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Off the Wagon and Under the Bus!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just when I thought I was doing sooooo good resisting temptations and allowing myself some planned indulgences with moderation. Even with my planning, I have had a horrible time getting in my exercise minutes because of one event or another. I have a great day of sticking to my clean whole foods and feel great, followed by a banquet, dinner, etc. I have a day of fabulous cardio and weight lifting followed by two days of not be able to get more than 10 minutes in. I want my schedule back! I want my menus! My workouts! My routine! I have lost and gained and hovered around the same weight since Thanksgiving morning! Enough! Enough!

Last night was the last big test of my will and I failed miserably! Our Bible study group had it's annual Christmas dinner. Prime Rib! I made excellent dinner choices. Passed on the rolls, butter, corn pudding. I did have some sweet potato supreme and the beautifully done prime rib. Didn't over indulge in either. The cheese and crackers . . . I did okay . . . it was baked brie with pecans! yummo! And I should have stopped there. I would have been fine if I had just stopped there.

After the white elephant gift exchange, out came the desserts! ((bowing my head in shame)). Peanut Butter Pie and Chocolate Mint Brownies. Why? Oh, why did I give into these sweets? I really have not been craving sweets. I really was not hungry or even tempted. Actually, I didn't even question myself as to whether I should have some or not. I just ate it. No thinking involved. Half way through the pie I started feeling gross. Because I had over eaten, the joy of the goodness of the foods was gone. I had killed the good food buzz.

When I got home I was miserable, tired, and bloated. I decided the best thing to do at this point was to have some water with lemon and get a little bit of a workout in. Just a little movement to help digestion get started and to relieve some of the bloat. I played on the Wii Fit for about 20 minutes, did 50 jumping jacks and drank two large glasses of water. It did help me feel a little more comfortable.

I woke up this morning with a sugar hangover! Oh, my! I haven't had much sugar or processed food in months! And I way over did it last night. My head aches, I have puffy dark circles under my eyes! Why did I do that? What was I thinking?

At any rate, it is done. Today is a new day, hopefully I am wiser in the future and atleast pause to 'think' about my choices and the consequences! Hopefully I will remember what it feels like the next day. I do feel like I have been hit by a bus! But I will not allow feelings of guilt or shame guide me in my choices today. Today I chose to healthy. Today I packed all my good clean whole foods. Today I am meeting my workout buddy at the gym to weight lift. Today I am running week 9 day 1 of my c25k program. Today I start again, working for the health I want to experience tomorrow!

Food for 2 week challenge:

Steel Cut Oats
Banana/walnuts/semi sweet chocolate chips

Homemade soup - Swiss Chard/Fresh Tomato/Garlic Chicken Sausage/Black Beans
Rye Crackers
1 oz Cranberry Chevre Cheese

Pecan Nut Mix

Dinner Party:
1 oz. Baked Brie w/pecans & brown sugar
6 Triscit Crackers
4 oz Prime Rib
1 cup Sweet Potato Supreme Casserole

1/2 Slice Peanut Butter Pie
1 Chocolate Mint Brown

I went 200 calories over my plan today. I was WAY over the sodium allotment for the day. I only got 20 minutes of activity in. I did stick to drinking only water all day. I'm back on track today, trying to shake off this sugar and sodium hangover!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You may have slipped but it is a hard time of year to deal with all this food! and Only over 200 was not that bad. You are really doing great! With all the dedication and determination you have, you will continue on to your goal! I enjoy your blogs so much,they inspire me and like your menus too! .... Please keep em coming.
    4161 days ago
    Holidays are tough for everyone trying to maintain or lose weight. Slip ups happen, so no need to beat yourself up. Just get back on the healthy living train and don't look back.

    I'm just hoping to maintain or at least keep the gain to the bare minimum. So don't feel you're alone.

    Enjoy the holidays, they will soon pass by.
    4161 days ago
    Thank goodness we're almost done with these darned holiday seasons!! Its in the past and today is a new day :)
    4161 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5471810
    Look at it as a learning experience! I doubt you will make that mistake again!
    4161 days ago
    Actually, I think you did great! Even though we all want to lose weight, you have got to give yourself permission once in awhile to have some sweets or whatever it is that you want. I used to starve myself when I was much younger, but when I started feeling as though I deprived myself is when I would go on a full fledge food binge. I still do that once in awhile. I think a small portion of something you want once in awhile is much better than going on a week binge. My last binge was about 6 weeks ago, and as of Monday, I finally have gotten the weight off I gained. Perhaps if I gave in to one piece of pizza the night I was with friends, it may not have triggered me to eating pizza for a week...am I making sense? Besides, look at you...week 9 of c25k! I still haven't started the program yet, but I have been doing alot of other things that I think is preparting me when I start on Jan 4. Someone also told me, as long as we don't gain over the Holidays, that is half the battle! Keep up the great work! emoticon
    4162 days ago
    Just remember "Every day is a new beginning" So you had your desserts, that's great, now today your back on track. I live this way, or I would fail.
    4162 days ago
  • CAROLYN1213
    Thanks for all your support and encouragement! The reason it was only 200 cals over my daily plan is that I ate small, light portions during the day before the meal. The dinner and dessert alone were 1300 calories! Yikes! But, today is a new day!
    4162 days ago
    Yeah...okay, I think I have like 3 or 4 of this blogs in my history. I ALWAYS FORGET! Cripes. Trust me though, if you want to feel better just read my blog about when I went to see New Moon. You really did pretty darn well, that eating for no reason is hard to get a handle on, it doesn't make sense and I never "know" I'm doing it till I'm halfway through, then it's like "doh". Who knows why we do the things we do, what I do know is that if only happens to me a couple times a year then I feel like I'm doing pretty good since it used to happen to me every single day. !!!! You rock sister!!!
    4162 days ago
    You can do it woman! And I would've been right there with you. Peanut butter pie is my downfall!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4162 days ago
    Okay, you did it, its over, Forget about it and put yourself back on track. Believe me, I have told that to myself many times. I know it is easier said than done but I have faith in YOU!

    My challenges begin tomorrow, I have a Christmas party on Weds., Prime Rib dinner with in-laws on Thurs and Christmas dinner with Family on Friday. Will Power Please Hold Tight !

    Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season
    4162 days ago
    First of all- good job blogging about it! Second of all- I expected a huge calorie overage, but only 200cals?? That won't make you gain 5lbs like you are thinking I'm sure.

    Today is a new day! Great job posting what you ate anyway- that takes guts!

    4162 days ago
  • JEANNE229
    This sounds SO like me!!! All the best intentions and just not the proper follow-through. I loved your menu! Can I steal it?
    4162 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5118535
    Sending warm thoughts your way......
    4162 days ago
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