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April Goals- Review of 2010 Goals

Sunday, April 04, 2010

April Goals
I feel like I have been doing really well with my 2010 goals, except part A and C of number 3. Eat Healthfully. (See below)

I think I do eat healthy foods, and have a healthy diet. Its the calories and eating intuitively I am not doing as well in.

I eat a mostly whole food vegetarian diet ( sometimes some fish or a bar make it into my food tracker), and I try to follow a vegetarian food pyramid. (http://www.vegetariannutritio

So I am happy with the foods I eat.

Calories: You'll see that in other blog posts or my status' I know I need to increase my calories for my exercise level and maintenance needs. But I have a hard time wrapping my calorie counting brain around it.

So for April I am focusing on one goal (with all my 2010 goals obviously still in sight)

Increase calorie intake! Daily average of 1700 calories

Reasoning behind 1700.
BMR- =655+(4.35*107)+(4.7*63)-(4.7*

Weekly BMR needs= 1308.45*7=9559.15
plus weekly exercise burn= 9559.15+3000=12159.15
weekly totals divide 7=1737.021

Maintenance with current activity level = daily average of 1737.021

I am also going to start moving away from calorie counting so I can reach my intuitively eating goal, so maybe it will start with no weekend counting (but eating the same diet) and move to no evening counting, and eventually just eating my how my body feels.

Checking in/review of 10 Goals for 20-10!

1) Maintain 2009's Weight Loss- So far so good, lost a few pounds actually

2) Maintain Fitness - So far so good, actually better. New PR's include 13.1 miles in 1 hour 58 minutes

3) Eat Healthfully
a. Calories-Working on it (April Goals)
b. Still eating mostly whole foods, way better than last year
c. Eat intuitively-working on it

4) Home made food- doing great:)

5) Half Marathon
a. I have registered for the Boston's Run to Remember Half Marathon on May 30, 2010, so I will be training for and aiming completing that in 2010.

6) Research
a. Nutrition and fitness, learning more about it to take better care of my body. I have been reading different health blogs, health websites and magazines and books.

7) Graduate
a. I graduate from college in August 2010!!!!!

8) Grow Up
a. I feel like graduating from college really means it is time to grow up. I already have my own apartment, pay my own bills, have a job relating to my education, etc etc etc but upon graduation I feel like I will officially be grown up.

9) Family/Friend/Dylan Time-YAY, so enjoyable.

a. Exactly what it says, be happy :)

AHHHH this is long. But I feel better writing it.

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