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Some Exciting News For Me

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

so... I am very excited and a little nervous! A week from today (Tues, Dec 15) I am getting professional pictures done..... for free!! I found out a few days ago but had everything confirmed today. Kind of glamor type shots. They are going to be on the beach. I am super excited but that means I only have one weeks notice to really get on my diet and exercise game.

I ran into an acquaintance of mine that I don't really know but had been introduced to who is a photographer. He is still kind of starting out although he has a lot of jobs doing events/weddings/etc. I actually saw him because he works at a local bar taking photos at night for the website so people can go on the next day and see themselves, which is actually really fun.

Anyways I was talking to him and he wants to get into doing modeling type photography rather than just events because it is good money and more regular work. He is building his portfolio and said he would really love to do shots of me for his website!! I saw the website which is really nice and includes photos of one other girl he did pics for that made her look amazing, so I am super excited because he gets to use the pics for his website and I get digital copies for FREE. I can do anything but sell them. Usually these kind of pics are super expensive so it is such an awesome opportunity and I think it will be a lot of FUN too.

I can pick anything I want to wear but I think it is going to be a dress or skirt outfit, a bikini (ahhhhhhhhh freaking out!!!!!), and a workout outfit. I need to try on all of my clothes!

I am trying not to worry too much about how I look but work out every day this week, drink tons of water, and eat soooo healthy. I think the 3 or 4 days before I will really limit carbs to get rid of any water retention. I want to look good. I am kind of sad because living in Miami I am pretty tan like 9 months out of the year and of course December is the one I am not. I always think I look much better dark but what can you do. I am not going to a salon so oh well. I am trying to focus on what I can do. If anyone has advice please share!

Let the countdown begin!
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