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10 Goals for 20-10!

Monday, January 04, 2010

10 Goals for 20-10!

1) Maintain 2009's Weight Loss
a. In 2009 I went from about 146 to about 110

2) Maintain Fitness
a. I couldn't even run a mile this time last year, now my PDR to date is running 12 miles in about 1 hour and 40 minutes, followed by a one mile walking cool down for a total of 13 miles

3) Eat Healthfully
a. Calories, I am still low on calories, I should be at a minimum of 1500 per day
b. Continue with my cleaner eating lifestyle, and work on making it even cleaner. I have been a lot better about whole foods; less processed, and would like to continue this.
c. Eat intuitively. I would like to end 2010 with out tracking my calories, the sooner the better. I have been working on listening more to my body; the number can sometimes have negative effects on me.

4) Home made food
a. This goes along with the eating healthfully, but expands on it. Not only do I want to eat healthy food but I want to continue with making most of my meals/snacks. I want to learn more about cooking, and make a more variety of foods.

5) Half Marathon
a. I have registered for the Boston's Run to Remember Half Marathon on May 30, 2010, so I will be training for and aiming completing that in 2010.

6) Research
a. Nutrition and fitness, learning more about it to take better care of my body. I have been reading different health blogs, health websites and magazines and books.

7) Graduate
a. I graduate from college in August 2010!!!!!

8) Grow Up
a. I feel like graduating from college really means it is time to grow up. I already have my own apartment, pay my own bills, have a job relating to my education, etc etc etc but upon graduation I feel like I will officially be grown up.

9) Family/Friend/Dylan Time
a. This is something I want every year!!! Especially now! In 2009 a lot of horrible things happened in my family, and it has brought our close family even closer. I want to make sure we keep that closeness and not have to go through another loss to feel that connection. Also now that all of my friends are graduating and moving all over the place I want to make sure we keep in touch. Also spend more romantic time with my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years. We have lived together since 2006 and most of the time we spend together is just being in the same apartment, I want to incorporate DATE NIGHT!

a. Exactly what it says, be happy :)

2009 Wrap Up
In Mid-December 2008 I weighed 146 pounds, was not exercising, eating very unhealthy, and drinking a good amount. I decided that I wanted to be healthier in 2009 so on December 15, 2008 I joined the Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs. I started out slowly, taking a few classes at the gym, eating a little better. During the month of January I started doing a little bit of research online on how to be healthier, and found sparkpeople.com. I joined Sparkpeople January 26, 2009. I wasn�t very active on Sparkpeople when I first started, but I was reading the articles and learning more about weight loss. I started counting calories, working out more, paying attention to what I was eating. At first it was buying salads for lunch, and frozen lean cuisines for dinner. Over the past 12 months I now work out consistently, have increased my workouts from walking to running and doing cross training like cardio kickboxing, prepare most of my own meals/snacks, eating more whole/clean foods, rarely drinking alcohol, reading health blogs and health articles, being mindful of my body. I hope to take what I have learned in 2009, and continue on with learning and using what I have already learned in 2010.

Disclaimer: Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.