the amount of sugar in all forms that Americans consume. We have desensitized our taste buds by adding sugar to everything. People are addicted to it and it means when you do eat dessert, like delicious dark chocolate, most people do not find it sweet enough and end up overconsuming. Our ancestors only ate sweets when fruit was in season!**

-I don't buy packaged desserts except dark chocolate, they usually aren't worth it, a fresh baked dessert however is usually fair game.

-I limit all processed foods to the extent possible, I do not eat HFCS, most preservatives, etc. If I want something I can find a clean version or make it myself.

-I LOVE to cook, most of my meals are simple and fast but made from ingredients, not a can. That being said I am not above things like canned pumpkin, beans, broth, or tomato sauce that ease the burden as long as I double check the ingredients.

-I only eat whole grains within reason. You will find nothing else in my house but I do not exclude all treats when out.

-I do NOT eat Sucralose (Splenda), or Aspartame, PERIOD. I do not eat Stevia 99% of the time.

I do my best to eat clean and eat a plant based diet. I probably have an average of 8-10 servings of fruits and veggies a day because I love them! I have no problem sitting down to like 4 cups of mixed veggies or a salad the size of my body. I am vegetarian but do eat fish, eggs, and dairy. I cook a lot and eat almost no processed food. I have *treats* every day that satisfy me but my treats are what many other people would consider health foods. While I might have a glass of wine or good piece of dark chocolate I am just as likely to have an apple cut up with cinnamon, a tiny bit of honey, and a little dip made out of natural pb and plain yogurt. Or I might throw some frozen banana chunks in the food processor to make banana softserve ice cream with some almond slivers, or maybe a tiny bit of maply syrup. To me those are perfect desserts. I do my best to avoid foods with added sugar except when I am eating a dessert (like at a restaurant or bbq or something). Basically I strive for everything I eat to have a nutritional purpose even if it is not a perfect food. I avoid diet food since most of it is just low calorie chemicals and preservatives that does nothing for your health or to fill you up and is extremely unsatisfying to me. I don't eat artificial sweeteners either. I aim for an AVERAGE of 1400cals/day over a weeks time. It might be slightly more if I worked out a lot. I try to eat close to my BMR right now because I have been burning 3000-3500 cals a wk and I don't want to underfuel. I guess that is just a super quick overview but if you have more questions please feel free to ask or if you need any help :)

Here was what I ate Wednesday: an average day for me: Keep in mind I really have no average day. I eat a lot of the same things over and over but mix it up all the time and am always eating totally different things so it is doubtful that Tues or Thurs I ate even close to this. If you are all very interested I can try and put up a few more days of what I eat or share a few recipes. If not that's fine too :)

I woke up and had tea with a little bit of unsweetened almond milk, a bowl of thawed frozen unsweetened strawberries, and one of these mini banana muffins I make (they are small, about 110 cals, no fat, 100% whole wheat, and no added sugar except 2 tbsp agave nectar over 12 muffins, they are not what most people would consider a muffin but I love them and find them plenty sweet for me) with about 1/2 tbsp natural pb
TOTALS: 256 41 8 7 (cals, carbs, fat, protein)

I went to the gym and promptly came home to a snack of:
2 egg whites cooked with chili powder, onion powder, and garlic powder on top of 1/4 a whole wheat pita topped and toasted with some tomato and 1/4 cup fat free ricotta cheese (this is the only kind of cheese I would dream of eating fat free btw, otherwise except 1% cottage I will never go below 75% reduced fat bc of fillers/preservatives etc)

Snack TOTALS: 129 16 0 16

I hung out for a while on this and had a later lunch of 2 cups of my homemade veggie chili (love the crock pot) topped with 1 tbsp light sour cream and 2% reduced fat cheddar (1/2 serving). Went back after about 20 min for a medium pear.
Lunch TOTALS: 416 80 7 21

Right before class (probably about 5:30pm) had another snack
of about 1/2 serving cashews and an apple cut up with cinnamon sprinkled on top.
Snack Two TOTALS: 170 24 8 3

After class had Dinner (8:30pm):
Homemade Broccoli and Goat Cheese Soup (2 cups) and 1 serving of baked tofu (homemade)
Dinner TOTALS: 353 46 10 30

Snack Three (dessert): around 10pm
Made banana softserve in the food processor (smaller portion than usual bc cals for the day were a little up already) and added a serving of my homemade chocolate chips (2 tbsp, 50 cals, refined sugar free)

Snack Three TOTALS: 118 26 3 2

Daily Totals: 1,442 233 36 79

You can see I am on a later schedule and that I snack frequently throughout the day. I also cook pretty much all of my own food. When I find time to cook I make lots of things all at once. The chili came out of the freezer/ the soup and tofu had been cooked previously at the same time as some other things.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SETI222
    Great Blog!
    4005 days ago
    Quick question about the aritificial sweeteners...I also have stopped using aspartame (giving up diet soda pretty much took care of that) because I realized that it caused me to have more frequent and severe migraines. Ever since giving it up, they seem to have improved dramatically. However, my question is...why do you choose to avoid splenda 100% of the time? and the other sweetener "only" 99%? Is there something terrible that I don't know about splenda? And what makes the other sweetener just a TINY bit better where you WILL have it sometimes? I know from personal experience that artificial sweeteners give me headaches, but I haven't noticed any negative reactions to splenda (except the really potent flavor in some foods). I'd really appreciate any advice you could offer on this! THANKS!!!! and you look AMAZING!!!
    4076 days ago
    For chocolate chips I use the recipe from here:


    the recipe is for cookies but I just make the chips. I don't use the carob powder just all cocoa (I use dark). The recipe is very easy to half or fourth if you want to try it first. These are not necessarily lower calorie than regular chocolate but they are more wholesome I think and no refined sugar. My bf thinks they taste too powdery but I like the flavor, I also am used to it bc I use cocoa powder A LOT, it is so good for you. These chips taste best in things rather than plain.

    let me know what you think if you make them!
    4231 days ago
    Great blog! Thanks for sharing the information that you outlined in your blog. There are some really good ideas that I found helpful.

    What do you eat when you order Japanese food (once or twice a month)?

    What is your recipe for home-made chocolate chips?

    4231 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2415256
    Can you post your recipe for homemade chocolate chips? I have a real bad sugar problem and chocolate chips are one of my vices! I am inspired by your blog and I am going to look for ways to cut back on sugar. I get headaches often when I have a lot of treats but I never really put two and two together to realize that it may be from too much sugar. Thanks so much for the informational/inspirational blog emoticon
    4252 days ago
    Thanks for sharing this! I found it really helpful to you included your reasons why, not just a list of foods.
    4278 days ago
    I really, really liked this blog. I do a lot of what you are doing. I don't buy the prepackaged cookies or treats. If my kids want cookies we make them. Using ww flours I'll sometimes grind flax, or grind oatmeal into flour. I dont buy ANYTHING with HFCS...it does NOT go into my cart-period. It made shopping difficult at first cause it is in EVERYTHING in the grocery store, but now I know which products I can buy. I'll still buy canned beans, tomato sauce, pumpkin but I have made my own tomato sauce when I had a great year growing them in the garden. I have a stash of dried beans and do use those when I have more time. I try to make meals ahead of time as well but it is difficult in certain times of the year. I'm now on my slow part of the year and really need to get back into making items and tossing them into the freezer. I make these pumpkin waffles that are to die for and the kids just can't get enough of them, its a tad bit of work though but they are really good.
    4286 days ago
    I don't avoid caffeine although I don't drink it every day either because it can give me headaches so I often try not to drink too much at once. My biggest thing is not drinking it late in the day because it can give me trouble sleeping. I do love coffee and drink it often but don't a problem with decaf or half decaf half regular. I do make regular on the two days I have early class and then go right to the gym for an extra push. I also drink a LOT of tea. I have a mix of caffeinated and decaf and love them both. I try to buy decaf but don't avoid a good flavor just cause of caffeine.
    4287 days ago
    That is so great! Do you totally avoid caffeine?
    I have been trying to buy the "green" cleaning supplies, not only do they seem to clean better, they also don't make me gag and hold my breath as I'm engaging in cleaning action.
    You are inspiring me to start limiting my sugar intake, thank you!
    4287 days ago
    SJ- Thanks for your nice comment! I have recently transitioned from occasionally eating chicken into completely vegetarian and I feel so much better, since I have disliked meat since I was a small child. I know my diet is not right for everyone but it works for ME.

    Avoiding artificial sweeteners has helped on so many levels and I hope to talk about it in a blog at some point. It SIGNIFICANTLY reduced my sugar cravings and cured a years long problem I have had with headaches, it went from headaches everyday to now almost never. I am saving so much money on buying both advil and diet coke! I also feel great about limiting my exposure to chemicals whenever possible. I have done a lot of reading that causes me to truly question the safety of these approved chemicals.
    4288 days ago
    This had inspired me to avoid artifical sweeteners and also it makes me miss the days I was completely vegetarian... although I only occasionally have fish or chicken. I feel gross when I do eat chicken though, then I vow to never eat it again! But there always comes a time when I'm out and there aren't any other protein choices, sadly. Thank you for sharing! It was enlightening and inspiring...
    4291 days ago
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