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Frustration, failure, solutions?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I've only been meaning to blog for like ever. I should be doing schoolwork since I am on my break from work but I was very productive this morning at work and am feeling a teeny bit fried so I am giving myself a short break to blog.

I'm a bit frustrated, I know I shouldn't be, but I am. I can't seem to lose weight. I did hours and hours and hours of exercise last week and yet I didn't even lose a fraction of a pound. I know there are lots of possible reasons for this but it is still frustrating and it only amplifies feelings I've been having recently. Namely of hopelessness. I feel like I just can't fit in enough exercise to be worthwhile etc. I am trying incredibly hard to eat right but I feel like it's not enough. I just feel like a failure. I feel completely overwhelmed by life actually. I want to do so many things but can't seem to do any of them because school and work own my life. And it also seems no matter how many hours I work I never have enough money to pay my bills and have anything left over. I feel like I need to sit down and prioritize my whole life but I don't even have the time to do that.

I need to find some form of reward for doing the things I should be doing but I don't know how to do that. I'm really bad at figuring out rewards. I don't want to reward myself with food etc because that is counter productive but can't think of much else. I sort of want to put a $ reward system in place but am unsure of how to go about doing it.

I seem to be able to break down work tasks into manageable portions and prioritize and take one step at a time but I can't seem to do that with anything else and it is frustrating. Anyone have any ideas? I know I should be able to find a way to do what I have to and want to and be healthy etc.

I know I know, I'm ranting, but I'm not sure what else to do at the moment. I feel like life has overwhelmed me and my life has lost direction. Sigh...
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    4156 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1315172
    4157 days ago
    Oh, Licia, I am so sorry that things are not going well for you right now. I can totally relate. I need to blog about my struggles. I hope things get better for you soon.
    4157 days ago
  • MEGANC1988
    I hope you don't mind, I took a look at your food/fitness tracker. It looks like you haven't been tracking food, and haven't tracked any fitness in over a week. This may be the problem with your lack of weight loss.

    You may think you're making the right choices nutritionally, but if you actually look at it you may find that you're barely breaking even with calories in/calories burned.

    Tracking was always really difficult for me, but this time around I made a promise to myself - everything tracked, no matter what, even if I go over. I'm losing at a gradual and expected pace for the first time.

    4157 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6122798
    Yikes, I feel ya! I could offer you a ton of platitudes about taking five minutes to breathe and not letting it get you down, but I know from experience that it doesn't help!!
    I have an extremely busy life like you. And I also know what it feels like to not have your money stretch far enough. What I do to reward myself is I give myself time. I feel like I'm constantly running. I wake up at 4:30 am to work out before work. I get home, rush to get ready, get my kids to school, work all day, race to the kids' soccer practice (I'm the coach so I can NEVER miss), and 12 hours after I left for work I finally walk in my door. So when I've done well with my goals, I give myself an hour, or 30 minutes, or whatever I can scrape up, that is just for ME. I read, or take a bubble bath, or watch a girly movie, or whatever.
    As far as the weight loss goes...I know it's easier said than done but DON'T STRESS!!! I was stuck at 158 for almost three months. I lost the same 1 to 2 pounds over and over and over, even though I was working my BUTT off. It wasn't until this week that I finally dropped some weight. When I got discouraged, a friend of mine that is a personal trainer reminded me that I'm probably losing fat but putting on muscle and not to get too attached to the numbers.
    I know it's frustrating to feel overwhelmed and like you're just spinning your wheels. This too shall pass, I promise.
    4157 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5127867
    Are you monitoring your calories? Not just the amount but the composition? I bet if you added more protein, you'd lose weight.

    The other thing is that stress can cause weight gain or the inability to lose.
    4157 days ago
  • KAYWEB555
    Oh my, put my name on this and I'll be back in a while to see what every one has to say! I think that there are many people wearing your shoes. Maybe situations like job, school, could be changes to family, community!
    I got up this morning at 4am so that I could make sure to get my walking in before a shower. The day being consumed by the fact that I'd told others that I'd take them here or there. Then opened the paper to find that a friend of mine has died and I will really need to do some form of baking to take food over to the family before I can do these other things.
    I have worked out more than ever last week. I didn't lose a pound so I know that feeling. Why? How could it be? I ate the right things, worked out more than ususaly, I should have dropped at least that 1 pound, why didn't I? I wish that I had answers for you, but as you can see so many of us are in the same shoes asking why and wondering is it really worth going on! And it is there that I can say, "YES IT IS, I WILL CONTINUE TO WORK OUT, EAT RIGHT AND WAIT TO WEIGH IN NEXT TIME!
    Just have to hang on to that positive attitude. You sure sound like you have that! Half the battle won! Good Journey!
    4157 days ago
  • FOSSIL21
    You are being way too hard on yourself , You sound like a hard working person, and must have it together if you can work and go to school... But if you don't look after yourself , you won't be able to do either....so somehow you have to put yourself first without causing yourself grief with your other obligations.. start small and keep going. I know you can do it.
    4157 days ago
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