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On Reaching 110lbs

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I have been working towards 110 for a long time and my goal was to reach this weight by the time I went home for Christmas (tomorrow) and then reassess. I am very happy to be here and my goal for the holidays is simply to take a little break, not from working out or being healthy but just in general and work only on MAINTAINING during this time.

After that I do have a final goal of 105lbs. I want to say that I am very happy here and if I stay at 110 that is fine, however, I never thought that 110 was my final goal and would like to maintain b/t 105-108. Don't worry I do NOT want to go any lower than that. Since I am only 5 ft 1, 105-108 lbs is a realistic and healthy weight for me and fits very well with my body fat percentage goals.

My other goal is to really work on the weight training and strength, I do not want to be "skinny" I want to be strong. Now that my body fat percentage is much lower (I am having it checked when I return) I am starting to see muscle and definition that I want to enhance. I don't want bulk but want toned so working on my training and dropping just a very few more lbs will get me there.

I will be continuing to aim for a burn of about 3000cals a wk for the time being, although I may begin to drop that a little in favor of more weight training. I am going to continue aiming for an average of 1400-1600 calories a day (but not more!) because that allows me to SLOWLY lose weight but still support my nutrition needs and level of exercise. I know that maintaining I will be eating even more than that.

The biggest difference for me is eating clean. I have finally reached a place where I rarely want unclean food and I am very happy here. My apartment really only contains clean food except for a few things my bf keeps here that I do not eat and I eat clean 100% of the time at home and probably 90% in my life, sometimes more, sometimes less (hello tailgates).

Anyways I am thrilled to be here and want to continue pushing towards new and exciting goals to keep my motivation up and not fall back on old habits. Here are some things I would love to do either in the near or distant future.

-Have strong visible abs
-Build my arm strength
-Get to a maintenance of 105-108lbs and STAY THERE
-Continue eating clean and find new recipes and ideas to incorporate and stay interesting
-Run a half marathon
-Try yoga
..... The possibilities are endless but I am loving my healthy life :)
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