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Making progress and more to go ... rewards?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sitting at work and thinking about my progress this week. I have made some strides, my eating has really improved which was my goal for the week. More specifically it was to get up early enough to eat breakfast every day and not go running to starbucks or dunkin donuts, I have definitely done that. I've even eaten lunch at home everyday (having to go home to take Mika out really helps with that) and I feel so much better. My portions were a bit out of whack I think but I'm not worried, that will be another step, I'm making the right choices and putting effort in the right place (cooking). Next week I think I'll work on portions or the week after, I'm trying to only change one thing at a time so I can get used to it and actually change, I know all the right stuff, I just have to balance it, and I'm only going to find balance and equilibrium slowly I think. My numberone priority for next week is to get moving more. I didn't do too badly this week, at least not compared to what I've been doing recently, but I'm not making the time to exercise. Or rather I'm not using the time I have because Aleks is over each night after work and I am really nervous about exercising in front of him. I am afraid I'll look stupid etc. I need to get over it and just do it, that's really my goal for next week. I may even try to go to the gym Saturday morning, I haven't been in forever. I want to try to go to the gym one day a week to start and Saturday mornings or Friday nights seem to be the best for me. I'll have to call my trainer and see if I can get an appointment.

Hmm...stopped to reread (when I blog I write whatever comes into my head) I seem to have found two goals for the week...go to the gym and just exercise more in general...I don't think they are counterproductive but I think I need to be more specific with the second one...exercise more is too wide open, I need to set a concrete goal. I need it to be something doable though, that's not too much to do, something I can be successful at...ideas anyone?

The other thing I'm having issues with is rewarding myself. I know I should but I don't know how. I feel stupid for rewarding myself and I don't know what to reward myself with....again...suggestions?
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  • no profile photo DONEWSP
    Good job on the cooking and eating at home. This is my hardest issue too. As for the exercise. Go with the 10 minutes at at time thing. Get it in 3x a day and you got your 30 in. I think it is a prevention book that I got. (like the magazine) but it actually promotes breaking it up that way because you get your metabolism kickstarted 3x so you are supposed to burn more calories. If you want I will find the title. I am swimming in books right now. LOL I kinda jump in feet first and my boyfriend wonders if any books left at the library on weight loss and eating right. LOL

    As for goals do something non related to food is what I am picking up on. whether it be a manicure or something. Don't have the cash to get a manicure. Do your own or get together with the girls and do it. Plan a dance night with friends when you reach a goal. Not only are you having a blast but also getting more calorie busting in. If I think of more i will let you know. :)
    4218 days ago
    I like your "one-change-at-a-time" approach. I think you have great goals in mind. You can do it!
    4225 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4423976
    Hi Licia,

    First, congrats on the cooking. It looks like you've got it a lot worked out in your mind. Now, you just have to translate that into action. If you're having trouble with the exercise, just do 10 mins at a time, then another 10 and another 10. As Spark Guy says - set a small goal and make it into a Streak.

    As for rewarding yourself, why not put some colorful stickers on a calendar. It's not just for kids, and will probably make you smile, too! Good luck!

    p.s. Spark ate my comment the first time. I wish they hadn't. ;-)
    4225 days ago
    You know Licia, you can really break things down and figure them out. I tend to just say what the heck just happened?

    When I reach a goal, that is my reward. Do a little happy dance for yourself, relax with a good book (no ice cream though). It doesn't have to be huge, just something where you can say "I deserve it."

    Let's make some progress this year!! emoticon
    4226 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5127867
    Alicia - You're clever to realize that goals need to be broken down into manageable steps. It makes it easier to make one a habit before moving on to the next. You are clearly approaching this in a logical manner, which should help you have greater success.
    4227 days ago
  • CONAN1956
    Hi Licia! You're working on your changes the smart way. Make manageable changes and turn them into long term habit. Then...you find the next change. Good job with the meals and adding to the exercise (some applause for Mika, also).

    I wish I could help you on the rewards issue. This is something I haven't gotten a grip on yet. If there is something that you want and can afford but weren't sure you "deserved" it, then use that as a reward to sticking to your changes.

    Good luck and take care.

    4227 days ago
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