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I still have my skating mojo!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I hate cold sloppy weather! I have nowhere to run! The university gym is closed for Christmas break! I don't own a treadmill and I need to move my large muscle groups! So, I decided to check out the local skating rink. I dug out my skates and wiped off the cobwebs. It has been a loooooong time since I roller skated, but I do love it. My father taught me how to skate when I was five and I learned to skate backwards when I was eight at a Girl Scout skating party.

In middle school and high school, my dad would drive us to the next town on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights to go skating. My dad would volunteer to work as the rink ref in exchange for our entrance. Dad would spend time working with to help me become more confident and fluid on my transitions. After a while of working on technique, Dad and I would skate the 'couples' skate and compete against other 'couples' at the rink. I felt graceful, fluid and beautiful when I skated. I felt like a ballerina.

Today as a laced up the skates that used to belong to my dad (he gave them to me when he gave up skating), I wondered would I still be able to move with confidence, will I be able to stay on my feet or will I end up making a fool of myself? I started out just slowly skating around the rink, getting a feel for how fast the rink was, the width, the length. Getting a feel for how my legs feel. After a few songs that I didn't know very well, finally a song came on that my body knew how to move to! I twirled around to skate backwards, transition was a little slower and shakier than it used to be.

After a just a few moments I was able to relax into the beat of the music and my skating mojo was back! I felt like the dancing queen!!! The years just seems to melt away and I was right back to everything I love about skating. I felt fast and graceful. I've had two knee surgeries, so I'm thinking the smooth transitions are gone. But it did not keep me from enjoying every minute and I felt like every minute was mine!

On my way home I was thinking how much fun I had had getting my workout today! I love being active! I love that my body will can move like that again. As my car is approaching our house, I see my husband in his running clothes, heading out on a run without me!!! I asked him to please wait for me! I want to run, too! The roads were clear enough now for a run. He was willing to wait for me because he wanted me to be his time keeper today. He usually runs at my pace which is much slower than his. We were running a 1.1 mile loop. So, I told him to run his pace and do his thing and I'd make sure to be where I needed to be to call out his times. I put in my earbud to listen to my podcast for week 8. I ran the first 1.1 loop and then I kept running the 1/4 mile strip right around the start line waiting for him to come through on his second mile so I could call out his time. I cheered him on, told him I was proud of him and told him to kick it up in the last 1/4 mile. Then I ran to the area that I would need to be at to call out his finish time. So, I'm running the course in reverse of him so that I can see as he makes his approach and I can get to the finish line in time to call his numbers. I saw him approaching and glanced at my watch. He is so much faster than I can over hope to be. I call to him to kick it up and push. He was tired and was having a hard time with the push in the end. As he crossed the line I called out 29:54! I told him before he even started that I thought he could bring it in at about 28 minutes. I'm so glad he got a good run in. He usually runs at my pace which does not challenge him cardiovascularly. Today he actually broke a sweat!!! LOL!!! I break a sweat every time!

Food for 2 Week Food Challenge

Steel cut oats w/a banana, raspberries, pecans, few semi sweet chocolate chips

Cranberry/Orange/Pecan Scone

1 egg
2 slices ezekiel bread
1 wedge laughing cow cheese (light)
1 TBSP Guacamole
6 Cherry Tomatoes

4 oz Chicken Breast
1/2 Sweet Potato
1 TBS Pesto

1 TBSP Sunflower Seed Butter
1 cup skim milk

Drank water only today! Got lots of exercise!!! Had a great day!
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  • no profile photo CD4811290
    Woah, roller skating! That is sooo cool! Sounds like fun, running with your hubby and make him break into sweat LOL
    Keep up the great work, but with your hubby to cheer on and vice versa I think that will be no problem!
    4160 days ago
    Ahhhh, roller skating! She sighs with the happy memories! I too loved roller skating. My mom taught me and she was quite the roller diva! I remember the first time I learned to backward skate and used my right leg as a pivot point...I thought I was IT!

    I also remember doing the 'Hokey Pokey' and the turn yourself around...with such fond memories. I loved iceskating too...that came to an abrupt end when I used to skate on the icy streets in front of my childhood home and hit a spot with no ice and broke my ankle...ouch! Then as soon as I got my cast off...I was out there at it again and erp...broke it again in the same place!!! Do I hear slow learner here? I was an avid tomboy growing up! There wasn't a tree I wouldn't climb, a race I wouldn't run, a game of softball I wouldn't organize...all in good neighborhood fun. I was the only girl in the entire neighborhood...so I had a lot to prove...even way back then..heehee!

    Great that you got a run in also...and what an awesome timekeeper you are for hubs!

    Love you to pieces..and hey...I'm still munching on those awesome baked nuts...superlative recipe! Thanks a million for sharing! I threw in a few sunflower seeds and drizzled a little pure pomegranate juice (so healthy, said to be a rooter rooter for your arteries) on it right out of the oven..yums! emoticon
    4160 days ago
    Glad you found skating again.... I feel similar with ice skating... I used to figure skate... and was doing jumps, spins, etc... Now... I can go forward, backward, and not fall down.. but stopping.. I'm just too scared to try a 'hockey stop'... so I do a slow t-stop. With my Hubby laughing the whole time next to me... Keep the mojo running!
    4160 days ago
    Oh my gosh...........roller skating! It has been FOREVER for me since I have done that! I used to go EVERY weekend with my friends. I have been ice skating with my son a few times over the years, but the roller rinks are getting harder to find these days. I might have to find one and give it a whirl again. I loved the whole scene, and so in reading your blog, I felt like I was there, buzzing around the rink again! Thanks!:)
    And then a RUN.........woman, you are unstoppable. The food is perfect and sounds so yummy. What an awesome day! Way to go, ROCKSTAR, or should I say Roller Princess! :)
    4160 days ago
    (whoo hoo! your sparkblog made me feel so good inside - thank you for such a positive post!

    i'm so happy you were able to roller skate today and i'm very impressed that you ran, too!)
    4160 days ago
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